The Leads on this Comedy Aren’t Laughing

jenna-fischer-2BuzzFoto – All is not well on the set of this successful comedy. The two leads are no longer speaking to each other, and for what reason? Well, the usual ego clashing, etc. The public expects this sort of c* from the male, but would be surprised to learn that the female is just as bad, if not worse. She’s well-liked but from everything we’ve heard, can be a real pain in the butt to work with as well as petty.

It’s not Jenna Fischer!


It’s Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock! Source: BuzzFoto

Congrats to KimiD for being first with the correct guess!

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46 comments to The Leads on this Comedy Aren’t Laughing

  • KimiD

    30 Rock? Baldwin and Fey?

  • my2cents

    Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock?

  • i suck at blind items

    yeah – that’s my guess too.

  • KimiD

    Though the only link between them and Jenna I could gather was that they’re both on NBC. Anyone else have anything that ties them to the “it’s not…”?

  • aja

    I was thinking Fey/Baldwin as well! 30 rock is on immediately before or after The OFfice…

  • Jenn

    Yeah…wasn’t this kind of a blind during the awards season?

    Perhaps it’s getting worse! Anyways, that was my guess also…divas.

  • hjk

    yep, tina fey & alec baldwin. cdan revealed a blind item saying basically the same thing was them.

  • Tony

    Jenna is the character name for that blonde chick on 30 Rock.

  • my2cents

    KimiD – I know 30 Rock follows the office on NBC but also Jenna Fischer used to talk about how much she loved the show in her blogs all the time.

  • Jenny

    There was a blind reveal on CDAN about this, that Baldwin and Fey were making cast members take sides in their dispute.

    • Jenny

      This time a comedy where the two stars of this hit show used to laugh and get along and just be best pals. Well best pals to the extent people can fake being best pals. However now it is to the point where the only time they communicate is through their lines on the set. The other problem is that other cast members are having to pick sides and if you speak to one, then the other won’t speak to you. Yes, these are adults.
      Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin

  • MA

    Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin is the only couple I’m finding Not that it is such a reliable source, but Star Magazine has written something about it (; and a few other celeb sites have picked up on it.

  • Shelly

    I think Brad Garrett and Joely Fischer fit this too.

    The show sucks but is successful in that it was picked up for another season.

    • E Bella

      I agree with you Shelly. They are the first couple I thought of. Especially with the “It’s not”

  • anon2

    This doesn’t surprise me. Tina Fey, while very talented, is very mean-spirited. She seems like she was picked on when she was younger and never got over it.

    • Beans

      I never got that vibe from her, but by picked on do you mean how a stranger walked up to her when she was five and slashed her face with a razor blade? Cuz maybe you’d have some issues too.

      • anon2

        No, not that. Just one example is her acceptance speech where she named the people who wrote in and critisized her…come on, that was a shining moment for her and she tries to get back at people who voiced their opinions(and, no, I was not one of those people). Maybe mean-spirited was harsh, but she seems like she always has a chip on her shoulder. I don’t know her, and I am a fan of her work!, but that is what I pick up.

    • joe

      this blind item really makes me sad, ESPECIALLY if it’s Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. I don’t know if you can use Tina’s acceptance speech as evidence because it was meant to be humorous.

      But to support your claim, I know for a fact that Tina Fey on set, quietly (yet angrily) yelled through her cell phone after a well known girl flaked out on her for a cameo in 30Rock saying that girl will never be on her show, or SNL again.

    • maurav

      I love Tina. But if you’ve seen ‘Mean Girls’ you know she’s got some pent up hostility. (I am aware it is based on the book ‘Queen Bee’ but she directed and produced MG.) That being said, I still love her because she’s freakin’ hysterical. And I’d totally take her side over Baldwin.

    • snarky

      Tina has openly admitted to being picked on when she was a kid. She doesn’t really try to cover up her personality in interviews, etc. I think she’s hysterical and a good person (ditto re: Baldwin) but since she is a comedienne in a male-dominated genre, she can definitely be seen as (or simply act as) competitive, petty, etc. Based on their connection to SNL (Baldwin is one of the most frequent guests), to NBC and to Lorne Michaels, perhaps Fey and Baldwin have developed a bit of an unhealthy competition. They are both very strong and stubborn personalities and while both are super talented and well-loved, neither wants to back down and look like a jerk. Thus, both are having a bit of a complex. Baldwin probably thinks that Fey’s letting the attention/success of her career go to her head and Fey probably thinks that Baldwin is a bit of a chauvinist who cannot accept the fact that a female is absorbing all the attention/taking the credit for the success of a 2-lead show. Both are partially right, which is why the situation is at a stalemate. It’s a shame. I truly hope they work through their differences.

  • shawna

    I was thinking maybe Amy Poehler’s new show? It is a spin off of the Office.

  • shouldbestudying

    ya and the c* next to male totally refers to baldwins phone rant on his daughter. sad. i hope they patch things up bc thats the best show on television

  • Heywood Jablowme

    It is Baldwin and Fey. The Vanity Fair cover story on Fey several months ago actually reported on an “incident” between the two during a photo shoot. It also referenced major tensions between both of them.

  • been there done that

    SAD!!! but my guess is fey. alec has had some bad press in the past, everyone expects him to be a s*…..and it just fits, now i’m sad….

  • Barry

    the bloviator (baldwin) and the huntress (fey). when they did a shoot, bloviator asked if they would photshop it (like real housewives!) and she jumped and said was it bc of her scar. i hate the blov but i think he was just razzing her. he has a lot of anti-female hostility (like a LOT of hollyweird liberals) but he was taken aback according to the writer. i could see them clashing. she is very successful but really mean spirited (remember how she not only took down sarah palin, but relished in destroying her candidacy).

    • um we all relished in destroying sarah palin.

      • Dashell

        Heh-heh. I have to admit it was very satisfying.

        And if a television actor can single-handedly destroy a candidacy for the Vice Presidency of the United States with a few well-timed jokes and a good impersonation…well then I think we should seriously question why that person even had a place in the running (after breathing a sigh of relief for what might have been).

      • LiberalMediaIsCorrupt

        Sarah Palin is destroyed? Don’t think so.

    • Booby Jones

      Yes, if it was not for Tina Fey then every little girl in the country would of grown up wanting to be just like her, right? That’s really what you think?

  • Megley

    And Baldwin made no secret of the fact that he didn’t want to sign a long-term contract.

  • Jacks

    I’d have to say that Tina Fey seems like the kind of chick that doesn’t take s* from anyone. Sadly, that can be misconstrued as being a pain in the butt or petty or whatever. Since no one has really heard of any problems with her up until now, perhaps she is reacting to Baldwin’s attitude and it’s not exactly reflective of her overall personality. It is her show, so I could understand being a little controlling and b* to make sure things get done her way. After all, if the show doesn’t do well, she’s the one to blame. That’s a lot of pressure, especially if you’re trying to work with someone that isn’t making anything easy. Anyway, not trying to say she’s blameless, but I’d consider the fact that we all know how Baldwin is and I can imagine that she won’t put up with his crap, giving her a bad reputation in the process.

    • suedechik79

      did you see her SNL episode? she was a goddamn harpy and lectured the audience during her news segment. shes shrew all the way.

    • Booby Jones

      Yes, any time someone calls a woman difficult it’s not because they may actually be difficult, it’s societies fault because for not understanding or being able to handle a woman with a strong personality, right?

  • HuckleberryFriend

    So not surprised. Everything about her screams HBIC.

  • mostlylurker

    funny how there is no “head c*ck in charge”.