She Wishes She Had Stayed With Him


BuzzFoto – Four years ago, this couple was the hot item in Hollywood. Everyone was crossing their fingers this relationship would last. The chemistry between the two were undeniable, and the popularity of the couple was pretty big. Why, oh why didn’t they last? For whatever reason, the agent of the female persuaded her to call it quits. Sounds like a modern-day Jane Austen novel. The female listened reluctantly and now the damage is done. We hear she wishes with all her heart that things were different.

Not Jessica Simpson or any of her beaus.


It’s Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling! Source: BuzzFoto

You mean we could have been living a real-life version of The Notebook all these years?!? Damn that intervening agent!

Is Rachel McAdams still dating Michael Sheen? Is Ryan Gosling still dating Eva Mendes? Is there anything we can do to get these two crazy kids back together? Somebody should really get on that.

Very few of you got this one right. Congratulations to Rianna, who was first!


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  1. Marnie says

    Oh, i’ve never seen this one was solved. What a shame.. they were really beautiful together. (And the agent must be a fool person)