She Liked to Pick Up Hispanic Boys in Her Limo

menudo-1CDAN – We are just going back to those carefree days of the late 80’s and early 90’s. This A list female entertainer has had an amazing life. She has done just about everything possible in the entertainment world and is one of the most influential entertainers ever. Back in the day, our A lister had just gone through a very messy divorce. But, our actress had needs and loved, loved trolling the Lower East Side of Manhattan for Hispanic guys in her chauffeured driven limo. On one of her forays she found a 17 year old Hispanic guy and took him back to her place where she kept him for a few days until she grew tired of him. Well, it turns out that she gave this teenage boy the gift that keeps on giving. The Herp. Yep. Well, a few months later, our A lister was trolling the same neighborhood and people from the teenager’s family recognized the car and before anyone could do anything all of his family pelted her car with trash from their garbage cans. Seems appropriate.

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54 comments to She Liked to Pick Up Hispanic Boys in Her Limo

  • Sneaky Pete

    This screams Madonna. Divorced from Sean Penn.

  • sean

    Yeah, Madonna. She has talked about young Hispanic boys before

  • Nathalie

    replace “A list female entertainer” with “Madonna” and it would be the same thing.

  • Alli G.

    This is totally Madonna. I remember reading how she used to pick up young guys this way in an unauthorized biography on her that was released in the early 90’s.

    The part of her having herpes was not included in this book though. Yikes. :0

  • HM

    Madonna for sure.

  • Liv

    Def Madonna. Carlos Leon (Lourdes’ father) is hispanic so it seems to fit.

  • just me


    • LaPerla

      Yikes. Just showed the posting to my husband who Has told me this story about Maddona forever. Then he reminded me of Madonna’s concert in San Juan where she took the Puerto Rican flag and rubbed it through her crotch. It sent an uproar though the country as Disrespect to the country. Without a doubt Madonna on the lower east side! Xoxo!

  • lol

    This is sooo not a blind item. Everybody knows this about madge. well, everything except for the herpes. damn, just imagine how many people madge and Sean Penn have passed the herp to.

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Old news. It’s Madonna. I remember an article (Rolling Stone?) about her in the 80’s where the writer was in a limo with her and she picked up some Latin guy and took him dancing. I remember the writer thought it was odd that Madonna was a troller. In the pantheon of diseased w*, Madonna and Typhoid Mary are neck and neck. Paris Hilton is an amateur in comparison.

  • lolzer

    Ewww, Madonna!

  • Kristin

    Totally Madge! Poor little Jesus Luz. Also, if she really has the herp, I wonder if she passed it to A-roid? He’s supposively hooking up with Kate Hudson now, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Kimi D

    Kinda reminds me of the “Music” video. Havin’ a blast in the back of a limo. Totally didn’t know about the herpes though. BUT it’s not a for sure that you’ll pass it on is it? If you’re having a outbreak and “make whoopie” with someone (unprotected especially) than you’re just an idiot. But I’m not certain of this.

  • sean

    OK, if something like a third of American adults has herpes, why is it a big deal if celebs have it? I mean, they tend to have more sex with each other, and other people. Face it, Madonna has probably had more sexual partners than most people.Than most countries, probably. Also celebs tend to have sex for jobs. The casting couch is very much a real thing. Things are going to get passed around. AS much as we want to say “EWW”. I would imagine the SAG health insurances biggest expense is Valtrex.

    • h00bydice

      It’s a sad state of affairs, but you are very wise…

    • Aliceafterall

      The issue is knowingly giving it to another without telling them BEFORE sex.

    • really with her sexual history we should be surprised she doesn’t have herpes, warts, etc…

    • lolzer

      I’m saying EWW because like or not, it’s an STD and it’s completely unforgivable to KNOWINGLY pass an STD on to an unsuspecting partner. I don’t care if you’re a celebrity or not!

  • LaPerla

    Madonna-without a doubt. My husband had family in the area and she just wanted Puerto Ricans. She would cruise around in the area in a limo asking if they were Puerto Rican and invite them into the limo.! It’s known in that area of the city!

  • tmc

    Everyone know Madonna loves hispanic men. I love it when these are easy!

  • Klick Konner

    Has everyone forgotten about Billy Bob and Angelina?

  • maurav

    Aretha! You dirty wench! 😉

  • been there done that

    i didn’t even have to finish this BI. this is madonna, it’s old news…
    hey editor, some of these BI’s are not Blind you just have to be old enough to remember and i’m only 34! i guess i’ve always been a gossip hound!

  • Sneaky Pete

    As my wife says…. “Madonna’s cuchie has seen more traffic than the Lincoln tunnel.”

  • Kerrie

    Yup – Madonna. This is in her unauthorized bio – Alli G is totally right…..

  • Wow! Madonna haters! Nice piece though… LMAO….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Yea

    Easy, Madonna! Hispanic boys and Sean Penn Divorce.

  • Q

    it seems like the consensus is madonna. but one part is troubling me: “But, our actress had needs”

    i know she’s dabbled in acting, but i wouldn’t necessarily call her an actress.

  • Lynne

    About Madonna liking latino/Hispanic guys: One of the greatest things I ever saw was Madonna being stared down by Antonio Banderas’s girlfriend (talk about ‘glare-wars!’). The girlfriend wouldn’t let Madonna sit at their table, and the girlfriend stared down Madonna (for eternity) with the most dirty look you can imagine. Happy-go-lucky Antonio was completely blind as to what was going on. I thought ‘Good on you, girlfriend!’. Madonna was completely shut-out.

  • yaya

    Bette Midler could also be a possibility….

  • What the Wha...

    Duh, obvs its Madonna. That Crazy Days and Nights blog is getting whack. Anyone else hear about how the author is really some chick in Canada and not a male entertainment lawyer after all?

  • LACar

    LIZA MINELLI!!!!!!