Mini Burgers Don’t Taste Good The Second Time

mini-burgersDailyMirror – Which Hollywood starlet left fans gagging into their champagne flutes as she scoffed mini burgers – then fled to the loos to bring them all up?

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23 comments to Mini Burgers Don’t Taste Good The Second Time

  • Ash

    Sienna Miller? She looked very skinny on the MTV red carpet…loos is a British term correct? She’s British…

    • Sundaeg1rl

      It’s from a British paper…not sure if that makes the starlet British too. Sienna Miller’s hardly a starlet, she’s older than me!!! i think it’s an American…but no idea who to choose from. There are so many likely candidates!

    • muffin

      Sienna isn’t British – she’s a faux Brit

  • GuyIncognito

    Kiera Knightley

  • mimi

    that crazy b* from the vampire movie.
    you know… the googly eyed one.

  • sab

    daily mail….uk
    lindsay lohan is in london right now

    just my guess :)

    • Actually she’s in paris meeting with Ungaro designers.

      • sab

        yet somehow her ‘actual’ twitter acct keeps saying that she’s in london. now i don’t give too much credit to twitter bc a lot of the time it’s fake but this one was verified as being hers by quite a few people elliot.

  • Christina

    Totally thought of Lindsay too!!

  • plum

    every anorexic face starlet!! kiera!!!lindsay!misha!!!every one!!

  • lolzer

    I don’t know why either, but Sienna Miller is still sometimes considered a starlet. I mean, you can’t call her a full on actress, besides Factory Girl, what has she done?

  • RocketQueen

    Kate Bosworth

  • justguessin

    Angelina! “Quentin just gets so excited and passionate, it’s hard not to enjoy it all.” Brad then began tucking into the incredible spread at the Red Bull bash. We do like a man with a healthy appetite and, while Angelina made do with strawberries and champagne, he scoffed mini burgers, deep fried mozzarella balls, potato wedges and mini pizzas –”


  • justguessin

    or it could be someone who was at the same party…

  • no

    Paris Hilton

  • Daria

    The British references are there because the Daily Mirror is a Brit publication–doesn’t mean that the person in question is a Brit. Let’s say that this took place at the Inglorious Basterds after-party, which is what justguessin referenced. Diane Krueger was there, as were Melanie Laurent and Robin Wright Penn.

  • David

    Lady Gaga? gagged = gaga, and she’s recently been photographed all over England (although she may be back in the states..)

    • David

      ignore that sorry I just recognized Hollywood mentioned… i’d assume this person would be an actress not a singer

  • maurav

    I don’t think champagne was served at the MTV movie awards, was it? I like JustGuessin’ & Daria’s reference to the Inglorius Bastards after-party. My problem being, I don’t think any of those ladies is a “starlet”. (Maybe Diane?) Lest we jump into the “what-is-a-starlet” discussion, I don’t know who else fits.

    • maurav

      After looking at the few available pictures, it seems that Melanie Laurent could be a starlet – but does she have the fans required for the clue. Honestly, I’d never heard of her before…not to say that she isn’t a wonderful actor…