Young Co-Stars Still Grabbing Each Other

red-carpet-coupleBuzzFoto – Well, it looks like they’re still on. Our photographer saw them both at a Red Carpet Event last night arriving separately of course. They did pose for some photos, but the best part, when they walked into the Event, our young cutie was the recipient of a little a*-grab! Not Miley, although her underage relationship seems cool with everyone.

Editor’s Note: Young actor and actress, co-stars, he’s married to someone else, she’s underage.

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14 comments to Young Co-Stars Still Grabbing Each Other

  • JustAGuess

    Well…. I was going to guess daddy Cyrus and co-star haley osment since they seemed to be hinting that he was okay with his daughter’s inappropriate relationship. And the ACM awards were last night… but there are literally ZERO pictures of the two together.

  • TT

    Hayden & Milo?

  • JustAGuess

    Yeah scratch that. I just noticed the “young actor and actress” Billy Ray is NOT young.

  • QweenB

    Would the fact that the ACMs has an ORANGE carpet, not a red carpet as listed above mean that this grope session happened at a different event? The Bravo A List Awards were on this weekend…

  • d

    i can’t figure this one out and i’m so curious!

  • Tony

    I think these enigmatic postings should be make public after 30 days! I hate not knowing!

  • Jason Earles and Emily Osment.
    He plays Hannah Montanas sister, he’s 30 and married. She’s 16..

    • Penguin

      Is 30 a young actor? (Although admittedly he does look about 12.)

    • Blind Item Obsessed

      He’s actually turning 24 this year and she just turned 17 I think. You have hit this one on the head, El Diablo!

  • QweenB

    Ok, I have been through every photo gallery of the ACM awards I can find and the only underage girl I can find is Miley! I cant find info on any other ‘red’ carpet events and its driving me nuts, hehe. I think I am a bit obsessed with that one.

  • brit

    I agree with The Devil, that is a really good guess, I think you might have got this one.