He Likes the Airport Security Screening Process

bruce-willis-1BuzzFoto – This dirty older star tells airport security that he has a pacemaker, so he has to be hand screened. The real reason? He enjoys the personal attention from the lady that does the screening. He’s careful to choose the line with the woman he finds most attractive. He must get off on the kinky side of it, because our star could definitely afford to buy it if he wasn’t getting it at home.

It’s not Bruce Willis!

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19 comments to He Likes the Airport Security Screening Process

  • Lilia

    jack nicholson comes to mind.

  • annie

    Bruce willis clue makes me think of samuel l jackson. Is that weird? Is he too cool for this stunt?

  • Starburst

    Clint Eastwood

  • Rocque

    I’m a little confused at this, as I thought airport security now requires someone of the same sex to do even just a hand scan on you. Could this be about someone who used to do this a few years ago, when the law wasn’t in place?

    • Cimmy

      I have a pacemaker and I’ve never been screened by a male TSA. And you don’t get the TSA whose line you’re in unless that TSA is the only one of the same sex as you. Most TSAs are male, this celebrity is male, and this BI makes no sense, no offense to BG.

  • Snarky

    Sean Connery? hahahah he’s totally old and dirty (and AWESOME)

    • Trinkvasser

      Totally old cantakerous grandpaw – yes. A friend worked for his golf club in Portugal. Apparently he thinks anyone under 40 is automatically retarded. He shows his hissy fit anger by throwing his dentures into the private pool (so I heard haha).

      Not sure about the perv part though.

  • GuyIncognito

    Woody Allen

  • anonymous

    Things must be hard up for the men of a certain age in La-la-land if THIS is exciting for them! Sounds like Woody Allen except I don’t think they hire pimply young girls! I’m going to go with Jack Nicholson. He’s done everything under the sun, is bored and pooped-out with his sex life, and it takes something as stupid as this to rev up his engines again.

  • chipped china

    Chuck Norris

  • Trinkvasser

    Costner is renowned pervert who likes to get ‘contact’ from attractive young civvies. Maybe it’s him. He and Bruce are roughly the same age. Not enough clues for the star – any more BG?

  • mook

    Roger Moore, who I heard is a perv

  • PrincessM


  • KitKat

    Annie, I think you mean Danny Glover. He was in the Die Hard movies with Bruce. First person I thought of.

    • Dirk

      I think you’re confusing “Die Hard” with “Lethal Weapon.” The third Die Hard had Samuel L. Jackson.