Movie Star has a Handy New Boyfriend

mechanic-2Holy Moly – Which huge movie star has a new boyfriend? It keeps rearing (or rear-ending) its head every so often, but the rumours about this huge movie star just won’t go away. Previously partial to a blond male model from Croatia, his new plaything is a very hot, black car mechanic.

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29 comments to Movie Star has a Handy New Boyfriend

  • GuyIncognito

    Kevin Spacey

    • plum

      i agree with you,he was in holiday in Croatia last year(or 2 years ago)and there was photos of him with a naked guy!

  • Barry

    spacey a huge star? doubt it, unless it means…

  • stinkweed

    Thought Vin Diesel at first, because of all the car references, but he’s not a huge star. I don’t think Spacey is, either.

    I guess I’ll go with the usual: Tom Cruise.

    • I thought of Vin Diesel too. “Huge” doesn’t have to mean “huge” career or “huge” in the pants. Could mean “huge” as in works out. The cars refernces are to numerous to not play on FastandFurious.

    • dreamyvelvet

      He is huge though, body wise, and Vin Diesel is my guess. His latest “Fast and Furious” smoked the box office and production has been moved up on “Wheelman” to cash in. Lots of rumors about Vin and the men. Hey…that rhymes LOL

  • carmen

    Hugh Jackman

  • nikki

    I’d say Spacey is a huge movie star, he’s got 2 Oscars…..

  • Just Sayin'

    That’s right, nikki. Don’t forget that nothing film, “21”, that he took to mega profits. And Spacey has done everything but announce his sexual preferences. There are pix all over the internet.

  • lol

    The rock. I think he is so hot.

  • Megley

    Who else has been seen with a blond male model from Croatia? Leaving the “huge movie star ” aside,what other male actor(s) has been seen with the blond? Or a hot black mechanic? Define “huge movie star”. It is subjective. So the way, I think, to look at it is as above.
    Just the facts, Jack.

  • Rob

    The original item capitalized HUGE each time it appeared in the item. Since a synonym for “huge” is “big,” what about Tom Hanks? (There was that earlier blind item about a male star who used his private plane for trysts with hints that possibly led to Hanks.)

  • JJ

    wait…a hot African American car mechanic, or a hot mechanic who works exclusively on black cars? *is confused*

    Sounds like Spacey to me, too, although for the life of me, I just don’t see him dating a black guy. Doesn’t strike me as racist or anything, I just…I dunno.

    • MollySue

      I thought Holy Moly was a British site – on this side of the Atlantic we would rarely use a term other than black or (dependant on the person) African. Besides the mechanic could be based in Britain (rendering the term African-American silly), if the blind was about Kevin Spacey. he’s been based in London for years.

    • maurav

      What kind of mechanic works exclusively on black cars? *scratches head*

    • Lilia

      JJ, not all Black people are African-Americans. It’s funny when people think that when the black population in the US is just about 13%. Other countries have Black people too; they don’t call themselves African-American. I’m Black, but I don’t call myself African-American even in the US because I’m from the Caribbean and come from an entirely different culture.

      • JJ

        I am aware of this and I didn’t mean to imply that “African American” was the proper term. It was just an off-handed comment and I couldn’t come up with another (globally acceptable) term, for clarification’s sake.

        Anyway, I was joking. I understood the initial blind.

  • anonymous

    A hot blond Croation who repairs big black cars, LOL! There’s a picture of Mr. Spacey with his new friend, so I go with Kevin Spacey.

  • sneezy

    Agreed about the midnight dog walker Spacey… Vin’s reportedly a chubby chaser anyway.

  • E

    Actually if it is Spacey, then good for him. He isn’t married or puts himself out as being straight. It doesn’t even say he is cheating on anyone. If he doesn’t choose to publisise his priavte life then that is up to him.

  • gypsy

    Im thinking Spacey too

  • just me

    OMG It is Kevin Spacey! He has a new black bf? ALL the references point straight at Kevin. And shining like a light is the croatia remark, that’s where his latest pictures hanging out with but*naked boys came from! LOL, Why cant he come out already? Kevin is the most obvious closet case of a movie star EVER!

  • Morten G

    Hoping for Spacey (good for him, he is awesome and deserves a boyfriend) but I think it also could be George. In which case it’s old news. Unless this is a new mechanic.
    Doesn’t fit exactly with male model but George was dating a Croatian supermodel a couple of years back. Monika Jakisic.

  • LitlleZozo

    If you look at the blurry pic above the HolyMoly article, it obviously shows a man with thick dark hair. Kevin Spacey is almost bald. Just sayin’.