This Actress Needs a Dentist and a Psychiatrist

demi moore teethBlindGossip – This dark-haired actress has developed a weird eating style. On the rare occasions that she does eat, she doesn’t like the food to touch her lips. She opens up her mouth really wide and pulls the food off the fork with her teeth. We don’t know if this behavior is related to the ongoing problems she is having with her teeth, which were absolutely destroyed by an eating disorder in her teens.  They became so eroded that she had to have them shaved down and have porcelain veneers applied to every single tooth at $2000 a pop. She can afford it. It’s just too bad that the eating disorder appears to be back. Conveniently for her, so are baggy boyfriend jeans.

No It’s Not Demi Moore. We just like this picture of her.

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62 comments to This Actress Needs a Dentist and a Psychiatrist

  • Daria

    Brooke Shields? IDK, maybe she’s trying not to mess up her lipstick or something.

  • The Lace

    hilary duff?? – the whole veneer thing made me think of her!

  • cat

    Katie Holmes? Wasn’t there a blind not too long ago about a bulimic on a tv show a few years ago, whose co-star disliked kissing after she threw up? (I think most people were guessing Dawson’s Creek). Plus, she is soooo skinny recently AND is known for wearing those baggy jeans.

  • perrin

    Duff and Biel are the only actresses really known for having veneers.
    I’ll go with Duff.

  • ED

    Dark Haired. Katie Holmes has always been rumored to have an eating disorder during the “creek” days. Plus, the baggy boyfriend jeans kinda gives it away.

    • Nart

      Agreed. She and Tom Cruise were wearing the same jeans for a while there which was a little scary. Plus the pictures from a few months back with her teeth shaved to points before she got veneers.

  • latarian milton

    even though hilary goes back and forth between being a blonde and having brown hair, i wouldn’t refer to her as a dark haired actress, i think people still think of her being blonde, especially because she was blonde in most of her stuff

    • thegreatgazoo

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA your handle is Latarian Milton! You ain’t EVEN right!

      • I KNOW

        Here’s to “hood rat stuff”!!!

        Oh, and I think this BI is Katie Holmes. She had veneers done in Japan recently and loves those sad boyfriend jeans. And we all know about the Dawson’t Creek bulimia issues.

    • Sundaeg1rl

      LOLZ at your name! Stay away from my Dodge Durango!

    • libby

      Latarian, MK thinks you should hook up with Harvey Price for your BFF, and take him away from the f* that is his life. And teach him some ‘hood rat stuff’, willya?

  • J

    I think it’s Katie, there was a BI a few weeks ago that addressed an eating disorder, and there was a link in the comments showing her with some messed up teeth.

  • vacay

    My guess is Katie Holmes – she used to have teeny, tiny little teeth. She rarely smiles widely now, but when she does, you can definitely see a difference.

  • ricky

    definitely katie.

  • Kelly

    I’m with ED -Her teeth look slightly different compared to older images.

  • janele

    Someone takes “a moment on the lips; a lifetime on the hips” very seriously. How twisted must you be to think that as long as your lips aren’t touching the food, then you’re not going to gain weight from it?

    That said, I think it’s KateBot. She has no control over her life any more (thank you $cientology and that loon she’s married to!). So, the only control she has is what food is allowed to touch her lips or not.

  • Nart

    Here are the links of Katie Holmes’ teeth and the jeans…

    Pretty sad that her fake marriage is going to kill her.

  • doxie

    defnitely katie holmes. she got veneers before the vakyrie japan premiere.

  • Yea

    Katie Holmes for sure

  • leann81


  • Christina

    Wow that clue about the boyfriend jeans was pretty much a give away, poor girl she is probably doing it again, which is why she needs new teeth again. I agree with the above poster that she is probably doing it to gain some control over her life. I hope she gets help.

  • Jennifer

    jennifer connely

  • aja

    The psychiatry reference is also worth noting! It’s gotta be Katie Holmes!

    • Shelly

      The really sad thing is Katie Holmes used to joke that she was so neurotic she could probably benefit from therapy. Now it seems she really COULD benefit and it’s no longer an option for her because of that nutso Cruise.

  • blueyes

    Im on the Katie train. I remember she just had very expensive dental work done, add that with the eating disorder bi and I say this is solved.

  • Lynne

    I think it is Katie Holmes. This picture of her is too much like the picture shown above in this blind item.

    All I can say is that she must be under a lot of stress if an eating disorder has reappeared.

  • tmaba

    jessica biel is super skinny and she’s been wearing baggy jeans.

  • Every1

    katie katie katie holmes

  • Nan

    READ IT…………DARK HAIR!!!!! why would people suggest Biel or Duff???? Katie Holmes brought back the “boyfriend jean” by wearing them to death recently.

  • wordwino

    obvs katie – dont care that she needs a dentist… WHEN IS SHE DIVORCING TOM!!!

    • Daniel

      I am with you wordwino! WHEN????

      • Nowaynohow

        Not till after 5 years at least. The longer she stays, the more money she gets, her Dad did the pre-nup for her. The most she’d stay with him in 9.5 years, or then she would get 1/2 of his assets earned during the marriage, and Cruise Control would not allow that.

      • Daniel

        Do you know if the 5 yrs are up or close yet? Really do not know when the Stepford wife and looney toon got hitched.

  • colby

    I’m going to go with Katie Holmes for a couple of reasons
    1-baggy jeans are only a kh thing. They re not really back, are they?
    2- she is supposed to have had bulimia so that fits
    And my biggest reason is that
    3- a lot of BG’s personally listed posts have pointed to Katie which makes me suspect that our fearless leader has a strong source in Loony land! Careful BG! The crazies will come for you; but we’ll all get your back! Xxoo

  • zlist

    Just throwing in a dark horse… but doesn’t Bijou wear dentures?

  • lolzer

    Yep, Katie. Suddenly those stupid pegged jeans were everywhere, back when she was being called a “style icon”

    Don’t know why people are suggesting Duff, she’s been pretty blonde for the majority of her career. I think she had veneers(or not), and then had them shaved down.

    By the way, the Dawson’s Creek blind really reminds me of the stories that Judy Garland’s male costars hated to kiss her b/c the halitosis her drug use gave her. Sad.

  • been there done that

    the pic makes me want to say courtney cox, only b/c she and demi look so alike

  • lol

    yeah, I’ll go with katie Holmes. not too long ago a site had close ups of her teeth asking if they were bulimia teeth, lol.

  • juju

    It’s Megan Fox!!!!! I know it!!!

  • kufel

    I thought about Angelina. She’s scary skinny right now and there are some photos of her from few days ago eating a cake. She does not touch the food with her mouth 😉

    • nycdweller

      you never see her in jeans. katie holmes/rachel bilson are some of the only ones wearing that crap.(bf jeans)

  • lisa

    i also think it is Katie Holmes.
    Another guess; what about Rachel Bilson?

  • Reece

    I think its Megan Fox. She is big into the boyfriend jeans look as well and is dark-haired.

    • lolzer

      Megan Fox has said she is very uncomfortable with her body in the past, but I think her things is more big t-shirts than bf jeans. It’s a good guess, but that photo of Katie with the shaved down teeth is pretty much irrefutable.

  • Kate

    katie holmes, of course. people with eating disorders often try to hide their thinness by wearing oversized, baggy clothes. it’s not a trend. she’s trying to disguise her boniness.

  • do-tell

    ellen’s wife portia de rossi

  • obsesssed

    courtney cox

  • lalaland

    its obviously katie holmes. its no secret she had a very bad eating disorder when she was younger.. and she started the baggy boyfriend jeans trend long before megan fox did.