News Girl has Thin Walls and Annoyed Neighbors

woman-fingers-earsNY Post – A certain ambitious young cable-TV reporter better quiet down in her studio apartment in the East 50s. The walls are thin and the neighbors are sick and tired of listening to her having noisy sex with various boyfriends. Page Six heard a tape-recording made at 5:20 a.m. one Sunday last month that would make a porn queen proud. Complained one neighbor, “I’ve been tortured. It’s just unbelievable. The headboard bangs and she’s screaming, and he’s screaming. She has no shame.” Complaints have not quieted her down, and neither has a formal letter from the landlord

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  1. YOUR MOTHER says

    is this the same journalist doing heroing with a celebrity, mentioned in another blind a while ago?

  2. RT says

    Erin Burnett? Couldn’t be Becky Newton as she does Squak Box at 5 am EST.

    With CNN in Atlanta, it has to be MSNBC or CNBC, right?

    • Puzzled says

      CNN has broadcast facilities in the Time Warner Center in Manhattan. Fox News and Fox Business News are also in Manhattan. CNBC’s studio is located in New Jersey.

      The possibilities are endless with so many women employed at these networks.

  3. Christina says

    Robin Scherbatsky, I have no idea if I spelled that right…but you know how I mean…Barney you dog!!!

  4. Trinkvasser says

    She sounds like she is trying too hard. E.g. this is the way an orgasm sounds in porn. Right?

  5. tippytoes says

    Anderson and Andy Cohen, et al, are way downtown. The clue says East 50s…about three lightyears away. Yeah, and the clue says “she.” DUH

    The clue also tells that this female has a landlord….so she doesn’t own the condo/co op,which is odd.

    Last hint?? It’s a STUDIO. That ought to narrow it down.

    Any tv person, renting a STUDIO in the east 50s is just starting out. I’d love to know.

  6. WoohooWoohoo says

    It’s Courtney Hazlett at MSNBC. I’m friends with one of her neighbors, all of whom despise her, and are working hard to have her thrown out of the building. Neighbor also said he saw her going into the apartment with her boss, who is married, and loud noises ensued.

  7. rp says

    What counts as ‘young’? I wouldn’t describe an over 30-year old as young (not saying old, just not young). Hazlett is 31 and a columnist, not a reporter (or am I being a pedant on that issue?)