Fire and Brimstone Speeches Annoy TV Cast

jason-lee-1BuzzFoto – One very religious member of a network TV show has been proselytizing to the other cast and crew members every chance they get. It’s driving everyone crazy.

Not Jason Lee.

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41 comments to Fire and Brimstone Speeches Annoy TV Cast

  • GuyIncognito

    Rainn Wilson

    • Anon

      Rainn Wilson is definitely devout, but from what I’ve heard Baha’i is not a very ‘Fire and Brimstone” type of faith, unlike the Judeo-Christian religions.

  • db

    Someone who’s a Scientologist? But who?

  • sandra

    Elizabeth moss in mad men

    • dan

      Good guess. she’s a scientologist..

    • mook

      that’s my guess. it hasn’t earned her ANY friends in Hollywood and in NYC (where her “fiance” Fred Armisen does SNL). FYI: They’re bearding for each other. Smooth move Elizab*.

    • littleyellowbird

      Can’t be Elizabeth Moss, cause Mad Men is on cable, not a ‘network TV show’

  • holly_golightly

    I agree with GuyIncognito… Rainn Wilson has a blog

  • goldfish swirling

    Heidi. Until she bolted.

  • beans

    Rainn Wilson is a member of the Ba’hai faith which isn’t really known for proselytizing or fire and brimstone. That mention makes me think it’s a christian, or a really hardcore eco warrior which people often liken to fundementalists. I like the Speidi guess.

  • Dak

    Sherri Shepherd.

    • beans

      Ooooh I love that guess!

    • thegreatgazoo

      I’d buy that. Hasselbeck is religious but isn’t really known for bringing it up a lot. Sherri, meanwhile…I dunno how many people remember the earliest part of her time on The View, the months when she was testing out for the seat and the first few weeks after she got it, but just about EVERYTHING she discussed, she found a way to link back to Jesus. It was incredibly, massively annoying. I remember friends of mine complaining about it almost daily. It’s very clear that after that early period they mandated that viewers were responding poorly to it and she needed to scale it waaaay back. The item doesn’t say “cast member,” “comedy,” “drama,” or “series,” it just says “member of a network TV show.” I bet it’s her.

  • maurav

    Elizabeth Hassleback… not sure about the Jason Lee reference. Can anyone help link it?

    • dan

      he’s a scientologist. thats the religion in the blind

    • Anonymous

      Stephen Baldwin or some Scientologist(Jason Lee is one)…

    • maurav

      I was trying to find a link between Jason Lee & Elizabeth Hassleb*… maybe because they are both uber religious? The View is on NBC, right? Like his show…

  • ams

    what abt the blonde girl on earl? she is a scientologist i think

    • db

      Ethan Suplee (he plays Randy) is and he’s also married to Juliette Lewis’s sister. There are all scientologists.

  • Hmm

    Isn’t one of the Baldwin brothers doing an NBC reality show right now?

    • beans

      Daniel is supposed to be on I’m a celebrity get me out of here but he hasn’t started yet, but you never know with that family; ones uber left and ones super right.

  • plum

    Dirty Sexy Money again exist? if yes,i ‘ll say Baldwin brother because he’s a born again,does he?

  • HelenVanPattersonPatten

    Gotta be Stephen Baldwin on “I’m Irrelevant… Get Me Media Attention”. He was preaching to the other castmates throughout the entire show last night BEFORE he baptized Spencer Pratt in the river. And he’s a known zealot.

    Note they used “Network TV show” in the description, as opposed to “Network Drama” or “Network Comedy”.

  • Alice

    Jenna Elfman, She has a new show and a very devout Scientologist! Remember the you kill dead babies incident.

  • Justathought

    What about Jenna Elfman, she’s a Scientologist – and is VERY outspoken about it- and she has a new show.

    • mooki

      She’s a piece of work and I won’t be surprised if this BI is her. Elfman’s show will last 5 episodes…

  • Justathought

    oops, sorry Alice we must have been writing that at the same time- Great minds…

  • papsy

    no question about it, putting jason lee’s image makes it def a scientologist. his bff danny masterson is one too but dont think that 70’s show is still running. elizabeth moss is one, but jenna elfman seems the best guess.

  • HelenVanPattersonPatten

    Remember that “fire and brimstone” is an Old Testament term referencing God’s means of destroying sinners, i.e. “his sermons were full of fire and brimstone.”

    Pretty much leaves Scientology in the dust as a feasibility.

    • Dashell

      Not really–if you think about it Scientologists believe that an intergalactic ruler blew his planet to bits and incinerated all inhabitants and now we are all infested with a thousand dead alien souls.
      You are correct that is the actual origin of the term but partnered with the clue being Jason Lee–a well known Scientologist–it doesn’t rule Scientology out.
      With pamphlets being handed out by Will Smith and Tom Cruise setting up tents on set–definitely an agenda that it’s members/followers try to push on others.

  • Barry

    any scientologist

    • dreamyvelvet

      Well said Barry. Scientology brings out the crazy LOL Jenna Elfman fits the profile. Me thinks they doth protest too much.

  • RocketQueen

    I think based on the hint of who it isn’t, we’re looking at a male.

  • Jenny

    Probably Ethan Suplee – other scientologist on My Name is Earl….but it did just get cancelled.

  • Julie

    umm maybe Zachary Levi? He’s done it before with Jamie Kennedy.

  • lolzer

    Aw man I think Stephen Baldwin is hilarious on “I’m Irrelevant(lol thanks d-listed!)”, so it would be sucky if he was going around baptizing people.

  • bococalady

    is it elizabeth hasselbeck?

  • munpz

    Yvette Nicole Brown