Actor Did Not Defend His Girlfriend

coachella1BuzzFoto – At Coachella … Heartthrob Actor and his GF. When his lady love went to the bathroom, the group of guys started making fun of her and how insecure she is. Her Actor boyfriend didn’t join in, except to say, “I know, I know. She’s so annoying sometimes, but what do you do? She’s a girl. That’s what girls do.”

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13 comments to Actor Did Not Defend His Girlfriend

  • GuyIncognito

    Zac & Vanessa?

  • sab

    The only ‘heartthrobs’ that were at coachella that I can find were Zac Efron and Jake G. I really can’t picture Jake talking about Reese like that (of course, how would I know…I’ve never met them). It seems like something maybe a younger male would do/say…. so my vote is for zac and vanessa.

  • Greg

    I saw an item a few days ago about Jake and Reese attending the event. But say it ain’t so.

  • littleyellowbird

    adrian grenier

  • yoop

    If it were Zac & Vanessa, wouldn’t it mention that she’s an actress too? The way I read it, he’s famous, she’s not.

    • GuyIncognito

      That’s possible. I checked and Robert Pattinson was also there so it might have been him.

  • Jacks

    I’m going with Zac and Vanessa. She’s his beard, so what does he care? Plus, what he said isn’t exactly mean, just a little too honest to share with people you don’t know. They probably don’t mention her as an actress because, really, what has she been doing lately besides hanging around him?!

  • db

    What about Paul Walker and his jailbait girlfriend. She is a little “girl.”

  • aja

    Paul Walker!!

  • magicponyrainbows

    why is a GOD like Paul Walker going out with a child???? There are so many other women and/or men who would eat him up.

  • LuvIt

    I’m pretty sure this is referring to Paul Walker and his almost literally girl girlfriend. Reese would probably cut Jake if he did something like that. Zef and Hudgens were there with another couple and Hudgens’ manager Evan so they don’t fit the rest of the BI.