Oscar Girl Makes a Desperate Grab for Publicity

oscar-trophy-red1BlindGossip – This gorgeous Oscar nominee/winner has officially dropped off the A-List. We don’t mean to be catty, but she is turning out to be the exact opposite of a class act. She hasn’t had an acclaimed starring role in a film in several years, so she has descended to that most desperate of tricks: making out in public with another famous actor. What makes this especially pathetic is that she proceeded to grab the guy’s privates as he stuck his tongue down her throat.

Halle Berry, who put on a vulgar display of tongue kissing and fondling Jaime Foxx at the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards.

halle-berry-jaime-fox-kissDid you catch the “catty” (Halle played Catwoman) and the “Class Act” (a film she has in development) clues?

Congrats to Raf for the first correct guess, and to all of you who contributed additional details and links!

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61 comments to Oscar Girl Makes a Desperate Grab for Publicity

  • ###

    Natalie Portman. Nominated for Closer. No starring roles recently. Has a couple new films coming out but bad buzz. Various other blinds about her not reading scripts and getting upset when the good parts are taken. Has been making out with Sean Penn.

  • sofie

    Charlize Theron

  • Inquiring Mind

    Marisa Tomei?

  • GuyIncognito

    Hilary Swank? Renee Zellweger?

  • BulldogGirl

    Easy. Halle Berry made out with Jamie Foxx last night at the Spike TV awards. He grabbed her bottom and she grabbed his package. Not sure what the point of all that was…

  • mimi

    No question. Drew barrymore.

  • Lila

    this one is really hard. i looked at the list of winners and i doubt its any of them. as for the nominees…well what about Sharon Stone?

  • SuzyQ

    It’s Halle Berry. She was at the Spike TV awards last night acting like a ho on stage with Jamie Fox. They have each others tongues down their throats. He’s grabbing her a* and she’s grabbing his junk. The pictures are all over the web.

  • Megan

    is drew an oscar winner? (and though i bet natalie portman is totally like that, i don’t think she’s won an oscar?)

  • lulu

    halle berry and jamie fox, also there are pics to prove it haha


  • lol

    Halle Berry. she looked really desperate grabbing jaime Foxx like that. Idk but I think that was going a little far for a mother with a baby daddy at home.

  • midnightfarm

    Halle Berry making out with Jamie Foxx on some awards show, check out socialites life for the grisly pix….ewwwwww I think its for publicity

  • nikestav10

    it says oscar nominee/winner…so no drew or Sharon Stone…and they were never class acts to begin with

    Renee, Marisa, Charlize and Hilary are still getting good roles and have been nominated again since winning their oscars

    I would say Halle Berry…What has she done that has been good? Catwoman?

  • nikestav10

    take back halle, she is with a model and not an actor

  • tan4tel

    definitely Halle Berry

  • Lila

    Natalie Portman has NOT been nominated at all for a best actress award. She’s only been nominated for a best actress award. Never won a best actress award.

  • Lila

    ugh correction. I meant to say Natalie has never been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. She’s only been nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscar. She never won. I doubt this is her. I think she’s still considered A-List. She has a lot of projects coming out. check out her imbd

  • Quanah

    It’s Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx. They were on some awards show on Spike TV and she grabbed his “special area” and he gripped her butt. Go to Media Take Out, it’s the main picture today.

  • lulu

    nikestav10 its didnt say she was dating the actor , rather ust that she was making out in public with him for Publicity headlines and so far the only clues points to halle berry and jamie foxx

  • Chuck Deez

    Keira Knightley

  • midnightfarm

    Halle Berry, CATty, and she hasnt done anything noteworth since Monsters Ball

  • Sox

    “Not to be catty”??? This sounds like it could be Halle, but she is with a model. Catty has something to do with it, I’m sure.

  • Megan

    keira’s never won, only nominated

  • Maybee

    Hillary Swank?

  • Inspector Clouseau

    This could be Catherine Zeta-Jones and hubby Michael Douglas.

  • xxgatorxx

    kate winslet

  • xxgatorxx

    sry didnt read it all correct
    im changing renee zeiweiger

  • lolzer

    Mediatekout.com’s headline story is a full color photo of Halle Berry kissing Jamie Foxx and grabbing his package. This BI is solved.

    I didn’t think she should have won for Monster’s Ball anyway…that movie was trash.

  • Reggie

    It’s Halle Berry all right! I just saw the pics of her and Jamie Foxx this morning. Some awards show on Spike TV I think.

  • Nina

    Yes, my first thought was about Renee.

  • Secret

    I think this is Halle Berry. She was at an awards show yesterday making out with Jamie Foxx, her grabbing his crotch and he grabbing a handful of her a*. She hasn’t had a movie out in a couple of years.

    Plus “catty” = Catwoman, the horrible remake she was in with Sharon Stone.

  • IamThinking

    Halle and Jamie.
    There are pics all over the net of Halle Berry
    and Jamie Foxx at the Spike TV’s “Guy’s Choice” Awards where spit were being exchanged and and some “package grabbing”.

  • mia

    Well, if Jamie was trying to one-up Adrien Brody’s clench and kiss when he won his Oscar, no way. That was amazing, romantic, hot and joyous. Fox & Berry were only wince-worthy.

  • anon2

    This is sad for both of them and disrespectful to her boyfriend/babydaddy. I think she is a decent person so when I first saw this…I thought about the gay rumors Jaime Fox has attached to him so I felt this was a way to disspell that.

  • jen

    if this is what you have to do in hollyweird to keep your image and status that is ridiculous. thank god i am living in the real world.lol

  • Lila

    i dunno… Halle Berry is def A-List.

  • elissa

    Definitely Halle…the catty reference completely gives it away

  • Halle Berry – the reference to being “catty” was the clue

  • Wrong

    Halle is still absolutely A-List

    • tropical

      That’s what I was thinking. What publicity does she need? There are pictures of her and a daughter all over the net and she’s always listed in the first of the sexiest/most beautiful women of the world.

  • tropical

    I mean her daughter.

  • Bodini

    Dear heavens people GET A SENSE of humor…it was a joke and a play off the Adrien Brody oscar kiss.

    Just like Brad Pitt calling Mel Gibson sugar t*…or Bruno landing buttup in Eminem’s face or the jokey monologue by Kiefer Sutherland, another example is when Adrien and Queen Latifah made out at the MTV awards as a joke regarding him kissing Halle.


  • Nat

    If that was a joke, it was not funny. This definitely loses some points for me. I wouldn’t call the Halle/Jamie tangle a kiss… it was foreplay.

  • onesizefitsmost

    i knew halle should never have won! of course she only won bc she got naked for the role, AFTER she said she would never do anything like that!