Crazy Hat Lady Behaves Badly and Cheaply

woman-hatCDAN – This movie actress is B list for sure. All of you know who she is. Mainstream popcorn movie leads and art house leads as well. I would say our married mother has A list name recognition. Anyway, our actress bought a hat. Not some cheap Avril Lavigne looking trucker hat, but a hat which actually costs money. Serious money. I think we should all be shocked that she actually paid for the hat in the first place. Well, for three months straight she wore that hat everywhere she went. Then after three months she went to the store and told them she didn’t like it and wanted a full refund of her money. This was even though it had makeup on it, had her hair plastered in it and was obviously well worn. Even though the designer of the hats would have loved her endorsement he told her to take a hike. Nice.

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  1. Allison says

    Kate Beckinsale: married w/kids, started out in indies like Cold Comfort Farm now does more mainstream stuff like Van Helsing, Underworld etc. Plus she’s English, English people love hats:)

  2. Lizzard says

    The first person that came to my mind was Kate Hudson. Mostly because of the mainstream popcorn movie clue and the mother clue. Goldie Hawn sure has A list name recognition.

    • KimiD says

      I think the “married mother” clue is to imply that our actress is a married mom…Goldie and Kurt aren’t married. Nor is Kate anymore. My guess is Posh…she loves her some hats.

  3. lolzer says

    I thought of JLo because she religiously wears those huge hats, is a married mother, def B-list acting with a A-list name, but could you really say she’s done any “art house” type films?

  4. Jenn says

    3 months of the same hat? This person *had* to have been photographed!


  5. dreamyvelvet says

    Gag..really, hats? So yesterday. Reminds me of Aretha and that horrible hat she wore to sing a horrible rendition of a song at the Obama gig. The only hats I see these days are those too small porkpie hats that make everyone look like d* LOL A bunch of Timberlake wannabes..gag

    • Nowaynohow says

      That hat is in the Smithsonian now. It was designed by a hat designer from Chicago – he did something else, and then he came back and started running his family’s business. I think he may even have been a doctor or lawyer.

    • lol says

      another good guess. I’ve read about some not so nice fan encounters…some fans say she was a real b* when they met her.

  6. been there done that says

    i thought immediately of diane keaton but i’ll go with gwynneth, kate beckinsale or anne hathaway.
    kate winslet doesn’t seem like a hat person to me, but prove me wrong…

  7. onesizefitsmost says

    i wanna say g. paltrow but she’s won an oscar so wouldn’t she be considered A-list?

    • onesizefitsmost says

      ah but it also says she “has A list name recognition”, so yeah, i want to stick with gwyn.

    • Extra help says

      Nope never returns anything! Even if it was damaged to begin with! BTW, do we really, really think that Kate B has A list recognition? Not really, she is pretty strong b.

  8. hey hey says

    I second Gwyneth. He refers to not being able to believe she paid for the hat which makes me think she believes things should just be given to her, which totally makes me think of Goopy Gwynie. Plus it sounds like something she would do anyways.

    • Lynne says

      You are clever! I never thought of that (“someone is snitching”). Makes sense.

  9. maurav says

    I’ll say it: Katie Holmes. Now wait, don’t get upset. Here me out.

    We all know who she is. B actress, A recognition. Mainstream popcorn movies (Batman) and art-house (Pieces of April) leads. Married. Mom. Paid serious money (Mad Money?) for it. Wore it for three months straight. Hair plastered in it. (Anyone who’s lived in the East during a winter knows exactly what that’s all about.) Designer would have loved her endorsement.

    Just google, “Katie Holmes” hat. You’ll see tons of pics of Katie rocking that white-oatmeal colored knit mess she wore for all of last winter.

    Oh, Katie. What have you become?!

    • Nowaynohow says

      This is the best guess I think. CZJ and all those other women, I don’t think they’d be bothered by returning anything. Katie did wear that hat while she was doing a play. But it seems odd that she would return anything as well.

  10. The Gryphon says

    At first I believed it was Katie, as all of the clues fit. However, I did google “Katie Holmes hat”, per maurav’s instruction. That hat is by Hurley, and anyone can pick it up in their local Pacific Sunwear at the mall. (Er, they could’ve last year.) Have we any further pics of Katie in a different, less common hat? She sure matches the description.

  11. Alex says

    What about SJP?? Not sure about her A or B status, but she’s done both commercial and indie films.. As the BI says, I’m surprised she paid for the item, and the designer would probably love her endorsement. I could be way off.