Five Celebrities in a Tangle of Relationships

david-beckham-2EOnline – HN Nick is the hottest star, both bod-wise and at the box office. His wife’s figure and professional goings-on aren’t too shabby, either, as both Mr. and Mrs. Nick enjoy fame and fortune regularly up on the big screen—though his paychecks dwarf hers, big-time.

Yep, everything’s pretty cozy Chez Nick, even the bisexual couple’s agreement to have lovers outside the marriage. Instead of his-and-hers towels, they have his-and-hers sex partners!

And you guessed it, there’s a girl for Mrs. Nick and…

A boy for Mr. Nick! And like the smart have-it-all couple they are, the Nicks chose other famous people to be their closeted lovers. Too crafty! Only problem being Hard-Nipple’s boyfriend is married to an established actress who’s growing increasingly peeved over the clandestine arrangement.

“He’s starting to go out and fly him with him everywhere,” a good friend to the Nicks told yours truly about Hard-Nipple Nick taking the BF a few too many places as of late. “They’re turning up everywhere together, and [the boyfriend’s wife] is getting really pissed about it. It’s going too far. It’s only a matter of time before she spills.”

Guess all those pricey little gifties to the wife for borrowing her hubby aren’t as attractive as they once were?

Must say I’m a tad surprised to hear this latest development, as HNN’s always been one of the best in the Biz about keeping his preferred love life on the down-low. And now that it’s flyin’ high, guess a tabloid revelation is only seconds away from takeoff!

And It Ain’t: John Travolta, David Beckham, Jerry O’Connell

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97 comments to Five Celebrities in a Tangle of Relationships

  • maurav

    I NEVER understand these. They are too complex!

    • Sundaeg1rl

      Yeah, I agree. It would help if they weren’t written by a chimp on crack!

    • Trillian

      OK. Lets call the female Jane and the male Dick.

      Dick and Jane are married. Both are actors, both are attractive, Jane makes more money than Dick and both are bi-sexual.

      Both date celebrities, Jane dates female celebs, Dick dates male celebs.

      Right now, Dick is dating a married celeb, lets call him Tom. Dick has always kept his same sex-relationships from the tabloids before, but he’s been spending a lot of time with Tom lately.

      Toms’s wife is getting angry about her husband sleeping with Dick. Dick has tried in the past to soothe Toms’s wife with expensive gifts, but it’s not working anymore. They are afraid that Toms’s wife will tell about her husband and Dick.

      • Penguin

        That makes life much easier, thanks!

        I think Dick makes more money than Jane though, if I’m reading the blind right.


        a good writer is the one who writes for everyone to understand. THANK YOU!

      • Dak

        Dick makes more money than Jane. His paycheques “dwarf hers”, they are not “dwarfed by hers”.

    • Trillian

      Wait, my bad. Dick makes a lot more money than Jane. And all involved, Dick, Jane, Tom and Tom’s wife, who also deserves a name so I will call her Sally, and Jane’s girlfriend are famous. Five famous people. At least three of them bisexual


      I’m glad I’m not the only one…

  • Rayj

    Will smith and jada

  • Nikki

    Fisrt Couple:Will Smith and Jada
    Second couple:Tom Cruise and Katie

  • Elliot Thresher

    HNN is Will smith. BF is Tom Cruise. Wife who is going to blab is Katie Holmes.

    • definitely

      I think that makes the most sense bc there have been so many BI’s lately hinting that Katie is trying to leave Tom. She has also been photographed A LOT lately without Tom OR Suri…which suggests he’s gonna take the kid away if she leaves/blabs.

  • i suck at blind items

    Ryan and Scarlett?

  • plum

    i never don’t understand Ted C/Eon line blind items!

  • Marcy

    Will and Jada was my first thought too. But whose husband is being borrowed?

  • queenofgossip

    Will Smith and Jada, with boyfriend TC.

  • GuyIncognito

    My head hurts… me go drink beer now… mmmmmmmmmmm beer!

  • Marcy

    Let’s think. What married star has been seen out with his “friends” a lot lately?

  • mizfabulous

    It has to be Will Smith & Jada Pinkett…and the boyfriend and his wife sound suspiciously like Tommy Girl and Stepford Katie, don’tcha think?

  • JJ

    No brainer – Will, Jada, Tom and Katie.

  • stinkweed

    With all the “flying” hints, I was sure it had to be Travolta in there… until I got to the end, lol.

    Of course, Tom Cruise was in Top Gun as a pilot.

    For sure Will and Jada, though.

    • candiangirl

      Will was a pilot too in Independence Day, so it could be like double whammy. So yea I agree, Will and Jada

  • maggiemay

    johnny depp and vanessa paradis. unlike smith, travolta and cruise, johnny is very good at staying under the “gaydar”. also, the clue that “everything is going well at chez Nick” is a dead give away as the couple lives in france.

    • mizfabulous

      This is an interesting guess and one I had never thought of. Good catch on the “chez Nick” line. Any guesses on the other celebrity couple?

    • Megley

      Maybe, but Ted C uses lots of French phrases, so I’m not gonna read too much into that.

  • biggybigyadigg

    Easiest E! blind I’ve seen in awhile. It’s def. Will, Jada, and Tommy Girl.

  • Rafael

    I don’t think the “Pissed wife” is Katie. She totally isn’t an “Established Actress”. I honestly can’t name three movies shes been in. And also that play she was in bombed.. Doesn’t seem very established!! And if it were about Will and Tom, it would focus more on the both of them, not mainly on the pissed wife and her husband.

    Though, I will admit, when I see the names in the “And it aint” my mind goes automatically to Tom, not Will. Though I guess they’re all still related to both of them… 😛

  • maurav

    “One of the best in the Biz about keeping his preferred love life on the down-low”? Can’t be Tom or Will then! Everyone knows.

  • mm

    Brad Pitt is becoming a pilot. I just read something about him doing a lot of flying from New York lately.

  • Sneaky Pete

    Let’s be honest, how many big-time celebrity married couples where both are famous are out there. Tom and Katie, Will and Jada, John T. and Kelly, Becks and Posh…. Anyone else. And we know it is not John T or Becks, which leaves TomKat and Will and Jada.

  • meandyou

    I don’t think its will and jada .. the blind says that his paychecks dwarf hers .. is that right?

  • littleyellowbird

    It can’t be Will and Jada, it says she makes significantly more money in the boxoffice than him (which is not true) – ‘Nick enjoy fame and fortune regularly up on the big screen—though his paychecks dwarf hers, big-time’

    • mizfabulous

      When one says that one thing dwarfs another thing, that means that the first thing is significantly larger than the other one. As in, it makes the other thing look small or “dwarfish”.

  • me

    It says the wife makes more money. I may be wrong, but I can’t see Jada or Katie making more money. I have no clue who it may be though.

  • Snarky

    actually it seems like just the opposite is true” “his paychecks dwarf hers, big time” can be read as “his paychecks trump hers” or his paychecks make her look tiny. Another consideration that it’s Will and Jada is the “dwarf” term– Jada is very, very short, especially vis-a-vis Will Smith. There have been rumors about those 2 being bisexual for a very long time, so that’s definitely the first couple. The second couple is a tough call– I agree that Katie is no established actress, plus, seeing as how she’s in the process of divorcing Tom, there is no reason why she should really get pissed off– that just gives her an excuse to end the marriage! If I were her I’d be patting TC on the back for said behavior so as to strengthen the cause of divorce! (Adultery, abandonment, etc). Sooo I really don’t think it’s them. Though it would be pretty hilarious.

    • flanny

      I think people are confusing ‘established’ actress with ‘successful’. Katie was on TV, has done several movies and broadway, people know her as an actress. I think she counts as established, but maybe not successful. Regardless these guys have been outed on gossip blogs dozens of times over, I can’t believe no one credible has come forward….

      • Snarky

        you know, that’s a good point. Especially since Katie’s done tv, film and stage… I guess maybe TomKat is indeed a good fit…

  • Snarky

    to clarify on the “dwarf” comment– if her paychecks were bigger than his, the statement would read “his paychecks ARE dwarfed by hers” – so he is definitely a bigger box office hit than she is.

  • lol

    Ted C. also dropped a few hints on his twitter page.

    just for you sweetheart Nick isn’t exactly traditionally hot, just hot, like way hot

    and #hard-nipplenick knows how to kill it in his other pro endeavor, too

    #hard-nipple nick talks about his marriage a lot. way too much.

  • littleyellowbird

    I’m just throwing some names here of married celeb couples of two actors, where the wife is the more successful one – David Arquette and Courteney Cox
    Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker
    Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson

    • d

      Not my answer to the blind (I don’t have any), but wanted to add Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze to the list of married actors where the wife is more successful.

      *However*, I agree with the posters who say that the husband makes more than the wife, according to the wording in this blind.

    • Elle

      The wife is NOT the more successful one, what is so difficult to understand?

  • Beans

    This would fit in with the other blind item about the Stepford wife being fed up with her hubby’s extramarital stuff…

  • Yea


  • skyla

    This about Will + Jada and Tom + Katie. Even the twitter clues are easy as Will Smith is also a best selling rap artist, is hot looking but has sticky-out ears and he always talks about his marriage sometimes giving TMI.

  • Anon

    his paycheck dwarfs hers means he makes way more money.

  • Larry

    Oh My God. For you reading impaired and those who don’t understand the words as written.
    “though his paychecks dwarf hers” means HE MAKES A LOT MORE THAN HER. Not the other way around. Sheesh

  • Jo

    I have a headache from reading that!

  • gare

    isn’t Stepford wife like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban?

    • DotheDew

      No, Know, Gnoe, Neaux, Noooeeewaahhhhh. However you want to spell it, to understand it, Nicole is not who they are talking about.
      Stepford is Katebot 2.0.

      • kelno

        Katebot 2.0 – I like that! And yes, I agree with most that it is Katebot, Tom, Will & Jada. I shall also agree that Ted’s blind items are confusing.

  • Ravana

    Will and Jada, and Tisha Campbell Martin and Dwayne(?)Campbell Martin maybe? Dwayne and Will have been supposed gay lovers for many years, but they have always denied it.
    This one is a toughie… :(

  • Ravana

    I meant Dwayne Martin… oops

  • sunny grace

    Has to be W. Smith. In no way is Jada attractive.

  • Rocque

    Everything’s pointing to Will Smith.
    Clue 1 – Hottest Star, bod-wise and box office: Notice it didn’t say face-wise. Will Smith’s body is unreal amazing, and he almost always smashes records at the box office.
    Clue 2 – His wife’s figure and career: Jada Pinkett does well as an actress, and she’s in amazing shape.
    Clue 3 – He dwarfs his wife’s paycheck: Will Smith is way taller than Jada, and he makes much more money.
    Clue 4 – Cozy relationship: Will and Jada have always been perceived to be a great couple, and Will has discussed how they are open about talking about attractions to other people.
    Clue 5 – His and Her sex partners: There have always been rumors that Jada is a lesbian
    Important Clue 6 – Hard Nipple Nick, HNN: Will Smith has been known as “Big Willie,” and “Big Willie Style” was an album name. Big Willie Will, BWW = HNN, Hard Nipple Nick
    Clue 7 – HNN’s boyfriend is an established actress: As much as you want to argue that Katie Holmes isn’t successful, she’s definitely established by any measure. A star of a TV show and consistent work in movies is nothing to be ashamed of. I wish I were that established!
    Clue 8 – He goes and flies with him: Tom Cruise owns and flies airplanes.
    Clue 9 – HNN keeps it on the down-low: Common lingo in the African American community for men who are married but have sex on the side with men.
    Important Clue 10 – Surprised no one noticed the headline of “5 celebrities in a tangle of relationships”: Only 4 celebrities seem obvious here, 1. Will Smith 2. Jada Pinkett 3. Tom Cruise 4. Katie Holmes, but who would be number 5? Well, a child would be tangled in this web, especially if the wife wants to leave the husband. And no other child is photographed as much as Suri Cruise. So Suri would be celebrity #5.

    • sayit

      the wife’s lover (jada, or whoever it is) is celebrity #5

    • d

      I assumed the 5th famous person would be whomever Jada was seeing.

      “the Nicks chose other famous people to be their closeted lovers”

      It’s not worded to mean that Jada’s lover necessarily has to be involved with Will’s partner.

    • CateBlue

      Well done. My first instinct was to go to Brad and Angie because of the Mr and Mrs (Smith) thing but I definitely see the Will/Jada/Tom/Katie/Suri tangle now. There are rumors that Katie is wanting to fly the coop but you would think Tom as crazy as he is would be more discreet. I also have a hard time seeing Will and Jada splitting up since it is well known that they are open and honest with each other. Things that make you go hmmmm

      • h00bydice

        Finally…someone well-versed in Casablanca-speak!

        Bravo on such a succinct analysis, Rocque. I had been questioning whether or not this was indeed the Will/Jada/Tom/Katie scenario because it just seemed waaaaaaaaay, too obvious. However, your analysis has totally cemented it for me. Bravo, again!!

  • Rocque

    Good point on 5th celebrity. Didn’t think about that. I assumed that Katie wasn’t Jada’s lover, but I forgot about Jada’s lover being famous. Thanks!

  • Lynne

    Can anyone name two male celebrities that are hanging out together recently?

    ““He’s starting to go out and fly him with him everywhere,” … “They’re turning up everywhere together,…”

    I think that, perhaps, the ‘fly’ word could be misleading, as it can also mean more than ‘flying a plane’, it can mean: ‘something or someone that is particularly attractive; cool, in style; sexy hot, genarally nice person.’ (I could be wrong on this). A slang “That guy is fly”.

    Also, the clue “It isn’t Jerry O’Connell” is a strange clue. Any ideas?

  • Dashell

    And It Aint:
    “Travolta”–> the only other big name Scientologist besides Tom Cruise
    “Beckham”–> the highest profile public friend of Tom Cruise
    “Jerry O’Connell”–> perhaps a clus that it *is* instead “Jerry Maguire”?

  • iLoveMichaelK

    Guessing on Jada'[s lover now….Queen Latifah!

  • missrenee21

    Brad and angie

  • Trinkvasser

    Somebody needs to do a powerpoint presentation to get us all on track. :)

    WillTomada. Sounds about right. Are all Scientologists actors secretly gay? Is it just an alien worshipping sex lounge conspiracy? Gore Vidal should write this up for Atlantic Monthly.

  • db

    Hugh Jackman or my first guess was Brad and Angie (Ted’s view of “marriage”).

  • MB

    Queen Latifah lol!!
    I agree with Will and Jada for the first one, but I thought Katie wants out of her marriage, surely this would constitute grounds for divorce? I don’t know who else this could be, since he’s eliminated most of the other possibilities. Although I’m sure Ted C makes up most of his blinds, why are they always about gays and heroin?!!

  • db

    Actually all the married men in Hollywood hands down…or bottoms up.

  • sm

    Its Will Smith and Jada…his “friend” is Dewayne Martin and his wife (Tisha Campbell) is an established actress who is “growing” because she is currently pregnant.

  • Shelly

    Even back in her Dawson’s Creek days she made it rather obvious that she in the business for the fame and celebrity and not so much the work. Kind of the exact opposite of Michelle William’s attitude. I think it’s riot how clearly their paths divided after the show. Some were shocked but I’m not surprised at all that Katie would willingly choose this kind of arrangement in return for a luxury life and A-list recognition. THAT was her dream come true–not Tom Cruise. LOL

  • MarcyMM

    “#hard-nipplenick knows how to kill it in his other pro endeavor, too”

    A clue that TC gave that was posted upthread…who else has another successful pro career other than Willy boy? Gettin’ jiggy with it indeed! 😉

  • Marka

    HNN is Will Smith; wife is Jada, boyfriend is Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes wants to spill it. The “ain’ts” are easy clues, too: John Travolta (2nd most famous Scientologist to Cruise); Beckham (Cruise’s “running” partner and very close friend), Jerry O’Connell (in Jerry Maquire with TC). Also, there were a couple other blinds recently about Katie finally getting fed up and not only seeking legal counsel in NY and LA, but also using Tommy Girl’s relationship with his boyfriend as leverage to get full custody of Suri. Yes, even though TC is not the biological dad, because he’s the dad on the birth certificate, he now has the same legal rights as the father, regardless of actual paternity. The only one who has standing to contest those rights is the true bio-dad, who was paid off long ago … sadly.

    • Nowaynohow

      It’s totally Will Smith and Jada. There have been rumors for literally YEARS about them doing this kind of thing.

  • newbie

    While I will agree that all the clues fit for Will/Jada/Tom/Katie I just can’t see Will being interested in Tom. Tom is a bit of a dork. Will could do soooo much better. So on the first couple I would say Will/Jada but on the second I am not sure. I have no clue who Jada’s honey is.

  • I KNOW

    Clearly this is Will and Jada and Tom and Katie. But who is celeb # 5? I’ve heard Jada has a “say” in casting all of Will’s female leads. Rosario Dawson has worked with Will twice. I’m gonna throw her out there as a guess.

    Katie better be careful. Scienos have been known to kill those who pose a threat. Tom is so brainwashed at this point that he really might be dangerous–especially if two superstar careers are at stake.

    • Lynne

      If Katie turns to not be 100 percent for Scientology then Cruise will divorce her as he left/divorced Nicole.
      Sad to say, Katie will have to go to see a Scientology Ethics Officer to try to save her marriage — which is kinda creepy, to say the least.
      Nicole Kidman mentioned that she couldn’t believe the way her marriage ended the way it did.

    • aja

      Didn’t Rosario cheat on Jason Lewis with a woman…that is why he broke it off.

  • qqqq

    Yeah, I wonder who Jada’s GF is. Does anyone know who her famous female friends are?

  • luckydreamer

    Victoria & David Beckham – Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes & Jerry O’Connell

  • lol

    after reading about Gavin Rossdales bisexuality i’m thinking he’s the answer to at least one BI.

  • Wileygirl

    Everyone read the blind again. The first couple both are in the movie industry; it doesn’t say they act. I assume HNN is an actor. The second, only the wife is said to be an actress. The boyfriend could be in music like Will, i.e. Robin Thicke, who’s wife acts. Just an example.

  • FartyLatte

    Ok, it’s obviously Will/Tom/Jada/Katie…The fifth celeb wheel (Jada’s Girlfriend) I believe is Jasmine Guy. Just a old feeling of mine.
    Also I believe she just filed for divorce, unless I’m thinking of someone else. (I still think it’s her)

  • AussieGuy

    Late coming to this I know (I’ve read this BI elsewhere tho), while I agree that it is probably Will/Jada as the first couple, I don’t think Tom Kat is the second couple.
    Firstly, like other commenters I don’t think Katie really qualifies as ‘established’, but on top of that, I get the impression that the second couple are either equal status as actors, or she is more established then him. That would be the only reason she would have issues and potentially reveal her husbands indiscretions, because it might affect her career. That’s definitely not the case with Katie and Tom – she has just as much if not more to loose by outing Tom. Tom has all the power in that relationship, and Katie is who she is today solely because of him, so there is no way she would be threatening to out him. So I think people should be considering male friend’s of Will who have more successful wives as the couple.

    Secondly, what makes me think the boyfriend isn’t Tom is that HNN (Will) is ‘flying him with him’ and ‘taking him a few too many places’, which makes me think that HNN is more successful then the boyfriend, and lavishing expensive treatment on him – which is definitely not so for Tom in comparison to Will. Tom wouldn’t need to be flown anywhere by Will, nor would he be impressed by such things… he surely has his own jet. And being taken places all the time? Tom is a studio head on top of his acting and fake marriage, so I doubt he drops all that when Will comes calling. Frankly he’s too big a star to be the boyfriend in this. He’s the type to do the ‘taking’ and the ‘flying’ rather then be taken and flown – he would surely have his own bit of male candy to fly around, that fits into his schedule, rather then try to arrange his time around someone equally famous.
    Plus all the gay rumours of Tom have never ever implied that he had boyfriends – more likely just flings (which makes it easier to hide). He doesn’t seem like the boyfriend type. Plus why on earth would Will Smith ‘fall’ for Tom? That’s just nuts! I just cannot see WS, no matter how closested, getting all googly-eyed for Tom. The only people who get excited by Tom Cruise these days are people dazzled by his fame – and no way Will is one of those.

    So come on people, help me here – who is a semi/minorly famous actor with a more famous wife, that has been flown around a lot by Will Smith, and presumably rooting him too?