She Wishes She Had Stayed With Him


BuzzFoto – Four years ago, this couple was the hot item in Hollywood. Everyone was crossing their fingers this relationship would last. The chemistry between the two were undeniable, and the popularity of the couple was pretty big. Why, oh why didn’t they last? For whatever reason, the agent of the female persuaded her to call it quits. Sounds like a modern-day Jane Austen novel. The female listened reluctantly and now the damage is done. We hear she wishes with all her heart that things were different.

Not Jessica Simpson or any of her beaus.


It’s Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling! Source: BuzzFoto

You mean we could have been living a real-life version of The Notebook all these years?!? Damn that intervening agent!

Is Rachel McAdams still dating Michael Sheen? Is Ryan Gosling still dating Eva Mendes? Is there anything we can do to get these two crazy kids back together? Somebody should really get on that.

Very few of you got this one right. Congratulations to Rianna, who was first!


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      • BRIT says

        I agree, that’s who i first thought of Jennifer must be the female in the blind.

        “Chemistry” – upcoming film project on imdb
        “We hear she wishes” – rumour has it
        “Sounds like a modern-day Jane Austen novel” – In Auston’s “Persuasion”, the plot intro was about a woman who broke off her relationship and now regretted it as she getting closer every day to being considered a spinster (Please correct me i’m wrong).

  1. Dak says

    Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce in August of 2005, just about four years ago. Could this be them? The thing that doesn’t make sense is that they broke up because of Jolie, not because her agent told her to call it quits.

    • Shannon says

      Well if it IS Jen and Brad, then publicly they would never admit they broke up because Jen was advised to. They would make up a story for the public.

      • Dak says

        I don’t think you could classify Keira Knightley and whomever she was dating four years ago as “the hot Hollywood couple”; in fact, you couldn’t classify her and her current beau as “the hot Hollywood couple” now, either.

    • Jenny says

      Cammie and Justin were my first thought. Supposedly, she wanted to get married and settle down but he wasn’t interested in that. Rumor had it, she was devastated when they broke up and she really hasn’t dated anyone long term since then.

  2. Dak says

    Timberlake and Diaz dated from 2003 to 2007, so the timing works. I just think agent-orchestrated break-ups might not be her thing; it does sound more Aniston-like.

  3. sandra says

    Katie broke up with chris in 2005 how normal her life might be if she hadn’t..

      • Nowaynohow says

        Yes, she left Chad FOR HER AGENT! And he stuck with her through all her crazy, and she stuck with him for his AA treatment, and then…she left. She probably should have stayed with him. When they got together, he was the bigger star and it was like, “WHO is he marrying? The chick from Karate Kid 3″?

    • RayJ says

      I know for a fact that Chad cheated on her also while filming a movie, glad she left him, what a pig

  4. mama says

    Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro? They had a reality show on MTV like Jessica…

  5. sandra says

    ok maybe Renee Zellweger because of bridget jones, it includes characters and plotline from pride and prejudice.. she broke up with jack white the end of 2004 but married chesney 2005??

    • luvd80s2 says

      I s* at this, but I agree with sandra, Renee Zellweger and Jack White, after their breakup he met his future wife on one of his videos and got married! now they have like 2 or 3 kids!

    • JJ says

      I thought about this too, but Orlando was a huge star 4 years ago. I don’t see why her agent would have thought breaking up with him was a good idea!

  6. Daisy Mae says

    Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughan. Blond like Jessica and both dated Mayer. Same initials as Jane Austen. After breakup with Pitt it was hoped she would find happiness with Vaughan. Maybe his party boy image wasn’t suitable to her agent.

  7. Dak says

    The big clue is the phrase “the hot item in Hollywood”, which I read as “THE hot item in Hollywood”, and it goes on to say that “everyone” was crossing their fingers it would last. Who was the “it” couple four years ago, the couple that everyone cared about (not that anyone of us really cares, we’re just all voyeurs)? I mean, who was big? Jennifer and Brad, definitely could be them, but not a very interesting blind as OF COURSE she still has the hots for him, look who she’s been dating! D.J. AM and Nicole Richie were dating, but did anybody really care?

    • lol says

      I think it would definitely be A GOOD blind item because of what Angelina has been put through in the media and labeled the “homewrecker” and all of Aniston’s interviews since would all be lies. The Brad telling her about his feelings for Angelina and so on. I think if it is her Angelina deserves and apology.

      • Folly says

        yeah ‘loonie cos it’s really your business and you really know what happened, yeahh.

      • lol says

        no, I’m really not a fan of any select celebrity. I know a lot of useless gossip about almost every celebrity (old and new) because I used to moderate a gossip site. LoL I also like reading interviews when at the doc. or dentist office. So, i’ve read a number of Jennifer Aniston’s interviews and she gave a pretty detailed account of her breakup in one of her first interviews after her divorce. for example: towards the end of their relationship Pitt no longer wanted children with her. It’s not my business until a celeb gives an interview and wants me to read all about their personal lives.

    • ChristineNYC says

      I disagree about Jen/Brad. I heard that both Jen and Brad’s publicists set them up, and wanted it to work. But Jen wouldn’t stop using the nose candy. Brad wanted to have kids. They (publicists) even set up an intervention, but she refused. Brad was the one who wanted kids. In the end, it was both of their faults that the marriage didn’t work. This BI is totall not them.

  8. Big Bill says

    Jennifer Aniston. Jane Austen. JA. It doesn’t say why she broke up with Brad Pitt, only that her agent persuaded her to do so. Divorced October 2005, similar time frame as Jessica Simpson.

  9. zmnx says

    Reece Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe ? Reece was in a Jane Austin movie, although, I can’t remember which one.

    • Dashell says

      Reese and Ryan were the first ones that came to mind. And the Jessica Simpson reference makes me think of her “Legally Blonde” character…um minus the Harvard Law Degree that is. Or perhaps because she played a country singer June Carter Cash? Although Reese has done period films I can’t think of any Jane Austen adaptions however.

    • Required says

      i second guess that, Reese was playing better roles and her star was rising more than Phillipe, maybe that was the reason her agent persuaded her to do so ..

    • Mary says

      I think you may be thinking of Vanity Fair, which was a period movie,but not one by Jane Austen.

    • anon says

      rachel and ryan is a good guess, because ‘the notebook’ has some austen-like themes – two people from different backgrounds who shouldn’t be together, etc. but rachel seems pretty happy with her new guy, josh lucas …

    • plum says

      i had the same idea but i believed the trouble was the drug addiction of Ryan Gosling or his love of models

  10. lol says

    I’m thinking it’s someone who thought her career would be better of without the man. The dude was probably not as famous. I can’t think of anyone though. haha

  11. Stewiesmom says

    Pam and Tommy Lee. Google: Hollywood it couple 2005. It fits, she hasn’t really done all that much lately. I bet her agent thought Tommy was bring her down…

  12. Beans says

    Aside from all the people guessing people who broke up like a few minutes ago (annoying) why would Jennifer Aniston’s agent think breaking up with brad would be a good idea?! Ridiculous! Everyone always thinks the BG is about Aniston. I don’t get it.

    • JustMe says

      Agreed. He’s prettier than her, and they got lots of press as a couple. She kept their life private, which made everyone very interested in them.

    • JustMe says

      I don’t think so. Everyone was DYING to see them over. Remember how Kevin was blamed for her career starting to tank? Ppl were practically rejoicing when they split up. I think everyone hoped the old Britney would come back.

    • mickey says

      Um I’m shocked that not more people are saying this. I think this one is CLEARLY the answer! Britney and K-fed. Her droopy eyed rep (Larry?) was hired to come in and clean up her life, starting with getting rid of Kevin. Remember how afterwards they were pictured ice skating and everyone thought it was so great? I think she wishes her family was together.

  13. Busy says

    I’m on board with the Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams votes. The Notebook was about 4 years ago (actually about 5 according to IMDB, but they were together 4 years ago).

    • Jenn says

      This doesn’t make sense though because they’ve gotten back together a couple of times since then. They simply didn’t work together.

  14. Johnny says

    JLo and Ben Affleck? Her career took a nosedive after Gigli came out in 2003…they broke up in January 2004 — if I had been her publicist, I’d say the same thing!

  15. Michelle says

    Wow, this screams Jessica and Nick, but since it’s definitley not her, I’ll go with Aniston and Vaughn. But weren’t there rumors their relationship was just for publicity though? I also like the Hilary Swank/Chad Lowe guess as he just had a baby with his new girlfriend. There may be some regrets on her end.

  16. Just Sayin' says

    This doesn’t read like it was a married couple. “Everyone was crossing their fingers this relationship would last.” Marriage is the ultimate commitment. No, this was a couple couple. I remember all the sighs about Justin and Cameron. They were hot and everyone was talking about them. Has Cameron ever gotten serious with anyone else afterward? Despite the fact that I think JT is a d*bag, I vote for JT & CD.

  17. snarky says

    Ok… let’s sum this up real quick. An “it” couple from 2005.. with “undeniable” chemistry? That people liked to see together? I think that narrows it down to MANinston and Vaughn, JT and Cammy, and *maybe* Swank & Lowe. All the rest (Stepford Katie and Chris, Pam/Tommy, Carmen/Dave, Rachel/Ryan, Reese/Ryan, Bennifer1 etc) don’t fit either because (a) people didn’t like them together, or (b) they weren’t that popular because one or both wasn’t that famous or (c) their chemistry wasn’t OMG AMAZING. I thought Swank and Chad broke up because he cheated on her and that JT dumped Cammy, not the other way around. Of all the above guesses I really think Jennifer Aniston is the best fit. First let’s analyze against the Jessica Simpson photo. Over-inflated ego/over-estimated perceived talent capacity? check. Obsessively envied, reveled and scrutinized about(as well as personally obsessed with)her mane of blonde hair? Check. Lets her manager make WAAAY too many decisions for her (probably the biggest reason Jessica’s photo is up there, as she is notorious for having her father run her life and make all of her career moves for her)? As per this BI, check. Onward to the clues. Had everyone rooting for her and her man and hoping that the relationship would last? Could be said for a lot of people, but after the popularity of The Breakup–and the “undeniable chemistry” on that set–this could certainly work for Jen and Vince. Jane Austen novel? True, the JA initials could be a clue. Jane Austen novel = convoluted romance/restrictions/unrequited or forbidden love situation. If Jenny’s agent told her that Vince was bad for her image, that could certainly apply here. Since Vince is known for his partying ways and Jenny is “The Good Girl” it is no surprise that her agent may have wanted her to date someone cleaner (though this would not explain JOHN MAYER but who knows?). I think it’s her. To pull that off you have to be one self-obsessed, calculating woman, and based on “insider rumors”/other crap we read in the tabs and online, she certainly sounds like she fits the profile.

    • maurav says

      While I admire your dedication to attempting to invalidate poor guesses, I do have to jump and say that the photo is not always a link or clue. Only when BG posts the BI does the photo lend a clue.

      Sometimes a cigar, is just a cigar. Since this BI is from BuzzFoto, the photo is just a photo.

  18. Em says

    I can’t believe that nobody is looking more closely at the Jane Austen reference! Sheesh, people! Jane Austen wrote Sense & Sensibility, which starred Keira Knightley. Four years ago, she had a well publicized breakup with Jamie Dornan, after a long-term relationship.

  19. Tee says

    I’m going to go with the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn guess.
    By the way, am I the only one that thinks one of Jessica Simpson’s breasts is much larger than the other in that picture?

  20. Gina says

    Katie and Chris were not popular. Vince is getting married now. Vince made her laugh and they fit well together. She is shooter herself in the foot now bc she is alone and feels that she will never find anyone.

  21. RT says

    What about Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth? They were much bigger around that time with Blue Crush and LOTRs. Maybe her agent thought she’d be a bigger star with guys if she wasn’t attached.

  22. RT says

    Or Brad Pit and Gwyneth paltrow. Waasn’t she in Emma, which I believe was a Jane Austen story? My timing might be askew, though?

  23. anonymous says

    Were Drew Barrymore and Justin Long dating back then? When did they break up?

  24. Nikita_K says

    If we are using Jane Austen as a clue, then I think it’s Renee Zellweger and whoever she was with in 2004 (Jack White? Kenny Chesney?) because the Bridget Jones movies are based on Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. Colin Firth’s character was Mr. Darcy, like the character in the novel.

  25. lolzer says

    This is tough, simply because I can’t recall anyone really rooting for any of these guesses. With that, the only viable guess here for me is JT and Cameron Diaz. I could see her agent suggesting anything from settling down would age her(in H’Wood’s eyes) and cost her roles, JT might not be going anywhere career-wise, she has more appeal being single, dating JT makes her seem like a cougar…any number of reasons.

    Now JT is stuck with Jessica Biel, and Cameron’s been single off and on pretty much since. I could see her regretting that decision.

    • says

      people were rooting for Jen and Vince because they felt she moved on from Brad. he does have a bad boy rep so I am not surprised her rep convinced her to break up with him. now he is getting married and she missed out.

  26. maurav says

    Anne Hathaway & Raffaello Follieri
    She was in the movie “Becoming Jane” about Jane Austen. He was a social darling until the “Vati-Con” scandal. They began dating in 2004. She apparently was the lynchpin in the case against him. He plead last year and is now doing four and a half years in a Federal prison. (Clue: The damage is done.)

  27. ibiubu says

    I think this blind concerns Katie Holmes’ regret over Chris Klein. If any of the rumors are true, Suri’s got to be the only thing that she doesn’t regret about Tom.

  28. Marnie says

    Oh, i’ve never seen this one was solved. What a shame.. they were really beautiful together. (And the agent must be a fool person)