Nice Girl Tips Big for Her Latte


BuzzFoto – This pint-sized actress is best known for her TV work, but her movie roles have been hits and we’re pretty sure that she’s on her way to the A-list of the silver screen. Anyway, she has become well-known in Hollywood for sweet ways when it comes to coffee consumption. She’s made a habit of tipping $20 when she buys a cup, and now she’s often paying for the person in line behind her on top of it. What a great way to be!

It’s not Leighton Meester.


It’s Kristen Bell! Source: BuzzFoto

That Kristen Bell is one generous girl! Big tipper and kind to regular people? Other celebs should take note!

The adorable and talented 5’1″ actress is best known for her titular role on Veronica Mars and currently stars on House of Lies. She is engaged to fellow actor Dax Shepard, and is expecting her first baby next spring.

Congrats to Lilia, who was first to guess correctly! Kudos to Dashell, who was the first to catch the meaning of the Leighton Meester hint. Kristen Bell is the narrator on Gossip Girl, of which Leighton Meester is a cast member.

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