She is Celebrating Her Discharge from Rehab

coc1BuzzFoto – This singer just got discharged from rehab after secretly admitting herself. The reason we assume is drug and alcohol abuse. She was discharged not long ago, but two days ago, she was seen drinking and doing line after line at the club our spy was at. We hope her husband didn’t see it, because he was the one who made her go to rehab in the first place.

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39 comments to She is Celebrating Her Discharge from Rehab

  • i suck at blind items

    Discharge – yuck. Why would she want to celebrate her discharge?

  • i suck at blind items


  • JustMe

    I know, I know, she and Blake are separated/divorcing/whatever, but the line “who made her go to rehab” sounds a lot like her song.

  • GuyIncognito

    Avril Lavigne?

  • obsesssed

    kerry katona?

    • ibiubu

      I think this is Pink.

      Rumor has it she sowed some wild oats last year with first Angelina Jolie and then Katy Perry and is now looking to re-settle in her marriage again to Cory. But, alas…hard to let go of that feed bag sometimes!

  • Mel_K

    I like the Avril guess… She’s been seen out partying with that Brandon Davis guy a few times and I think her and Derrick are having issues…

  • kenni

    mandy moore…

  • Marka

    What about Mary J. Blige? It was a very big deal that she got sober with the support of Kendu, and she credits him with saving her life. Not too long ago, though, there were pictures / reports of her drinking, which surprised and really saddened me, as I think she is just terrific. I wondered if she went back to the coke, too, since usually driking is just the gateway to other problem / addiction. Haven’t seen her in a while, and now this … Fingers crossed I am wrong and she is okay.

  • ll

    We haven’t seen xtina in awhile..
    But mandy was rumored to have gone.

  • Sneaky Pete

    I like Pink on this. She has done a song about rehab (so has Kelly Clarkson for that matter). But, Pink makes sense because she and Corey are allegedly reconciling.

  • plum

    mandy moore?

  • JustMe

    They use the word “discharge” 3 times in the clue, including the title. Anyone have any idea what that could mean? If anything?

    • ibiubu

      …since Pink is my guess, I’m wondering if all the discharges might refer to Cory Hart’s numerous broken bones.

      • sunshine

        I saw pink in concert last yr she was completely wired and off her head! she even started cryin durin one of her songs. it was really strange behaviour

  • iLoveMichaelK

    i like the xtina guess, havent seen her in awhile…thee avril guess is good too

  • james


  • PrincessM

    Kirsten Dunst

  • Beans

    Did I miss something about Mandy Moore? I’m a big fan but I have heard nothing of this rumor before…

  • annie

    I think Ryan Adams would have kept Mandy Moore away from LA if he wanted her on the wagon. I bet all those fat/pregnancy rumours pushed Fergie back to meth.

  • MB

    I first thought of Christina for this one, I like the Avril guess but I get the feeling she couldn’t care less what her husband thinks – she hangs out with Brandon Davis ffs!!
    Fergie – not sure, it says ‘line after line’ and isn’t meth smoked? I’m not much of a conniseur lol. Anyway I vote Xtina.

  • mook

    Xtina has never gone to rehab. Avril, Fergie, and Mandy have secretly gone, as has Juliette Lewis (actress/singer)

    • maurav

      I thought Juliette was a scientologist and didn’t believe in rehab? Then there was the rumor that some friend had talked her into going but nothing more. Is it confirmed now that she went?

  • Love Bite

    If it was Xtina don’t you think they would have mentioned that she has a baby?

  • Rococo

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Pop starlet Mandy Moore, 21, has checked herself into a substance abuse and psychiatric hospital for a “personal problem,” it has been revealed.

    The singer-actress entered the Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut, to get help but no specific details of her condition have been released.

    A statement from her Los Angeles publicist, said: “Mandy Moore recently checked herself into Silver Hill Hospital for a planned 10-day stay to deal with a specific and personal problem that had recently developed.”

    “Moore scheduled her stay in Silver Hill several days ago and expects to leave on Tuesday (October 4th), as planned.”

    • maurav

      Who goes for a 10-day planned stay at a rehab and psych hospital? It’s not a resort! A specific and personal problem that recently developed? What?

      Nothing like getting married within 6 months of a stay at a hospital after being treated for a substance abuse problem. That’s a relationship that’s bound to last.