New York Model Busted for Baking Soda

baking-sodaStyleList – Which skinny NYC model busted on a night out with a bag of white powder in her purse, who claimed it was baking soda, was actually telling the truth? The bulimic girls believe that rinsing with it after vomiting neutralizes the effects of the stomach acid on their teeth.

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    • Extra help says

      LMAO! She is gross skinny. Its bad when you can count the bones in the girls face!!!

  1. Toothpaste says

    Well…to her credit, Baking Soda is the main ingredient in toothpaste.

    I say…it is Agyness Deyn.

  2. dreamyvelvet says

    Dang..what is wrong with these women? Yeah, baking soda would counter act stomach acid and save the teeth, but what is going to save their lives? Sick. Models need to stop refunding their meals. *gag* :-(

  3. uhhh says

    I did the same thing when I was bulimic. Bulimia is an evil, evil thing. When I think about what I put myself and my family through, I know it’s crazy. It was a compulsion. The baking soda was just one more delusion and helped me rationalize what I was doing.

  4. lay off says

    stop bashing people with eating disorders. you think these girls can help it that they have AN, BN or EDNOS?

    imagine if your job required you to be crazy skinny–or you’d be fired?

    having an ED is NOT FUN–it’s totally miserable. you can’t just stop having an ED, just like you can’t just stop having depression.