Redhead Gets Casual When Boyfriend Travels

redhead-2HolyMoly – Which flame-haired supermodel/actress is open to a bit of ‘hows your farver’ with City types when away from her transatlantic boyfriend, especially around her birthday? “A good effort,” is how they described her. The poor boyfriend had recently been in the press, bemoaning the fact they don’t live closer to each other. Sadly, it doesn’t sound like she’s too arsed, mate!

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17 comments to Redhead Gets Casual When Boyfriend Travels

  • Sadie Thermafrost


  • ken

    agreed. lily cole

  • Loz

    Lily Cole is an English model and actress.

    But who is her boyfriend?

  • lolzer

    Wasn’t Lily Cole dating Jude Law at one point?

    Anyway, “transatlantic boyfriend” sounds like the bf lives in North America, while she lives(most likely) in Europe. Jude lives in London, so wouldn’t they be close?

  • cdiddy

    I looked it up – she is dating an American actor – Enrique Murciano.

  • MollySue

    All that and studying for her exams at university – some people are just too time-efficient!

  • Ray

    Lily is living in Cambridge[UK] at the moment while at university, it does sound a lot like her. Plus she celeberated her birthday recently on May 19th.

  • Frenchy

    Simple reminder : red hair models
    Angie Everheart
    Karen elson (married w that white stripe guy)
    Lily Cole
    That’s All I can think of 😉
    Somebody IMDB those galz and let us know which one also player in a movie!
    That one would be the cheatin ho ;))

  • Yea

    Is a woman named Natalie Mark a model because she dates Sam Worthington. Maybe it’s her

  • goldfish swirling

    Does Coco Rocha act?

  • New One

    I’m in the US and not familiar with the phrase “how’s your farver.” Can someone please tell me what it means?

  • Milyona

    Lily Cole. She is dating Enrique Murciano, the American actor that appears in Without a Trace. They recently attended his co-star’s wedding together. She has red hair and is not only a model but appears in the latest Terry Gilliam film.