Reality Guy is Not Really in Love With Her

spencer-pratt-1BuzzFoto – This Reality star who has a close female companion seems like a very devoted lover. Only several people around him know that he is just using her for sex and status, but is really in love with someone else. Well, love might be a strong word, especially for him. Needless to say, heโ€™s not into his girlfriend as much as we all believe. She is extremely jealous and possessive, and if she knew this, she would flip.

Not Spencer Pratt.

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    • says

      100% agree!!! He’s just using her for fame… He dated amanda bynes before Paris…. Amanda dumped him because he would call the paps so he can be in photos with her and her friends. She hated it because she always been private about her life.

  1. maurav says

    Brody Jenner & Cora Skinner. (Doug’s not really a reality star just a minor league baseball player who happened to date a couple of actresses and then Paris.) Brody has been on Princes of Malibu and The Hills. Cora has dabbled in gymnastics and freaked out when she found out Audrina & crew crashed on Brody & boys in Hawaii. Threw a s* fit at a club and everything. I think they fit better than Herps A & Hep B. (Thanks ILMK!) LOL.

    • maurav says

      Plus, he matches the Spencer Pratt non-hint better than Doug. Although, they are both d* attached to ditzy blondes.

      • mizfabulous says

        The Spencer Pratt “non-hint” clearly refers to “The Hills”, where Reinhardt first hit the radar. He & Spencer are both d*s, as are their respective vacuous blonde bimbos.

      • maurav says

        Spencer got on “The Hills” because he and Brody used to be best friends – even before the show.

      • definitely says

        I know I’m really late in responding to this but I think the Spencer hint is also because after a few “dates” with LC on the Hills, he went out with Spencer’s sister Stephanie very briefly.

      • maurav says

        Hey Def-I didn’t know that he and the She-Pratt dated? I thought he just knew her as Spencer’s little sister…

    • JJ says

      Brody Jenner is dating Jayde Nicole (not Cora Skinner), but I think this is the answer!

      • R-Dub says

        If it is Brody and Jayde, who would the person he’s in love with be? LC anyone?

    • maurav says

      I thought Jayde dumped him? Well, if it is Jayde – still makes sense because she’s a Playboy Bunny and was Playmate of the Year, I think, which clearly outranks a reality guy whose dad is an Olympic Athlete.

      • says

        Jayden and brody are still dating… According to Jayden official twitter account, the audrina and brody thing was fake!! She claimed if brody and audrina actually did do anything, she wouldnt be with him… They are still dating. The hills is all scripted!

  2. lolzer says

    I don’t think Vanessa’s got nearly as much fame and status as she did when her and Nick first got together. If anything, right now Nick’s the one who’s making appearances and has his hands in a few projects, not Vanessa. Gonna go with Paris and Dough as well.

  3. hjk says

    i immediately thought of paris & doug, but then after reading the comments i switched to brody & jayde. but then i went back & reread the blind & i’m for sure sticking with paris & doug. brody doesn’t get any kind of status for dating jayde, he’s famous with or without her. doug is in the media now because of paris.

    • maurav says

      Brody totally gains status for bagging a Playmate of the Year. Gives him street cred. C’mon, he was on Princes of Malibu, for gosh sakes. He has to make up for that somehow!!! You have to admit, you respect him a little bit more for getting a Playmate. I’m not even a guy, and I automatically think he’s cooler. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. blueyes says

    Brody was my first thought. He is still with Jayde and on The Hills when he supposedly hooked up with Audrina she flipped. I did read that they had broken up b/c she partied too much, but then I read they had gotten back together. She always updates her Twitter with pics of him while he is sleeping…(wierd, imo) As for the girl he is still in love with….could it be Kristin Cav? They dated for awhile and she is coming back to The Hills.

  5. Shoptimist says

    I saw P&D at several parties at Cannes and can confirm that there is zero chemistry between them…kind of sad, actually.

  6. just me says

    Paris & Doug. Saw them in Amsterdam and agree with Shoptimist. No chemistry, only when the camera’s were on.

  7. LetMeThink says

    Without a doubt Brody and Jayde. BG, new to the site, are items ever revealed??

  8. My Cat Loves TV says

    I just found this site as well. I’m having a blast reading and guessing! This is my new “go to” site.

    I still think this has Paris and Doug crawling all over it. I hope it is, she finds out and flips big time!

  9. Nowaynohow says

    I’m going to say…SLADE SMILEY from the Real Housewives of OC and Date My Ex on BRAVO, and his current girlfriend, Gretchen, who was on the last season of the Real Housewives of OC. (She was engaged to that multi millionaire who passed away from cancer). There’s photos of them all over one another, but he seems like he’s still into his ‘ex’, JO

  10. me says

    It has to be Dougie Doug… why would they say its not Spencer Pratt? That has to be somewhat related. I think Brody and Jayde are like on the same playing field, pretty much equal. I don’t think they are like using each other as far as sex and status goes. Now look at Doug on the other hand, that seems like a different story.

  11. Serendipity says

    Jennifer Hudson and Punk from I Love New York? I read somewhere that he was promoting whatever he is doing. He could be with her for her status and the reference, “love may be a strong word for him” could be I Love New York.