Proposition 8 Makes This Actor Uncomfortable

steve-carellBuzzFoto -Which B List Male Television Actor refused to be part of the protests for Prop 8 this last weekend? He told a source he was uncomfortable being around so many ‘gay people.’ Shame on him! No one from The Office.

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37 comments to Proposition 8 Makes This Actor Uncomfortable

  • mook

    Neil P. Harris? Why!??!

  • Daniel

    TR Knight?

  • IamThinking

    TR Knight, he was “too busy having dinner at Katsuya restaurant with his boyfriend” Perez words.


      Perez doesn’t exist.

      • dreamyvelvet

        Perez is a hater. I go with TR…he was with his man at a restaurant and hated on because he didn’t join the whopping 100 people who hate on Californians for the majority vote at a meeting place for a rally. Seriously, who is hating more these days. Sad stuff.

      • Lila

        are you from Cali? The way Prop 8 was worded back in November was very tricky and caused voters to be confused about how to vote. not to mention that the ads against Gay Marriage were trying to get voters to believe stuff that wasn’t true. Just replace Gay with Black/Hispanic/Female or Jew and you can see how hateful that law really is. Get real.

      • bernie-BOY

        Here we go again, with the tired old “replace gay with green, purple, (insert your choice here). Here’s one: the law prohibiting convicted sex offenders from walking through parks where there are kids. Replace with…black, hispanic,(insert your choice here); wow, what a HATEFUL law. YOU get real!

      • Extra help

        Dreamyvelvet and bernie-BOY, you make me very sad to be a human being in this day and age. Very sad! Bernie- BOY, I can’t believe you just compared a gay person to a sex offender. Really, that is just ignorant. Please be somewhat respectful of people even if it is not a view you agree on.

      • Nowaynohow

        The wording was tricky, and there was a phone campaign from different areas – particularly Utah, who called people and told them lies about what Prop 8 would mean. My friend recently lost his Partner after 17 years together, and my friend nursed him through his cancer and he is completely devastated. Tell me that is not deserving of the term of marriage.

        I’m straight, I’m married. And I have straight friends who have been married and divorced several times, cheated on spouses etc. My Friends who happen to be gay with a committed partner are more involved with one another lives than most straight couples I have seen. In addition, they do community service, adopt ‘unwanted’ children who have been placed up for foster care/adoption, pay taxes, they laugh, they cry.

        This is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. Not a moral issue. You can choose to not agree with being comfortable with Gay Marriage, but you do not have the right to take away CIVIL RIGHTS. It IS the same as substituting the word Black/Hispanic/Asian/Jewish/Female – it is exactly the same. People are people. In this country, we are given unalienable rights, and that includes the right to be married.

        What exactly are you afraid of? I find people who have a deep seated fear of homosexuality more than likely have homosexual urges. Because otherwise, why would it threaten you?

        And why wouldn’t Britney Spear’s multiple marriages be more harmful to the concept of marriage than 2 people who have been together for 17 years?

      • maurav

        Nowaynohow, I concur. You’ve said a mouthful in a concise, logical fashion. Thank you!

        As someone who is married to one who is not from this country, I see Prop 8 as the slow erosion of fundamental rights. At what point will it stop that the majority can determine who anyone of us can marry? Only people from this country? Only people of the same race? The U.S. Supreme Court made it clear in the Loving vs. Virginia ruling. It is only a matter of time before this wrong shall be righted.

  • KimiD

    I am thinking it would be someone from the peacock network just bc the photo is of Michael Scott (the office, NBC). I believe NPH is on cbs or something isn’t he? Ugh Perez p* me off. Yes gay is ok! We get it, but why does he have to out people before they’re ready to do it themselves or would just rather have SOMETHING left to themselves. Yes I know that TR is already out, I’m just ranting re: the Adam Lambert saga. I have no real guess, I’ve just been wanting to get that off my chest for some time now.

    PS I’m all for equal rights!

    • mizfabulous

      Kimi, I’m TOTALLY with you! Why has Perez made it his mission to take up the witch hunts and “out” every gay person in Hollywood? Heck, even if they aren’t exactly IN the closet, he’s not satisfied until a person is parading down Robertson Ave waving a rainbow flag, throwing glitter everywhere and wearing a pink neon sign around their neck advertising their sexual preference! Doesn’t he get it? There are actually a FEW people out there with enough class to feel that what they do behind closed doors is NOBODY ELSE’S EFFIN’ BUSINESS but their OWN! And for the record, I’m straight, but SOOO not narrow. I TOTALLY support gay marriage! (Stepping down off my soapbox now.)

      • beans

        I understand that it is not Perez’s right to out people who wish to remain closeted and while I don’t agree that he should be doing that he does have a point. There are so many young people in this country who are going through tramatic times dealing with being gay, religious pressure, societal pressure and peer pressure all make even pondering sexuality a terrifying event. If more celebrities came out it would really help in terms of society seeing how many people are actually gay and alleviating some of the pressure. It is no big deal to be gay but unless more and more people come out it will seem like a big deal. It needs to be seen for the normal thing that it is. I think that’s his main goal, just has a controversial way of trying to encourage it.

      • KimiD

        I still don’t think s#xuality is anybody’s business but their own. While I might be straight I do have many gay friends, I fully support their plight and am actually a bridesmaid in a same s#x marriage in Ontario (Canada) this summer. However those people chose to come out on their own time. I don’t think shoving someone OUT of the closest is going to help with their transition at all. If anything it might cause them to go further in.

        BUT, we are ALLLLLL entitiled to our option, this is why I love living in North America. I might not agree with what you’re saying, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.

        And sorry, this really has nothing to do with the post anymore…

  • JJ

    Jason Lee. Don’t ask me why.

  • ladymarmalade

    JJ- I thought someone from My Name is Earl, too.

  • Allison

    I like Jason Lee because he’s a scientologist, they are not into the gays. What about John Stamos, he’s on ER which is an NBC show like the office and he seems like he could be a homophobe, but is he even b-list?

    • Nowaynohow

      Nope. John Stamos is straight, but very comfortable with gay people. I saw him host the BROADWAY BARES show a few years ago, and he was 1/2 naked along with everyone else and having a great time. He’s doing BYE BYE BIRDIE on Broadway this coming year, and he’s a musician. Most musicians are ‘live and let live’

  • Allison

    I mean I like Jason Lee for the item, not cause he’s a scientologist;)

  • isuckatblinditems

    The angelic pose of the photo immediately made me think of “Angel”. But I don’t think David Boreanz is B list.

  • Doug1234

    I thought of Alec Baldwin. He seems like a d*.

    • beans

      He might be a jerk, but he is very, very liberal.

    • qqqq

      I thought of Alec Baldwin too, just because he’s such a jerk. But I don’t know anything about his feelings toward gay people so who knows. I highly doubt it is actually someone who is gay who would say something stupid like that.

    • caligirl

      Alec B is actually very liberal, I don’t think it’s him. I’d be very shocked if it was him actually. He and his younger brother Daniel’s liberal views usually clash with their other brother Stephen’s ultra-conservative views.

    • Nowaynohow

      He’s SUPER liberal. He doesn’t discriminate. He’s actually very versed in politics, there was talk years ago about him running for an office.

  • blueyes

    Is the male actor actually out, Im not sure if Im reading it right? If he is actually out then my guess is T.R., he is definitely B list material.

  • do-tell

    i think its david spade

  • P

    Alec Baldwin. The BI never mentioned this guys is supposed to be gay, just doesn’t want to be around a gaggle. He may be very very liberal, doesn’t mean he wants to be in a big group of gays. 30 Rock is another hit NBC show, Alec’s movie career never made it to A-List status… I think Alec.

  • Jason Lee. I think he was nominated in the same Male Actor category with Steve Carell (that’s why it’s capitalized). And he is a Scientologist, so he’s anti-gay.

  • joe

    That’s so funny that after I read this blind, I saw this article that Alec wrote about gay marriage.

  • caligirl

    I think it’s Jason Lee. He’s definitely B-list, he’s never made it off the B-list. Definitely TV actor these days. He’s always nominated against Steve Carrell for awards. He’s hard-core Scientology and Scientology specializes in shoving people further and further into the closet and using their s#xuality as an extortion tool to keep them in line and spending their money [imo anyway]. They are not a tolerant group.

  • sara

    I don’t think this is someone that’s gay… perhaps a boyfriend/friend of somebody that WAS at the protest, but is straight.