Two Actors With One Bad Habit

boy-teenCDAN – This tweener actor on a hit show needs to get off the coke that was introduced to him by a former tween actor, and now, unemployed drug addict on the same network.

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22 comments to Two Actors With One Bad Habit

  • shouldbestudying

    I’m going with Drake from Drake and josh for the young actor. Cant think of the former actor

  • Jenn

    Drake is a good guess.Danny Bonaduce as the unemployed actor?

  • Anony

    I worked at a radio station that Drake made a guest appearance at…he was sooo stoned and reeked of pot. Don’t know if this BI is about him or not, but I do know that the kid isn’t clean.

  • kparcam

    Mischa and anyone

  • Meli

    Orlando Brown from That’s So Raven is the former/now unemployed actor. He has had some pretty well-known issues and was busted here in Houston a couple of years ago. He also hasn’t worked since the show. I’m going with someone from Hannah Montana as the current. My guess is Jason Earles.

  • kelno

    Orlando Bloom sounds like a good guess as the former/unemployed actor. How about Kyle Massey from “Cory in the House”? They both were on “That’s So Raven”….

  • sonotgoodatthis

    drake bell and Danny Masterson…

    • Meli

      Neither one of them are on a current show (Drake and Josh ended in 2007, it’s all repeats now) and they have never been on the same network.

  • stinkweed

    Drake and Josh just had some sort of reunion special type show. I think Drake is still a valid guess.

  • Elliot Thresher

    Benjamin and Misha from the OC? He’s on Southland now and she has no career anymore.

  • Becca

    If it’s not anyone from Drake and Josh, it could be someone on Disney. Like Ricky Ullman from Phil of the Future and one of the guys from Hannah Montana or that show about wizards.

  • stinkdoodle

    Josh Peck from Drake & Josh is the one who got thin really fast and he was in “Wackness” with MK Olsen. (Though I don’t know if they were ever on the same network.)

  • stinkdoodle

    Maybe it was Drake AND Josh?

  • It’s totally Kyle Massey from “Cory in the House” who was intro’d to the powder by Orlando Brown when they both were on “That’s So Raven”….

  • mook

    Josh Peck and Kel from All That?

  • definitely

    I’m going to be THAT person and suggest Miley Cyrus as the coked out tweener and Lindsay Lohan as the unemployed druggie…both of Disney fame.

    • definitely

      I’m also going to be THAT person who replies to their own post bc they didn’t read the BI correctly when it states “HIM”. Sorry.