Nice Girl Tips Big for Her Latte


BuzzFoto – This pint-sized actress is best known for her TV work, but her movie roles have been hits and we’re pretty sure that she’s on her way to the A-list of the silver screen. Anyway, she has become well-known in Hollywood for sweet ways when it comes to coffee consumption. She’s made a habit of tipping $20 when she buys a cup, and now she’s often paying for the person in line behind her on top of it. What a great way to be!

It’s not Leighton Meester.


It’s Kristen Bell! Source: BuzzFoto

That Kristen Bell is one generous girl! Big tipper and kind to regular people? Other celebs should take note!

The adorable and talented 5’1″ actress is best known for her titular role on Veronica Mars and currently stars on House of Lies. She is engaged to fellow actor Dax Shepard, and is expecting her first baby next spring.

Congrats to Lilia, who was first to guess correctly! Kudos to Dashell, who was the first to catch the meaning of the Leighton Meester hint. Kristen Bell is the narrator on Gossip Girl, of which Leighton Meester is a cast member.

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  1. i suck at blind items says

    Is Miley pint-sized? Her movie is a hit and we know she’s got the cash to be throwing it around.

    • LCB says

      Jenna’s not that tiny, and she’s a Valley girl. I doubt she’d know where Hollywood is without a driver.

  2. Trinkvasser says

    Much as I love teh Cheno, i’d say Hilary Duff. She has a reputation for being generous.

  3. Lilia says

    What is the Leighton Meester connection? Since i’m taking that as a clue, I’ll guess Kristen Bell.

    • Etcetera says

      Kristen Bell narrates Gossip Girl and she’s like 5’1″ or 5’2″.
      i also think she’s very much underrated. she has good acting chops.

  4. littleyellowbird says

    i was thinking Mila Kunis from ‘That 70’s Show’, she’s been in some hit movies afterwards, like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Max Payne and she seems like a very nice girl

  5. katemac says

    I was thinking Kristen Bell! She was on Veronica Mars and then did Forgetting Sarah Marshall… Plus, she’s tiny!

  6. JessicaGiovanna says

    Eva Longoria.. although she doesn’t have any real silver screen hits, she’s just been in a couple of movies.

  7. i suck at blind items says

    wow – great answers – I hold my head in shame for saying Miley.

    You see, I truly DO suck at blind items!

    • QweenB says

      My first thought was Hayden too, shes had lots of those teeny bopper movies but is best known for Heroes and she has been known to do kind things like this in the past.

  8. hey hey says

    Hayden and Kristen are great guesses, both go on coffee runs all the time, the only thing is what is the hayden and leighton connection? my vote is Kristen

  9. Dashell says

    *scratches head* What movies has Hayden done–let alone those that would have her on her way to an A-list movie career?
    I would guess Kristen Bell as she was the original voice of ‘Gossip Girl’.

    • QweenB says

      She was very young and cute in Remember the Titans and was also in that Bring it on sequel and was a lil b* in Raising Helen…She was a super b* in Ice queen and there was the Zebra movie too. Shes done lots of movies. She was in Ice Princess with Michelle Trachenburg who guest starred in Gossip Girl. Does that help?

      • Dashell says

        Yeah..not so much. LOL. But thank you for the response. I guess kiddie bit part roles in the past don’t equal roles that put her on track for A-list to me.
        Personally I think the closer connection (to “Gossip Girl” as the narrator) and better fit all around is is Kristen Bell.

  10. narrator on gossip girl says

    the celebrity who does the narration on gossip girl..she’s super tiny. kristen bell!

  11. NYCdweller says

    i met kristen bell, she’s very tiny and very sweet it prob is her! she was really nice and down to earth.

  12. Mark says

    I think Hayden. There was a blind item about her before when she came back the next day with a tip and gave it to the valet because she didn’t have any cash to tip with the night before.

  13. Nicole says

    Kristen Bell…she’s the voice of the Gossip Girl and has been on TV and now with movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshell she’s getting toward a-list

  14. Christina says

    Sarah Michelle Gellar- definitely pint-sized, best known as TV’s Buffy, but has hits on the big screen with “The Grudge” etc. Also, as a fan of Buffy I can tell you that she was called “B” as a nickname. The last line of the item states “what a great way to be!” But I can’t connect Leighton to her, so it probably is Kristen Bell.

    • Cimmy says

      She’s been off the radar for a while (only big news lately has been her pregnancy) and her movies were teeny bopper horror.

    • Stephanie says

      DUH! On Gossip Girl, Leighton is called “B” for Blair by the gossip girl.

      • Stephanie says

        Christina guessed Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was called “B” as a nickname, but she can’t connect Leighton to her… and I said that Leighton is also called “B” as a nickname. Hence, the connection…

  15. immature says

    Probably Bell. Pannetiere, Bilson (unless Jumper 2 really takes off), etc don’t really seem headed for A-list film roles.

  16. Cimmy says

    Kristen Bell. A friend in San Francisco met her several times when “Veronica Mars” was on the air and has nothing but nice things to say about her. She’s a great actress.

  17. Missy Smith says

    Jennifer Aniston is the nice girl. She is definately going to win an Oscar b4 her carer is up.

  18. jen says

    first two who came to mind are Kristen Chenoweth and Kristin Bell.

    Kristen Chenoweth does a lot of voice over films and Kristin Bell has been in several successful films and has a few more coming out this year.

    I’m gonna say Kristin Bell

  19. Kevin says

    It’s Kristen Bell. I am a huge fan of hers and so are my friends, one of them saw her in a Starbucks and said she was very nice to everyone. Not sure about the buying drinks for people behind her thing. She’s also green which is cool.