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5-2Dear BlindGossip Readers –

1. We have some good news for all you media gurus who have expressed a desire to advertise on our site. Your persistence has finally paid off! You will soon have the opportunity to advertise on BlindGossip. We’re growing quickly, and our readership demographics are incredible! Look for full details next week!

2. Would anyone like a BG 12345 today?

If you would, just click on this post’s title and type “YES” in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of the page. If we get 100 votes of “YES” by noon EDT, we’ll post new items at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 AND 5:00 EDT today! If not, we’ll simply hold them until next week.

One vote per person. Contents may settle during shipping. Decision of the judges is final.

Love, BG

UPDATE: YES! We’re going to do a BG 12345 today!

The vote tally was:

YES 130

NO 1 (by Oinc, who will now be turned into delicious bacon for all BG readers to share and enjoy!)

UPDATE:  Our bad! We hit the wrong button on the 5:00 pm post, so it didn’t post properly. Here it is now. Sorry about that! To make amends, we’ll ALSO give you another one at 7:00 pm! Love, BG

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