TV Chef Fires Celebrity Hairstylist

hairstylistNYPost – Which celebrity hairstylist really snipped her career by double-billing her biggest client, a TV chef? When the stylist’s other clients found out she’d been fired, they also let her go.

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  1. GGGirl says

    I’m gonna go with Sally Hershberger for the hairstylist. She’s really the only big name female hairstylist out there and charges a crap load to give pretty much everyone the same haircut. The celeb chef is either Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray.

  2. My Cat Loves TV says

    The picture shows one hair stylist with short blonde hair. How about Tabithy Coffey from Bravo TV?

    • lolzer says

      I don’t think the picture has a clue to the blind, that’s only when BG posts the BI. Either way, I still agree with you guess. :)

    • maaaaaaaybe says

      Yeah i think this is a really good guess! Sally Hershberger has way bigger clients than a TV chef

  3. AK says

    I thought of Gordan Ramsay… His hair is always perfectly tousled, and I just read that he is having some SERIOUS financial problems, so maybe if he got double billed, he freaked out..?