This Classic Singer Isn’t Very Classy

couple-kissing-2HolyMoly – Which glamorous, whiter than white classic singer isn’t the wholesome lady she would have you believe? Which of these statements about her is not true?:

1. Her first language is Welsh
2. She partakes in the countryside sport known as dogging
3. She swings both ways

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29 comments to This Classic Singer Isn’t Very Classy

  • jericho

    This is obviously Charlotte Church. She’s Welsh, a classical singer, and pretty wild from what I’ve heard. I don’t know which one isn’t true, but I’m going with #2.

  • Tracie

    Duffy? She is welsh and sings some classics like Live and Let Die

  • MN

    Katherine Jenkins?

    • Alex

      I agree, charlotte church is anything but whiter than white.

      This fits Katherine Jenkins perfectly

  • Miss Disgrace

    My first thought too. Don’t think it’s Charlotte Church, she’s known for being a bit of a boozer – hardly the reputation of a ‘wholesome lady’.

  • twinkletoes

    Duffy! Charlotte Church is reformed wild child!

    • Miss Disgrace

      Duffy isn’t a ‘classic singer’ though. Her sound is a kinda Dusty Springfield-lite faux soul pop. Katherine Jenkins is a whiter-than-white classic singer beloved of pensioners and Songs Of Praise viewers alike. Gotta be her.

      • Tracie

        In the US we say “classic” for older pop and rock songs — stuff like Dusty Springfield. We say “classical” for music like Charlotte Church. So I assume that’s what BG meant.

  • twinkletoes

    And did’nt Katherine Jenkins do a ‘my drugs hell’ in the sun a few years ago!

  • Ray

    Church is not glamorous, a chav yes, but glamour is something she has lacked for many years.

    Katherine Jenkins studied Welsh but did not grow up with it as her 1st language unlike Duffy so I’ll guess her with #1 being the erroneous clue.

    My only hesitation is that Katherine was almost raped as a teenager and I cannot imagine her looking for danger in her sex life.

  • Sundaeg1rl

    Doris Day.

    Or Vera Lynn. Blue balls over the White Cliffs of Dover…

  • Loz

    Katherine Jenkins – was a bit wild at Uni. Dabbled in drugs…

  • Inquiring Mind

    (just because I haven’t seen her name lately in BI)

  • Renee Flemming … known drug mule 😉

  • auntmidgee

    I’m not familiar with english slang, what is dogging?

  • Dlo

    Dogging in Casual sex with strangers – usually in public areas like supermarket parking lot.

    I go for CChurch, but I’m not ruling out Tom Jones.

  • queenofgossip

    Catherine Zeta Jones. She’s Welsh and was a singer before she was ever an actress.

  • Lucite Empress

    LOL @ Renee Fleming…

  • goldfish swirling

    Charlotte Church glamorous?

  • woo woo

    It is ABSOLUTELY Katherine Jenkins, I have seen her pilled up ecstasy video, She is into threesomes and has had a boob job but has got an injunction out stopping the press printing it, good PR advisors… she is a massive Diva!

  • Clearly


  • QweenB

    Maybe the welsh statement is the false statement and it has thrown everyone off track looking for welsh singers?

  • obsesssed

    dusty springfield.

  • MaryMac

    Is Welsh actually a language?

  • Leah


    It isn’t simply because her image is ‘whiter than white’ its because her complexion is so incredibly pale (beyond alabaster). That’s what I think the reference is to.

    #2 is the false one.

    PS: Is Welsh a language ? LMFAO. Yes, Welsh is most certainly a language and, for many in Wales, English is only the second language.