Her Boyfriend Holds Sleepovers While She’s Away

slumber-party-1BlindGossip – This actress is pretty and talented and will be starring in a TV series this fall. Too bad everything isn’t so perfect at home. Her boyfriend moved in with her a while back, but he isn’t exactly loyal to her. He continues to make the move on both men and women at clubs in Los Angeles, and has had more than one sleepover party while our actress was away, but there wasn’t too much sleeping going on. Maybe this is normal for people in LA, but our girl is not from there originally, and the folks at home would probably be shocked if they knew what her boyfriend was up to.

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39 comments to Her Boyfriend Holds Sleepovers While She’s Away

  • Gaas

    Lea Michele?

  • papsy

    Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is from TEXAS, moved in with somewhat-sexually-ambiguous “actor” Jamie Kennedy and she also has a new show coming to Fall TV called Ghost Whisperer. Just sayin’

  • Tracey

    Ghost Whisperer is not new.

  • papsy


  • papsy

    dianna agron is on Glee and from Georgia

  • Ashton

    Isn’t hillary duff doing a new tv show?? I’m not sure if her and her boyfriend live together though….

    • anon

      i thought hillary at first, too. she does have a new show coming out. but her bf is a hockey player and def not from around los angeles. this makes it seem like the bf has been here a while …

  • Daria

    Lindsay Price is starring in Eastwick this fall and her boyfriend is Josh Radnor. But I don’t know if they live together.

    • db

      That’s a good guess, but she’s from Arcadia which is somewhere around the LA area. Her family wouldn’t be too suprised as her parents are brother and sister (okay, not blood related but they grew up as brother and sister which still makes it sick).

      • Daria

        Ew, REALLY?!? They were raised as siblings and then married/had kids? Okay, you’re right, nothing would shock them. Gag. I mean, I know that they aren’t blood relatives, but STILL.

      • I KNOW

        Well dang, db!! That’s some of the best gossip I’ve read all week. I didn’t know that. Wow…freaky.

      • ibiubu

        Uuuggghhhh…a gag and 2 snaps!!!

  • TanyaTurnerFan

    Alyssa Milano

    Btw, BG can we please get some BI’s about US daytime soap stars? Thanks!

    • RocketQueen

      Um – I would like to vote against this 😉

    • megan

      omg, love love tanya turner as well! i missed the last couple of seasons of footballers wives since i’m in the us and can’t get the dvds. still, cool — i’d love to hear about soap stars too

  • Steel

    Duff, Milano, and Price were all child actresses, meaning they’ve been in LA for years, thus wouldn’t be surprised by this behavior.

  • db

    I’m guessing someone young and naive. Most likely not well known. So, my two guesses are Nina Dobrev or Micha Barton. I have no idea if they have a boyfriend at this time. Their shows this fall are Vampire Diaries and Glee, respectively.

  • Dashell

    Mischa Barton??? Is going to be on Glee??? Huh? Wha?

    Too bad…I liked that show.

    And I think Mischa would probably make a better party guest than girlfriend in that scenario.

    • db

      Oops my bad. It’s not Glee – I don’t know why I thought it was. It’s something called, “The Beautiful Life.” You may now enjoy your show. 😉

  • Elizabeth Mitchell? Not sure if she’s married or not. She’ll be on the V remake this fall and she’s been in Hawaii filiming Lost in the past.

  • KimiD

    My first thought was Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, but nothing else really fits.

  • Lilian

    My first guest was Hilary, yes she partially grew up in La but her folks live in texas. I could be way wrong though.

    All we really know, is that the actress in the blind will star in a new tv series in the fall…can someone break down (list ) all the new tv shows plz so we can narrow it down.

    • Steel

      Hilary Duff’s show, Barely Legal, is still in development, more likely a midseason show. So this isn’t her. I really think this is an up-and-comer, not someone we’ll guess off the bat.

  • vale

    Sarah Chalke?

  • I don’t think anyone would describe Mischa Barton as “pretty and talented,” and I doubt ANYONE would be “shocked” if Pete Wentz was banging people other than Ashlee (hasn’t that been rumored for months now?). I like the Nina Dobrev guess or maybe someone on a new CW show.

  • Lola

    No guesses to contribute, but BG is usually good about sneaking in clues, and they mention sleepovers three times. Could this be a reference to the actress, boyfriend, or upcoming show?

    • Steel

      The best I can do is Sara Paxton . . . she was in the movie Sleepover, and is going to be on that Beatiful Life Show on the CW. However, she’s from LA and has been acting for a long time.

  • Markie Post

    Nina Dobrev!

  • Shannon

    How about Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper from Mamma Mia. A real life couple, and she is talented and will be starring in Big Love again this fall (notice it does not say “new show”). The three girls in the picture: the three girls from mamma mia, a blonde and two brunettes.

  • katemac703

    Nope nope nope. This is Michelle Trachtenberg. She has a new show coming out this fall and a live-in boyfriend…And she’s not from LA. Solved!