Mom of The Year Wants Another Baby

women-pregnant-2CDAN – I hate giving out pet names to people in the blind items because the next thing you know I will be writing like Ted Casablanca and getting my four remaining hairs bleached. However, since this is a third appearance for Coke Mom that will be her name from now until the end of time. In our previous adventures of Coke Mom she has left out coke for her child to sample. (Accidentally) Coke mom has also hoovered her way through piles of coke with another Coke Mom. (Coke Mom 2) Anyway, at an event on Monday night Coke Mom was overheard saying the following. I kid you not. “I am getting old. I really want to try for another baby, but for some reason my husband doesn’t want to.” Well of course he doesn’t want to. I am more shocked that he hasn’t filed for divorce yet and have no idea why not. Oh. The topper. Coke Mom made about 8 trips to the bathroom in an hour.

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  1. Ruma says

    This isn’t a real blind. Most of the stuff from that site is fake. I’ve been Googling entertainment lawyer and crazy days and nights. Someone mentioned this the other day.

    • Alex says

      Wasn’t this confirmed on another site as Angie Harmon, wife of Jason Sehorn (coke mom 2 being Debra Messing)

      • campblsoupgrl says

        According the IMDB Angie went to the same Dallas high school as Ted Casablanca…

      • ima says

        But they just had a baby five months ago, so I don’t think they would be trying again so soon.

    • ll says

      CDAN has more stuff that turns out to be right and makes more sense logically than Lainey loves to make up Gossip.

  2. Lila says

    i just want to point something out. how are the BI’s “Last Night We Baked Lots of Yummy Cookies,” and “New Definition for Baby Powder,” the same person? the BI for “Last Night” says that the couple (as in both husband and wife) explain to the child that white marks on the table are from cookies. the “New Definition” BI explains that the husband does not like his wife doing coke. so why would it be the same person?

  3. love.bug says

    My guess has always been Tori Spelling but for some reason I am getting an Ashley Simpson vibe here. The prob w/ that guess is that Bronx is only seven months and wouldn’t make sense w/ the first blind [feb] which would have made her baby three months.

    • love.bug says

      To add, Perez made a post today about Ashley getting crazy/erratic and wanting to beat up Michelle Trachtenberg [sp?] *aka Pete Wentz’s ex* at an event on Monday night, allegedly yelling obscenities and screaming out things such as “when you were dating Pete, I was f*ing him!”. She reportedly went to the bathroom several times during the event +sniff sniff, cough cough.+

      All I’m saying is it would fit perfectly…

      • IamThinking says

        I thought the same thing when I read Perez article about ashley. She is one of the coke moms..which one I don’t know.

    • not sure says

      oh d*, seriously? A.Simpson is not even on my radar when I make BI guesses.

  4. maggiemae says

    just because he doesn’t want his wife doing coke doesn’t mean he is going to call her out in front of the kid

  5. love gossip says

    Doesn’t Tori have two children ? I sort of thought this BI and the others on Coke Mom referred to a couple that had only one child . Maybe I am confused at which ones were about her .

  6. Christina says

    Oh Oh I think I got it, Coke Mom #1 Jennie Garth, Coke Mom number two Tori Spelling!!! Maybe yes?

    • chucky-baby says

      I had guessed Jennie also for the coke mom blind about mommy and me swim classes but Enty had gave us a hint that coke mom hadn’t been in the random photos that week, so it ruled out Jennie who was in the photos the day before, it also ruled out Cox

    • mama says

      I’m hesitant to believe that Jennie Garth would do coke considering she has a somewhat serious heart condition, but who knows…

      • Christina says

        yeah maybe that is how it got that way…but if it isn’t her it isn’t her…

    • LetMeThink says

      I like this guess. . which other married actresses are getting too old to have kids?

    • cw says

      i don’t think it’s her because she had an extremely hard time conceiving her daughter. so knowing that she previously had a hard time and now that she’s clearly middle aged, i doubt she’d even think that she’d be able to conceive.

  7. not sure says

    I don’t think coke mom#1 is Tori. The blind makes it seem like Cokemom#1 only has one kid right now. I think a lot of the old guesses were pointing to Debra Messing.

  8. Yea says

    Ashlee simpson. They said she kept going to the bathroom constantly all night then tried to hit Michelle Trachenberg

  9. Ana says

    I don’t know what age Ashlee is, but she is far from old.
    But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t another coke mom! Just sayin’!!!!

  10. anon says

    there is no way this is ashlee simpson. she may do coke, but she is not coke mom by any stretch. her child is not nearly old enough to have to be sat down and given an explanation as to what the white powder was on the table. the kid is waaaaay too young to understand any of that. he’s a baby!

  11. lolzer says

    Also, Ashlee is ruled out because the coke mom’s quote is “I’m getting old”. Ashlee is 24 years old, pretty sure that’s the last thing on her mind. Still sticking with Tori Spelling.

    • h00bydice says

      From Bl Item…Two Actresses Love to Party All Night:

      Two actresses. #1 is a C lister with B list name recognition who works steadily and is married to a celebrity (#2). Our C lister has been on a couple of very popular television dramas. #3 is a B list actress who has been in this space before. Primarily television. A list name recognition. She was a lead on one of the more famous network shows ever.

      Which 2 TV dramas has Tori been in?

      • Lizzard says

        What if the popular TV dramas aren’t actual TV series but Lifetime Movies? Tori has done quite a few of those and they’ve obviously been popular enough if she has been in more than one they obviously like her…

    • dreamyvelvet says

      I hate to think that Tori would do that to her babies. Just me. Yeah, I like her show. She has lost a ton of weight recently though. That would really blow *ahem* if it were here. I am going to say many stories about her getting sick drunk etc..if so, poor Bronx..bad name and maybe a bad mommy. I hope not, but it does fit.

  12. stinkweed says

    I like the Courtney Cox answer. She’s an actual actress, she’s getting older, only has one kid – fit’s better than many of the other guesses.

    • says

      Its been written that David Arquette is wild and Court has issues dealing with him at times. That doesn’t sound like a coke mom. Plus, why would he stay? He’d get half her money if he did.

  13. mia says

    “I kid you not. ”

    Which could mean she’s not old, ya know? Just so young, stupid and coked up she can’t comprehend life after 25.

  14. dizziva says

    Ha who cares…the best part of this blind item was the snipe at Ted Casablanca!

  15. Cindy B says

    I know Orange Oprah isn’t currently married but maybe the title “Mom of the Year” is a clue? Wasn’t she named “MOTY” by some group of ladies in NY? Maybe she could be Coke Mom #2? Who does Orange Oprah hang with?

    • hey hey says

      this was basically confirmed on the original website as Debra Messing (coke mom 1) and Angie Harmon as the other coke mom from a party a while back. Debra is the one that left her coke out and her kid got into it and she is the one who is “ready for another kid”

  16. goldfish swirling says

    I didn’t read the original website so now I’m feeling pretty smug that I guessed right. Wheee! (Tongue in cheek glee)

  17. questionmark says

    i have no idea.
    the only one i know they talk about is coke-kate moss, who has one child, is getting older, and is she married?no? and she’s a model, not actress, i don’t kn ow about anyone else