Actor Pays for a Fake Boyfriend

money-2CDAN – This A list television actor on a hit network drama has been in a relatively long term relationship. He is cheating on his significant other with a female crew member on his television show. To cover it up he has been paying a male crew member to act as the boyfriend for the female crew member so his significant other won’t catch on. Confused? Well it gets more interesting. The two crew members are actually sleeping together without the A list actor knowing.

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32 comments to Actor Pays for a Fake Boyfriend

  • plum

    kiefer sutherland?

  • JB

    This blind item is awesome

  • MauraV

    Okay, “relatively long term” and “significant other” suggest that the A-list actor is not married just a big cheater. And he’s got to make enough cash to be able to pay-off a crew member to keep quiet. Leaves very few options,…none of which I know.

  • stinkweed

    Specifies that he is cheating with a female crew member. Does this imply that his significant other is not female?

    How ’bout Neil Patrick Harris?

    That would kind of be a hoot!

  • stinkweed

    Ah, c*, it says “drama” not show. NPH is out.

  • stinkweed

    Still think it’s someone who’s got a same sex significant other. Otherwise it would say “girlfriend” or whatever.

  • Shelly

    How many A list actors are even on hit network dramas right now? I’m having a difficult time coming up with just one name. I think of most of them as solid B listers.
    Patrick Dempsey? Is he A list? I dunno. He’s the only one I can think of who gets lead movie roles along with the TV gig.

  • Shelly

    Oh! Just remembered Patrick Dempsey was in “Can’t Buy Me Love” where he…bought himself a girlfriend. LOL.

  • JG

    Alec Baldwin?

    • andy

      I don’t think Alec has been in any long term relationships that are ever photographed… He is always with cast members or his poor daughter.

  • Jen

    Hah. I feel kinda bad for Dempsey. Everytime there’s a blind about an actor on a hit network drama, everybody assumes it’s him. Kiefer’s not a bad guess… he’s as “A-list” as any tv actor could possibly be.

  • GuyIncognito

    Hugh Laurie

  • angel

    mark harmon

  • Marka

    Keifer has been with Siobine (sp?!) something-or-other for a long time (for him). At least a few years, even though his divorce was only officially finalized a year or two ago. He’s good at what he does, and I don’t think he hides the fact he’s a bit skeezy sleezy…

  • Just Me

    But Sheen isn’t on a drama, he’s on a sitcom. But otherwise, it sounds just like his MO!

  • Trilly

    He’s not on a drama.

  • Dak

    Someone from Lost?

    • MauraV

      I don’t watch the show but the only actor I can ID on there is Matthew Fox (thank you, Party of Five). Is he really A list?

  • astriastar

    What about Lawrence Fishburne? Wouldn’t he be considered A-list?

    • ibiubu

      I was just getting ready to add him to the conversation. But he truly is more film than TV, which made me hesitate, even though he’s doing CSI. Unless BG is just being deliberately vague by not mentioning either films or marriage, I think definitely him. He is one of the few TV actors qualifying as A-list with the $$$ to pay a shill.

  • Sharon

    Rob Lowe. Has shown his stripes as a cheater and a sneak. Went to court to get his nanny to keep quiet.

  • lott

    T.R Knight? hes been with tht college guy for evs

  • reece

    agreed-tr knight, altho i can’t see him having sexy time with a chick..