Oscar Girl Makes a Desperate Grab for Publicity

oscar-trophy-red1BlindGossip – This gorgeous Oscar nominee/winner has officially dropped off the A-List. We don’t mean to be catty, but she is turning out to be the exact opposite of a class act. She hasn’t had an acclaimed starring role in a film in several years, so she has descended to that most desperate of tricks: making out in public with another famous actor. What makes this especially pathetic is that she proceeded to grab the guy’s privates as he stuck his tongue down her throat.

Halle Berry, who put on a vulgar display of tongue kissing and fondling Jaime Foxx at the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards.

halle-berry-jaime-fox-kissDid you catch the “catty” (Halle played Catwoman) and the “Class Act” (a film she has in development) clues?

Congrats to Raf for the first correct guess, and to all of you who contributed additional details and links!

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