OC Star’s Boyfriend Enjoys Water Sports

sink-faucetHolyMoly – Which big OC star’s boyfriend has been playing away by shagging a girl over two sinks at a recent music festival?

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20 comments to OC Star’s Boyfriend Enjoys Water Sports

  • thegreatgazoo

    Well, unless they’re playing fast-and-loose with the phrase “big OC star” and they actually mean some random person like Olivia Wilde or Nikki Reed, then it’s obviously Barton or Bilson. Are either one of them dating right now? I’d look for myself, but I don’t care enough about their lives lol.

  • maybe...

    well bilson is engaged…and i think if something came out about her fiance it wouldnt be that he was with a woman…

  • GuyIncognito

    Barton I would guess…

  • hjk

    i’m pretty sure this is bilson. didn’t barton & her boyfriend just break up?

  • Megan

    barton — they used the word “shagged” and she’s originally from england or has a british father or something

    • Ego

      Holy Moly is a british gossip site. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything that they used the word ‘shagged.’

  • ED

    Gretchen from Real Housewives maybe and that d* Slade?

  • Duh

    It’s obviously not Bilson it says “boyfriend” yet she is engaged

  • brit

    what about lauren conrad, she is dating actor kyle howard of my boys, and laguna beach is in the oc- was touted as the real oc

  • Ravana

    mischa, mischa, mischa…. girl can’t catch a break….

  • asf

    obviously heidi and spencer

  • whatever

    Mischa’s boyfriend is the lead singer of The Kooks, an indie band from England. They play almost every music festival

    • annie

      Mischa broke up with him ages ago though, otherwise I’d say definitely him. He was heard telling people they were only “together” to help her career out of the toilet.

      • pammy6

        Like going out with that Pitcher dude would help her carrer. Pffffff…….anyhoo he broke up with her

  • neverget'emright

    I’m going with Gretchen from Real Housewives….

  • mook

    Rachel Bilson or Mischa

  • JustMe

    The photo kind of reminds me of Mischa, so I’ll go with her.