He is Either Narcissistic or Illiterate

clock-1CDAN – This B list television and movie actor is more famous for his current television role, than any movie in which he has appeared. Filming of his show is delayed by hours everyday, because our actor refuses or is unwilling to learn his lines each day and therefore necessitates take after take after take for him to finish his scenes.

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33 comments to He is Either Narcissistic or Illiterate

  • ibiubu

    Kiefer Sutherland


    Guy from Greys Anatomy…McDreamy?

  • j

    def keifer…the clock and the “hours” in the blind

  • ED

    charlie sheen

  • julie

    one of the guys from gossip girl came to mind first

  • ED

    I change my mind. Its def Keifer. Look at the pic. Its not the exact numbers ( because that would be too obvious but its close to the 2 and the 4). Also, the “hours” comment makes me think of 24 because its filmed in an hours type of fashion. Also, the “take after take after take” might refer to Keifer’s response regarding his rehab…
    I can’t deny half the stuff that’s been written about me has been true. I’ve done some stupid things. You have to TAKE responsibility, go..”

  • catiesd

    Charlie Sheen? A friend works on set in wardrobe and says he is a chain-smoking slacker sometimes blowing takes so he can give himself breaks.

  • Meli

    David Caruso
    I swear he has his lines written inside those stupid sunglasses.
    Plus, he’s always looking away from the person he is talking to like he is looking at cuecards.
    Of course this can all just be attributed to him being a c* actor.

    • A-nonny-mouse

      Hahaha, yeh I think it probably can.
      I like the fact that none of the other characters comment on Horatio’s rudeness or borderline OCD behaviour. Just once I would love for one of them to roll their eyes when he slides away, and mutter “d*” under their breath.

  • littleyellowbird

    This blind item is from crazydaysandnights.net, so i doubt BG knows the answer to that one, thus the clock on the picture is not a clue!!!It is used simply to illustrate that ‘filming of his show is delayed by hours’

    • Barry

      i agree on this. but sheen and sutherland have both been in movies that did well but way more famous due to their TV shows.

  • JustAGuess

    Keifer? Really? He’s not exactly B-List and besides, he’s also behind the scenes of 24. There’s no way he’d sabotage his own show.

    • ibiubu

      I think pedigree, a pretty successful movie career, and a highly successful, long-running, primetime show totally nets him B-list status. That he works behind the scenes gives him even more of a comfort level to shirk. And, let us not forget, he’s fallen off the wagon again, so responsibility isn’t his strong suit.

      Plus, another clue: illiterate. His daughter makes fun of him for being computer illiterate

    • Cimmy

      Didn’t he sabotage it by going to prison?

  • zmnx

    keifer deffo.

  • Phillygirl

    What about Patrick Dempsey?? I read that he was dyslexic!!

  • Alexis

    I am going for Chase Crawford…

  • Dashell

    I think the Charlie Sheen guess makes the most sense.

  • doxie

    i dont think it’s kiefer. the blind is from CDAN, so the clock pic is just art, not a clue. Plus Kiefer is a producer on 24, so why would he sabotage his own show? Grey’s Anatomy is a huge mess so I’m inclined to think Dempsey.

  • aja

    take after take after take: 3 takes, a hint at Charlie Sheen’s 3 marriages?

  • Trillian

    I know this one! It’s David Caruso! Lots of people from that set has described his inability to say more than one line in a take (watch an episode and you’ll see, they always cut) talk and do anything at the same time and just generally being a horse’s behind.

  • Trinkvasser

    Gotta be Kiefer. I do not doubt that David “takes of sunglasses” Caruso is a nightmare, “Jade” hardly qualifies as a ‘movie career’. Arf.

  • Marka

    Keifer and Charlie Sheen are definitely A-List tv actors. In fact, aren’t they each the highest paid in their respective categories (Drama / Comedy)??

  • Could it be....

    I agree with the Caruso guess. The “more famous for his current television role than in any movie” could be a clue because of the big deal he made about leaving NYPD Blue to make it big in movies….then didn’t and had to slink back to TV as Horatio on CSI:Miami.

  • been there done that

    i kinda agree with the keifer thingy but i immediately thought of tracy jordan, dunno why. but i can;t think of a single film he’s done

    • maurav

      Tracy Morgan (I think that’s who you mean – he’s Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock) has done a bunch of forgettable movies.

  • Becca

    I was going to say Matt Fox, but Lost is an A-list show. But maybe Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, or Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl.

  • maurav

    Did anyone see 30Rock tonight? It’s definitely Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey is killing it.