Her Cute and Cuddly Persona is Only an Act

teddy-bear-1EOnline – No kinky homo lovin’ in this week’s Blind, either, folks, just some straight-up hetero debauchery! Does that make you happy or sad? Relieved, regardless, I’m sure. Anyways, guess all the gays were too busy protesting this week (or hiding indoors lest they come across as too sympathetic to the cause—we know we didn’t see Toothy out and about holding a sign in WeHo!). So, that leaves us with Dominique (Dommy) Do-Rightly, rising star.

See, Dom’s a ton more popular on the small screen than on the big one—tho for some silly reason she keeps desperately trying to make the film thing work. But Dommy’s still managed to rack up a ridiculous amount of fans, all who think she’s just so über-cute and cuddly, like a posh stuffed teddy bear.

But would they still fawn over her so much if they knew their darling ‘n’ wholesome girl’s one freaky wild party animal? We know we’d like her a whole lot more if she just fessed up to it!

Ms. Do-Rightly likes the public to think she’s all about goin’ organic, living healthy, saving the world and being an all-around sweetie-pie. Make me puke right now. Ugh.

I never bought that faux persona on this stink-eyed star, but I’m used to celebs totally lying about who they are! Those who know Dommy personally can’t stand how stuck-up the bitchy babe is. She often refuses to promote her latest flicks as much as she’s told, leaving all the legwork to her second billed, bitter costars.

No one can friggin’ put up with the diva’s demands anymore—that is, of course, except other divas! DDR is spending more and more time with skanky H’wood regulars—privately, at house parties, since public outings together would be oh so disastrous to Dom’s clean-cut image.

At one such recent drug-infested fete, DDR boozed-and-bashed till all hours of the morning, blasting party energy up her nose and wrapping her legs, tongues, what have ya around dudes left and right, using the hostess’s totally expensive living room couch to show off her moves (not like that sofa hasn’t been tarnished enough with party germs already). And this was milliseconds after splitting with her last famous man! Guess that explains who did the dumping in that doomed relaysh.

Hey, got an idea! Maybe Dommy oughta bring her slutty ways out of hiding—look how much press Paris gets! And she gets whole damn perfume lines, too! What does Dommy have? A few politically correct endorsements here and there—and we sure know that ain’t enough headline attention for a naughty nose-candy princess like DDR!

And It Ain’t: Amber Tamblyn, Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus

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101 comments to Her Cute and Cuddly Persona is Only an Act

  • GuyIncognito

    Kristen Bell

    • spookyskeleton

      Can’t be her. Next famous guy implies she’s had several in quick succession. The only famous guy she’s dated since the 90s (Matthew Morrison, and he wasn’t even famous back then) is her current husband.

  • nowhere man

    america ferrara

  • ams

    i know its redundant but hayden?

  • ams

    hm maybe not, i guess she isn’t in a movies that would need promoting….nevermind!

  • ams

    does she have movies out? or was she just a cannes for fun?

  • Shelby

    It’s Hayden. She is also friends with Paris H. They were seen at clubs together.

  • bub

    My first thought was Jennifer Aniston.

    • My guess too! It’s fits her perfectly and everyone knows she likes the nose candy whilst brad did the weed. it fits her perfectly too to explain the recent break up and who left who.

    • onesizefitsmost

      think this BI is referring to someone younger. i don’t think ja’s done anything political??? i could be wrong.

      i call hayden.

    • There is no way Jennifer Aniston could be considered a “rising star”

  • yaya

    Mischa, hayden, or rachel bilson

  • Shelly

    Hayden fits many clues. She has the save the whale campaign…into partying with Paris and cocaine…broke up somewhat recently with somewhat famous boyfriend Milo. “Do-Rightly” nickname could also be a reference to “Heroes” TV show.

    I just don’t get the clue about promoting her movies because I don’t recall her being in any (other than kid/pre-teen stuff).

    • Lola

      Just checked IMDB and she was in A Bug’s Life, Remember the Titans, some other unmemorable ones, with the latest listed as Racing Stripes from 2005. So maybe it could be her? It does seem to fit.

      IMDB also has this from her: “The funny thing is that people see one film like Racing Stripes (2005) or Ice Princess (2005) and all of a sudden, slip me into this category of “that’s what she’s always involved in” but people don’t remember that I did Normal (2003) (TV) with Jessica Lange and Tom Wilkinson for HBO, which was very dramatic. They don’t remember that I did Lies My Mother Told Me (2005) (TV) which was the Lifetime film with Joely Richardson and Colm Feore, which was also extremely dramatic. They don’t remember that I did Remember the Titans (2000).”

    • Lola

      Hmm, I just posted about how she’s been in movies, but the BI says that her costars are second billed. Guess we’re back to square one.

    • Lola

      Oh, wait, I Love You, Beth Cooper is in post-production, and she plays the title character. Bingo.

  • oinc!

    I don’t know who is the guy, but isn’t Hayden called “Claire Bear” in Heroes??
    Another hint is “…saving the world” just like “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” in Heroes.

  • mm

    Katherine Heigl

  • ams

    hm but the blind says “rising star”…makes it sound like a kid (or at least someone younger than heigl/aniston/drew)

  • oinc!

    Two more hints about Hayden:
    “b* babe” + “using the hostess’s totally expensive living room”

    Hayden was wearing bikini in Cannes on board the luxury yacht of Elton John’s husband.

  • MammaDukes

    Ashley Tisdale?

    • maurav

      My first thought as well.

      Known for “Suite Life of Zach & Cody” ahead of HSM. She just broke up with that one model guy…IMDB says she’s best friends with Miley Cyrus.

    • hey hey

      my guess also.

  • tulipmom

    I thought of Cameron Diaz when I read this

  • Inquiring Mind

    My first thought is of Katerine Heigl

  • Antares

    I would say Hayden, to many things dropping about the bear thing, her work to save the Whales and she has that whole Beth Cooper thing going on as well. Just to many clues to make it look like it is her. And if it is then she is heading to a crash soon.

  • Lila

    well and wasnt there a blind about Hayden and her boyfriend and two other ladies getting kinky in Cannes?

  • whoknows

    Vanessa Hudgens? she had a movie out right. band camp or something?

  • Lou

    It’s obviously not Hayden, Kristen, or America. None of them have had movies out in a while, Kristen’s last and only big movie (til this summer anyway) was Forgetting Sarah Marshall and she did tons of promotional work for it. Hayden hasn’t had a movie out in ages because she’s just been doing Heroes. And America hasn’t done any movies of note besides besides the Travelling Pants.

    I’d say Katherine Heigl too. Far more well known for Grey’s despite her movies.

  • Lovely Leo

    I thought of Hillary Duff, but I don’t know if she is still with the hockey player or not. When I think of Hayden P., I don’t think of innocent – more like annoying!

  • lisa

    Ashley Tisdale?

  • Sundaeg1rl

    I can usually work these EOnlines out, but OH MY GOD this is just the ramblings of a madman. Either that or he’s had an epileptic fit with his hands on the keyboard…

  • Gina

    Jennifer Aniston.

  • dotdotdot

    Alicia Silverstone? Can’t think of her tv work though. Aerosmith video’s, movies- check! What else? Vegetarian, and peta activist. Never seen in public with Paris as far as I can remember. That would be world saving and clean cut. Did she do ‘Got milk?’ as well? If anyone can fill in the “more popular on the small screen than on the big one” it would be a pretty good fit.

  • meh

    Ashley Tisdale?

  • Gina

    Jen an is the rep for vitamin water and is always talking about eating organic. This is her, i am CERTAIN.

    • JJ

      Here are the reasons why it isn’t Jen Aniston:

      1.) She is not a rising star. She has been VERY famous for 15 years.
      2.) She hasn’t been on a successful television show since Friends went off the air in 2004.
      3.) She has had some major box office successes since then (Bruce Almighty, The Break Up and Marley & Me)
      4.) All stars claim to eat organic – this is the least significant clue in the blind.
      5.) She has posed nude at least twice in the last 5 years. Would we call this innocent?
      6.) Cuddly? Really?

  • twinkletoes

    Alexis Bledel. Far more well known for the Gilmore Girls than the few films she has been in. She coud be the rising star due to the fact she has a couple of films out soon, and is linked with both Amber Tamblyn and Blake Lively. She also has a few fims out soon. Always seems sweet and innocent . A bit of a long shot I will admit.

  • ams

    these older actresses aren’t “rising stars”…jen aniston is a-list no matter how many times she plays “rachel” in a movie.

  • maurav

    Alexis Bledel.
    She’s known for being Rory Gilmore, ahead of everything else. Amber Tamblyn & Blake Lively worked with her on “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. (IMDB says she’s good friends with Amber.) She’s allegedly Catholic which may be the connection to Miley? She works with a non-profit FIRST BOOK which provides books to the poor.

    • Antares

      I am changing mine to this it makes sense, she is more knowing for Gilmore girls and has tried to get to the movies and failed. And the last movie she was in was likely where they were saying she was not promating it while the others did.

  • nycdweller

    natalie portman

  • LC

    It’s Hayden. It says she broke up with bf in a milisecond–being a reference to Milo

  • sf

    Amanda Bynes? Didn’t she date Paris’s Ex?

  • Dawubee

    I definitely think it is Amanda Bynes as well. Dommy Do-Rightly is a reference to two things: 1. Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, taking place in NYC) and 2. Penny Pingleton. Holly is the name of her tv character in “What I like About You.” which takes place in NYC. Additionally, Penny Pingleton (alliteration similarities along with shortened first name, Dominigue – Dommy and Penelope – Penny) was the name of her character in “Hairspray,” a movie. Also, think about how bubbly and innocent she plays in all her roles. Finally, her movies have almost made her a big screen star, but not quite yet, “She’s the Man,” “Hairspray,” and “Sydney White.”

  • Dawubee

    Additional quotes to support Amanda Bynes: “She has since stated that she is ‘reevaluating’ how to spend her social time. In the January 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan, Bynes stated: ‘I used to be known as the girl who was anti the club scene. But I’m finding a balance. I can have a drink and dance if I want. You have to go out to meet people and guys. I’m in that phase where I just want to have fun.'”

    In Reference to Branding and Selling Products:
    “In 2007, Bynes signed a five-year deal with Steve & Barry’s (which had been expanding its product offerings outside of its traditional university apparel and sweatshirts) to create her own fashion line, dear, consisting of apparel and accessories. The line launched in stores August 16, 2007.”

    Back to her name in the Blind Item, notice it said Dominique “Dommy” Do-Rightly. It’s interesting to note that Amanda Bynes has played separate characters with a similar name and nickname combination: “Penny” Pingleton and Penelope Taynt.

    It’s gotta be her….

  • Bri

    Hayden Hayden Hayden Hayden!!!!

  • Mary

    Hayden is built like a gymnast hence the Dominque “Dommy” reference. This is Hayden!

  • blueyes

    If it is Hayden what recent movies has she done that she hasn’t promoted?

  • Regina Flange

    This just screams Jennifer Aniston to me.

    • anon

      RISING STAR. this is clearly someone who is on the younger side. jennifer aniston is not a rising star by any measure whatsoever. she has been insanely famous for the last decade, ever since ‘Friends’. and ‘cute and cuddly’? are you kidding?

    • anon

      not to mention jennifer aniston does a ton of promotion work for her movies.

  • dotdotdot

    Actually, I’m reconsidering. Regina, I think you’re right!
    TV over films, top billing in films, clean cut image, dated more than one famous man, apparently single at the moment (“And this was milliseconds after splitting with her last famous man”)… Can’t fit the rising star bit though. That would imply someone younger. Maybe it refers to her latest movies picking up whilst her earlier ones were pretty dire? That would fit. Cute? Certainly to the blind followers she must be. I myself am not a fan though.

    • Penelope

      It can’t be Jennifer Aniston!! This is clearly a YOUNG ACTRESS, hence the ‘RISING STAR’. Jen has been a ‘star’ for years. It can’t be her.

  • lolzer

    Rising star, people!

    Amanda Bynes is a good second guess. Seeing as I’ve never watched Heroes, the teddy bear reference mad eme think of her back when she was on All That, doing the “Dear Ashley” skit. She’d be surrounded by cuddly teddy bears and such and star out sweet, but ended up being rude. However, I think her biggest film so far has been Hairspray, and there was no need for her to do press when you’ve got Queen Latifah, John Travolta, and Zac Efron on the bill. So I’m going with Hayden as well on this one…that girl’s a mess.

  • Allen

    Most definitely not Heigl. She is an absolute sweetheart but certainly is not into the party scene. She is also married and certainly is not really one to promote healthy living and hiding behind it. She smokes quite openly in public. Also her films are doing nicely and she is the worlds 5th highest paid MOVIE star so it is hardly like to be her.

  • isuckatblinditems

    Selena Gomez was my first though, but I’m too lazy to go see if she’s into that wholesome lifestyle she said to promote. The breakup with Tayler L was what made me think it was her.

  • Yea

    Hayden Pana-troll

  • Ravana

    Sounds a bit like Hilary Duff to me.

  • Dawubee

    Again, I don’t understand why people are saying Jennifer Aniston! I can understand Hayden, but here’s one more piece of information to support Amanda Bynes. She recently broke up with Doug Reinhardt. Doug Reinhardt is now dating who? Paris Hilton, who was mentioned in the blind item. Also, what are his initials? DR. Miss Do-Right used to date Doug Reinhardt. It’s too much of a coincidence to pass up!

    • JJ

      Amen sister. There is not one clue in here that points to Jen Aniston. Some people are just so uncreative :) Hayden & Amanda are my top 2 guesses as well!

    • cdiddy

      It’s not Amanda. I know her family. She’s your everyday kind of girl. Very sweet.

    • elanenergy

      I think you’re right.
      Amanda Bynes also dates Seth McFarlane, the creator of South Park, who is waaaayyyy older than her. I don’t think really sweet girls do that. ; )

  • Dawn

    Not Jennifer Aniston-works her butt off to promote her movies. Also she is not a rising star. My guess is Amanda Bynes.

  • love gossip

    I agree with those have said Hayden . I have seen Jennifer Aniston promoting different movies .

  • mook


    • Penelope

      I kind of like this guess… but I feel like Amanda Bynes or Hayden has more facts to back it up..

  • dookie

    leighton meester??

  • anjasmomma

    it’s absolutely Hayden.