Engaged Youngsters Arguing Over Contract

couple-arguing-2PopBitch – Which young, up-and-coming and freshly engaged Hollywood couple are already arguing – over the terms of the contract they both signed to stay together for at least one year while rumours around his sex life die down, and while her management try just one more time to get her established as a movie rather than a TV actress?

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44 comments to Engaged Youngsters Arguing Over Contract

  • GuyIncognito

    Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson?

  • Jenny

    It’s gotta be Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.

    • Dirk

      She recently denied engagement rumors. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re contractually obligated to stay together.

    • Jennifer

      If so, then they would’ve be contractually obligated to keep up the charade by Disney, which they both no longer work for. And I wouldn’t consider Vanessa Hudgens to be a tv actress.

    • Cimmy

      Isn’t he in “GQ” right now, saying he can’t see himself being married for twenty years?

  • Ummmm

    Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen

  • lin

    I wanna say Hayden and Rachel…but i feel like they aren’t “up and coming” they both have been around a while! It could be a young couple that hasn’t announced their engagment yet.

  • hjk

    definitely hayden & rachel.

  • Cimmy

    And hasn’t Rachel done a few movies? But nothing of late. Who else is recently engaged?

  • Loz

    Hayden and Rachel.

    Rachel – OC – has tried to break into movies
    Hayden – suppose to be gay – the whole Sienna and him had sex on a film set to try to help kill rumours of him being gay.

  • Marka

    Hayden and Rachel – they are the only engaged young ones in a questionable relationship!

  • aja

    100% Hayden and Rachel!

  • Mark

    Hayden has a boyfriend he is supposed to marry, but he can’t while he is trapped in this sham of a relationship.

  • lin

    If this is all true about Hayden and him really being gay and wanting to marry his “boyfriend”…well than it is really just sad. It is so sick to me that so many people in Hollywood can not be themselves…they all live lies. Does fame and fortune mean that much to them that they give up what really is important to them? To lie about your homosexuality? To have to hide who you really want to be with. They might have all the money in the world, but at least I can be who I want to be.


      I’m going to cry now

    • iLoveMichaelK

      Well said, save some tissue for me!

    • candiangirl

      Well Said! :)

    • Jenn

      Why the h* is Hollywood getting on their soap boxes fighting opposition for same sex marriages and how they advocate homosexual acceptance…yet makes their homosexual actors “pretend” to be straight for commercial acceptance.

      I love an actor based on their ACTING ability…not who they sleep with.

      Doesn’t anyone else f* see this? Isn’t anyone else see the dripping hypocrisy of it all?! For the sanctity love of decency…quit the charade. Hasn’t it been going on long enough?

      No wonder everyone STILL isn’t taking it seriously.

  • Kiki

    I want to agree with Rachel and Hayden… I saw Jumper and they have no chemistry whatsoever. At least on screen.

  • Pats

    Jenn, I think most actors, directors, producers, agents, managers, etc. are personally very liberal and couldn’t care less what someone’s sexual orientation is. But when it comes to letting the general public know, that’s a different subject. Many an actor has lost his career because he came out. People don’t seem to want a gay man playing straight even though they have no problem the other way around. Same goes for women.

    • Jenn

      I completely understand that…but as long as they hide it like it’s shameful (which it ISN’T) it’s never going to change.


      I’m saying it’s time to take a step in the right direction.

    • CatB

      It used to be that way, but look what happened when Neil Patrick Harris (who plays the sluttiest straight guy), Lance Bass, Clay Aiken, etc came out. No one cared except maybe a few really religious people.

      I’m inclined to blame Hollywood for this. Despite how liberal they might claim to be, they are incredibly superficial.

  • thedrells

    I have no problem watching an out gay man in a romantic lead role. There’s a scrumptious “out” actor in the UK who despite the fact that he’s completely unobtainable I find very believable in that type of role!!

    • lisa

      I wish there were more open minds such as yourself.

    • Julia

      Are you talking about Jeremy Sheffield? He is lovely, gay, and totally believable in a straight role. I really don’t think it matters as long as the person is a good actor…

      • thedrells

        Yes Julia, I am! *sigh* he’s so lovely :o)

      • A-nonny-mouse

        I was just thinking about him as a good example.

        I was also wondering… IF Zachary Quinto was to come out officially, whether it might turn the tide a little. Maybe give other actors the courage to be open too. I hope so.

    • sarah

      I just googled… and HOT D*! What a cutie.

    • skymom

      I just googled him too — he’s gorgeous! How sad for the ladies… 😉

  • Christina

    Well Europe has always been further ahead than North America, I am hoping someday it won’t even be an issue. I agree with Rachel and Hayden, I live in Toronto and he was known for hanging in the Gay Neighborhood, I think it is a shame he doesn’t come out, it really wouldn’t change his career trajectory I mean he will always be remembered for killing Star Wars with that bad acting!!!

  • Laureen

    I have to agree with this one! Hayden and Rachel. LOL! I wonder if they actually will get married. Both had zero chemistry in Jumper and my hubby said the movie s* and why the hell did I rent that movie and waste his time watching the cr*!
    Rachel cannot act to save her soul!

  • Mika

    I always thought Hayden was gay.

  • Sheila

    Hayden and Rachel. They’re the only ones engaged where everyone, besides his psycho fangirls, has seriously questioned it because there’s is just no chemistry at all on and off the screen. He’s just not interested in what she has to offer. And it seems like every few weeks when they aren’t talked about, someone’s PR tries to shove down our throats how “happy” they must be, and it could’nt be anymore transparent.

  • ClosetOrganizer

    Although I want to say Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson, they had already been engaged for one year at the time this blind item came out (hint: “freshly engaged” as of April 2009). So it can’t be them. Based on the timing and my research, the couple in question is Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens.