Actor Hits on Straight Man in Sauna


NY Daily News – Which closeted — and married — actor almost had his cover blown when he hit on a straight man in a sauna? Word is the offended dude is now quite wealthy, thanks to a payoff.


It’s John Travolta! Source: BG

We don’t know if John Travolta is gay or not (even though Carrie Fisher seems convinced that he is gay). However, we do know that John Travolta just loooves to chat up men in saunas and spas and on massage tables. On occasion, they have disagreed about the nature of those little chats. And, on occasion, there had to be a payoff so that the nature of those little chats didn’t become public.This was one of those cases.

So shy doesn’t JT pay off all the gentlemen with whom he has had his little chats? Maybe because he wouldn’t have much money left if he did.

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70 comments to Actor Hits on Straight Man in Sauna

  • Dashell

    Tom Cruise

  • GuyIncognito

    Hugh Jackman?

  • nikki

    This is John Travolta….I know because I know someone who works w/the guy… Um, BG it’s not too nice to post a Travolta item like this, he’s trying to get over the grief of losing his son & he doesn’t need a lot of yakking about his sex life, don’t you think?

    • i suck at blind items

      Not to be a total jerk, I feel badly that he lost his son, but if he’s well enough to be propositioning men in sauna’s, he’s well enough to be written about.

      Unless this happened before then, in which case I agree with you.

    • Hi Nikki – We didn’t write the item. We don’t know who it’s about. Love, BG


        and even if you knew, what the h* if you’re a celebrity that’s the prize you pay. and if you’re not a celebrity and you like gossip about celebrities here’s the place to come for gossip, you’re not going to be selective, oh please…

    • db

      I heard about this one a few years ago. Didn’t know whether to believe it or not at the time and still don’t know. Could be someone completely different anyway. Agree about the son :-(

    • Double Standard

      Oh please. It could be anyone in Hollywood.
      And Nikki, I love how you “out” him and then you say he doesn’t need a lot of yakking about his sex life!
      I am just ROFL.

    • Anony

      Nobody would have known for sure who it was, until you wrote that. So, assuming what you’re saying is true, you’re the one who outed Travolta, not BG.

    • ChristineNYC

      JT’s name wasn’t mentioned until you suggested it might be him. Practice what you preach. And BG posts items from everywhere. this was posted in the NY Daily News.

    • onesizefitsmost

      no one would probably have really guessed john t because he wouldn’t be a popular answer. if you didn’t think this BI was nice then you shouldn’t have called out jt.

  • Lilia

    Tommy girl, Johnny T. or Willy

  • nikki

    No, this actually happened way last summer. (At least the incident did, I don’t know when the guy started blackmailing him).

  • i suck at blind items

    well if he’s telling people he works with, I guess John’s people aren’t paying enough

  • nikki

    Oh, ok. You’re right, technically none of us really know who it’s about. Thanks for clearing that up BG! :)

  • Sundaeg1rl

    Sundae’s new Get-Rich-Quick scheme:

    1) Have sex change
    2) Frequent saunas regularly
    3) Proposition actors on the ‘likely’ list
    4) ?????
    5) PROFIT!

  • Tabby

    LOL@ sundae!

  • Cimmy

    “Married” makes me think that the actor’s wife doesn’t know about his extracurricular activities, and if John Travolta is, indeed, gay, I’ll bet anything Kelly Preston knows.

    • Alex

      “if John Travolta is, indeed, gay”

      Cimmy are you being serious???, lol

    • Megley

      It’s been rumored for years that she likes the home team, as well.
      Speaking of the gay midget, Revolta, and Willie, the Scientolonut connection seems too much of a coinkydink . . .
      Men bearding for the women bearding them . . .
      My head hurts.

  • Carrie

    Nikki – not meaning to pick fights, or anything, but you confirmed it was Travolta, and then went on to berate BG for posting it after the loss of his son. Seems silly to me…

    • nikki

      I did not confirm it, I wasn’t in the sauna. I also did not berate BG, I gently chided them. Don’t you know the difference? :) Now go have a candy bar & get in a better mood on a Friday.

      • queenofgossip

        “This is John Travolta….I know because I know someone who works w/the guy”

        That is a confirmation.

      • nikki

        Queen – I am beginning to doubt it, I’ve read the exact same story on other sites today. Either my friend has told a lot of people or its’ an urban legend that gets passed around. I certainly hope no one actually thinks that I confirmed it. I just reported my guess & why. At the time, I did think it was true, but like I said,I wasn’t there. Yeah & last summer was when my friend told me it happened. But it’s still second or third hand info. Let’s not blast Mr. Travolta just yet, ok?

      • Dashell

        Not only did you out him and confirm it per the post above you also provided more details:

        April 24th, 2009 at 7:40 am · Reply
        No, this actually happened way last summer. (At least the incident did, I don’t know when the guy started blackmailing him).”

        And I think most BlindGossip readers do know the difference…at least between a pot and a kettle.

      • Carrie

        No candy bar needed, darling. I’m in a fine mood. Was just puzzled by the double standard.

      • NomieMalone

        Nikki, you’re an idiot.

  • lol

    I think Travolta is probably Bisexual…his wife too. I think most of HW is bisexual. LoL

  • maurav

    Other than Nikki’s insider dish, it could be a lot of closeted married actors. This one is out of NY and I don’t think Travolta is in NY too much unless he’s promoting something. His hubs are Florida and LA.
    Taking Travolta out of the equation (isn’t he in a relationship with the manny or pilot?), what actors in NY could this be? Don’t think Tom because Katie’s there and therefore, he’s probably not. And Hugh has been filming and then promoting for XMen. When was he in NY last?
    Nope, I think it’s got to be someone else.

    • Dashell

      Tom was in NYC with nothing to do during parts of Katie’s Broadway play run. He had several staged father/daughter days out for the paparazzi in that time. But that only took up a part of his day I’m sure. And I think he’s the most practiced and experienced in paying people off to keep quiet–that was why I first guessed him.

      But I guess it’s been confirmed already by nikki it was Travolta…

      • Dashell

        I forgot to add Tom *loves* the sauna. That was another reason I assumed it was him.

      • neely o'hara

        i find it difficult to believe that either travolta or cruise would use a regular sauna. going in the sauna is a big part of scientology purification, and i’m sure both those guys have private saunas within scientology. unless the person making the claim is a disgruntled scientologist…

    • Double Standard

      But Neely, would the Scientology sauna have hunky young studs in it?

      Oh, nevermind…it probably would! 😉

  • Yeppers

    Actually, I’ve heard 3 years ago or so that JT aggressively propositioned a male attendant during a private massage at the hotel I work at. Supposedly, JT’s been banned permanently from our hotel’s spa facilities as a result, though he’s been back for numerous events and such.

    • Shelly

      This is more a reply to neely o’hara above but I think Yeppers post points out the obvious–I’m very sure both Cruise and Travolta do have their own private saunas at home (plus pools and gyms and media rooms etc) but they cannot exactly travel with them. As actors on location they stay in hotels and use hotel facilities.

  • aja

    I was going to post the same thing as yeppers…I have heard a few stories about John Travolta propositioning male massage therapists!

  • Victim

    William Peterson trust me

  • Besty Paige

    There was an ‘exclusive’ in 2001 written by The Globe about John Travolta making a pass at a man in Century Spa. It was his account of the incident, here’s s link to a copy of the article:

    So either this happens a lot with closeted celebrities, or this is super old news!

  • wubbzy

    william petersen. that sounds interesting. he does have a bit of a gay vibe. to me anyway.

  • angel

    That was 2006 blind item & it was revealed long time ago, it was john travolta, he always does that, stop arguing with each other.

  • anonymous

    What about Matthew Broderick…..This is a NY blog

  • anonymous

    Since this is a NY blog I say Christopher Meloni.

  • Jacks

    So do actors use Scientology to hide their sexual orientation or something? Just sayin’…

    • Shelly

      Yes. In the case of the guys at least Scientology makes sure to set the men up with a nice traditional-seeming wifey and then pour on the positive family guy image very very very thick. Travolta and Kelly Preston and Cruise and Katie Holmes are the ultimate examples–both were introduced/set up with the help of Scientologists. Both women let their own acting careers take a back seat to the man and both claim they married their teenage actor “crush” to make it all the more 1950s picture perfect. But what it is is creepy. They try to create this ideal image…just like aliens coming to earth to try to act normal. LOL.

  • Victim

    Okay its William Peterson. Writer Jerry Stahl talked about meeting Peterson in the Hollywood YMCA Sauna/Steambath a few years ago. CSI was already on the air and Jerry became a writer on the show. I met William in 1996 and we had an intersting conversation.

    • A-nonny-mouse

      Gil, you wily ol’silver fox!
      I would have quite happily seen Grissom turn gay if it had saved him from Sara-stoopid-Sidle.

    • MikeinSanJose

      Terrific! Now I’m going to have visions of sugarplums – and Gil Grissom and Nick Stokes (George Eades is also rumored to be gay) – dancing in my head all day!

  • h00bydice

    …oh, say it ain’t so – Puuuhhhleeezzzzz! I’ve been in love with him since I first laid eyes on him in To Live And Die In LA. The best chase scene EVER!! Anway, he can’t be ga…ga…ga…heterosexually challenged – his wig is terrible!

  • Sweden

    People always assumes men are either straight or gay!
    Travolta could be BI and he might have an open relationship with Preston?? It’s not That unusual!