Rapper Gets Egotistical on His Credit Card

credit-cards-1BuzzFoto – This young-ish, semi-popular rapper has apparently been utilizing the customization options for his credit card. His artwork of choice? The cover of his latest album. Yes, the one with his face on it. He probably thought it was super cool, but even the bank workers were giggling at the arrogance.

It wasn’t Nelly.

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27 comments to Rapper Gets Egotistical on His Credit Card

  • GuyIncognito

    Soulja Boy?

  • biggiebigyadig

    Yeah I was going to guess Soulja Boy as well.

  • d

    i thought of bow wow because of the “youngish” comment

  • Lilia

    this screams the d* named soulja boy. his latest album has his ugly mug on it.
    2nd guess is bow wow. another d* in the same category as soulja boy. his just released album has his mug on it.

  • Schmoopie

    Maybe Kanye West. Is he more than semi-popular? I don’t know but I hear he is very arrogant.

  • Quanah

    Kanye isn’t youngish, he’s 31. I say Bow Wow because he’s arrogant and he had a part in a song about being young with a Black Card. I used to think he was so cute, but then he became an a-hole.

  • Wordyup

    A better blind would be which rap artist isn’t arrogant?
    Kongay, What a doggie says, and Soldyasoul are all good guesses.

  • Nick

    I don’t think this is arrogant. What is the whole point of customization options anyway? I bet many people use pictures of kids, girlfriends or pets, and probably also company brand art. Why not oneself’s music album? Rappers do a lot, lot worse than that to pretend to be more important than they really are.

  • whatevah

    Eminem… he is not old aka “youngish” yet playing it incognito…. he has the talent, studio and industry respect for other high profile artists to cooberate with him with him included, but yet behind the scenes. Who has really seen him in how long?… he has some new stuff out there… public appearance publicized in how long? whether you love him or love to hate on him the man has a business mind and crazy talent!

  • Smokey772

    Don’t know wHo, but it can’t be kanye. As much as he loves himself, he never has his own pics on his album covers.

  • shouldbestudying

    TI’s face is on his latest album.

    • Lilia

      I’ve met TI several times. He’s actually pretty cool and down to earth. Nice ‘country’ boy, you can’t get past the country accent. Short as h* though. if we’re looking for over the top arrogance, i don’t think it’s him.

  • sean

    They give rappers credit cards? Why?

  • jen

    yea i said it was soulja boy on buzzfoto.com

  • jenbean316

    i think it’s usher. usher had a deal with customized debit cards.

  • SM

    At the risk of sounding WAY vain — my bank offers customized cards as well and I sincerely thought about putting my own photos on them as an extra form of ID. I use my debit and credit cards daily, both at point of sale transactions and online. Since many people don’t sign their cards (which is a bad idea, BTW, because if someone just picks it up and they sign it, of course their signature will match what is on the receipt) and often cashiers don’t stop to look at the name or match the signature, it would be pretty darn hard to use a card with my ugly mug on it.

    Anyhow, I don’t have a guess. Just putting in my two cents (sign your credit and debit cards!).

  • IamThinking


  • brit

    soulja boy!!

  • em

    It’s Weezy.

  • joooe

    I would say Wayne, but unfortunately, he’s hardly semi-popular. You can’t say anything about rap without mentioning his wack self. I’d say Bow Wow, because Soulja Boy is also popular now *crosses fingers- hopefully not for long*, and not youngish- he’s young. Bow Wow’s early 20’s, and not that popular.