Eighties Guy Abandoned His Kids

baby-3Downfront 2 – This 80’s Heartthrob is finding out the hard way you should never abandon your kids. When they grow up they come back to haunt you and make you look like a fool!

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33 comments to Eighties Guy Abandoned His Kids

  • mama

    Ryan O’Neil? I guess he isnt realy 80’s…

  • GuyIncognito

    Rick Springfield?! He’s the only 80’s heartthrob I can think of and I’m not sure if he has kids or not…

  • stinkweed

    Springfield was who came to my mind first, too. Not because I’ve heard anything about his kids – just the first 80’s heart throb I could think of.

  • sigh

    Scott Baio?

  • missrenee21

    Rob Lowe? Andrew Mccarthy?

  • missrenee21

    Emilio Estevez? Christian Slater? Don Johnson?

    • Rae

      This might be a PR planted blind about Charlie Sheen ‘abandoning’ his kids with Denise.

      Not ES who is a grandfather himself already.
      Nor CS his kids are all very recent and this blind suggests they’ve grown up.

      Hmm, otherwise Val Kilmer who has adolescent kids from a divorce?!!

  • Jenn

    How about the Cassidy brothers?

  • maurav

    Mr.T? “I pity the fool.”

  • Britney

    What about Tim Matheson? He was in ‘Animal House’ and ‘Sometimes They Come Back’. In ‘Van Wilder’ he played RR’s father who was embarassed at his antics.

  • i suck at blind items

    I feel bad for thinking this, but Patrick Swayze came to mind with the line “they come back to haunt you”. Obviously he was in Ghost, but he was also in a movie called “The Comeback Kid”.

    I always thought it was sort of weird that he and his wife never had kids yet they were together for so long.

  • stinkweed

    No way it’s Swayze. He met his wife when he was like 19. I think if there had been any illegitimate kids out there somewhere who had been abandoned, they would have popped out somewhere in anticipation of getting his money when he passes.

    Besides the fact that I would just never believe that man would abandon any kids.

  • Dirk

    Scott Bakula from “Quantum Leap.”

  • Victim

    not patrick swayze he has no children

  • h00bydice

    The Dead Zone – Anthony Michael Hall?

  • ChristineNYC

    I think this could be anyone – but I’m focusing on someone from the Outsiders or St. Elmo’s Fire (those Sweet 16 movies??). C Thomas Howell? Andrew McCarthy? Rob Lowe? Emilio Estevez? I miss the ’80s. LOL

  • danielle

    i know fonzie from happy days has a kid he abandoned who is now like 19 but i don’t know if he would be considered an 80s heartthrob….

    • Elle


    • h00bydice

      You know, this might just be the one. The Fonz was definitely considered a “heartthrob” back in the day, and around that time, he was in a hit movie called Night Shift where he played a mortician or undertaker…something to do with the morgue – thus the clue haunt.

  • db

    My guesses: Danny Wood (new kids on the block) or Lorenzo Lamas.

  • db

    Another guess: Christopher Atkins.

  • Wileygirl

    MacGuyver. Hasselhoff. Gary Coleman. Webster. LOL!

  • FartyLatte

    Rob Lowe..he’s even still hot, but I’d bet anything it’s him.

  • PrincessM


  • Moi

    Al B Sure. His son just wrote a public letter to his dad and wrote a song about how he was never there for him. His mom is Kim Porter, and he feels that PDiddy is his real father.

    • Moi

      Oh, and he was a hot singer in the late 80s, r&b music.

    • BRIT

      I was going to say him too cause his son just came out and said Al B Sure is basically nothing to him but a sperm donor. I just wasn’t sure cause I couldn’t remember if hwas early 90’s or late 80’s

  • KofQ

    It’s totally Willie Aimes from eight is Enough!!!