Star Enjoys Traveling to Thailand

thailand-2BuzzFoto – This star, who has recently become popular for his work and partying persona, has some problems. Let’s call the problems, more of an addiction. Let’s call the addiction more along the lines of an illegal obsession. In Thailand. With underage girls. He claims it only happened once, and he was ignorant to her age. Why have his phone bills then, been calling repeat ‘agencies’ in Thailand almost every day?

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52 comments to Star Enjoys Traveling to Thailand

  • Missy

    Hope someone figures this one out, because that is GROSS, and I’d like to boycott their “work.”

  • Lilia

    ugh! sick to my stomach…i don’t care to guess a name.

  • Rosa

    Recently popular for work and partying? Seth Rogan?

  • too easy

    That dude from the Twilight movie. The one that looks dirty and is always at a bar.


      and that means he’s a pedophile?

      • too easy

        Umm, no. It says someone RECENTLY popular for their work and for their partying. Can’t be Piven has he has been popular for years now. That kid is recently popular and has been seen at a ton of bars partying. You must be one of those twilight loons to get so bent over one guess.

  • Alex

    I don’t agree this sort of info is used as a blind item, and has innocent people being labeled. This person needs to be exposed!!!

  • hmm

    whoever it is should be outed. I was hoping one of you would have a good guess but like others have said … you don’t want to put this label on someone unless you know for sure.

  • Tanner

    this is sick.

  • zmnx

    If anyone has hard evidence of this they should go to the police. Its their duty to protect innocents.

  • Russell Brand … easy

    • Colleen

      Russell Brand doesn’t really fit the “partier” anymore – he’s been sober for a while now. Probably Piven – his nickname is “pivert”…

  • wickedorchid

    If ANYONE has hard evidence of this you must go to the authorities. Or release the details to the press. What are you holding back? To blackmail him?

    That would make you an accessory to pedophilia. And would then make you a pig also….

  • Larry

    Definately Jeremy Piven. He went to Thailand for “treatment” of his “mercury poisoning”.

    • Nowaynohow

      If it’s Piven, then he can now be arrested for that, because Pres Bush signed a law that said if you commit crimes in other countries, you can be tried in the US and it was specifically to combat people who have sex with underage children in, for example, Thailand, India – this was actually, in my opinion, the best thing he did as President.

      However, this blind item is actually a crime, so I hope that law enforcement (who do monitor these sites to some extent) sees it and starts an investigation -because this is not a fun, no harm gossip item – it’s a crime.

  • leonard mckelvey

    It’s Bill O’reilly from faux new. You can just look at Bill and see he is pervert.

  • iLoveMichaelK

    This is horrible, why are “celebrities” always getting away with illegal stuff? This is sick, pervert. UGH \think of your nieces and daughters. this f* needs to be exposed ASAP. it disgusts me to see how much celebs can get away with, like look at that sham wow guy, he beat the c* out of that hooker and will probably go to jail but Chris Brown beat up Rhianna and will walk…..same with fricken child molesters….come on now!!

  • sigh

    I vote for Piven. Geez.
    I also just realized another BI got solved (I believe) There is a report on Gawker about how he sends out mass text messages and tells whoever shows up first, they get him. Remember the BI a while back about a celeb using twitter and will hook up with anyone, as long as you are in the vicinity? Yea… That is 3 BI’s I have counted solved in the last 2 weeks and they aren’t getting posted here as solved.

  • mm

    My first guess was Russell Brand, but he seems to sleep with anyone and it doesn’t matter what age the girls are. But Jeremy Piven did indeed travel to Thailand. There is an article on about his vacation to Bangkok in January. Supposedly his doctor advised him to go there to recover from that poisoning. It must be JEREMY PIVEN.

  • Mabilu

    Piven is one of the scuzziest s* I’ve ever met. The guy is so morally bankrupt and disgusting, I wouldn’t put anything past him, including this. The fact that he traveled to Thailand recently confirms it for me that even if this isn’t him, he’d without a doubt do this. That man did not go for the sightseeing and fine dining. TRUST. And, I agree with the previous posters: blinds like this shouldn’t be blind – out the sick b*.

  • ladymarmalade

    Piven for sure. He’s a nasty piece of work. Everyone in the Chicago area has a story about him.

  • bizz

    I agree that this shouldn’t be a blind item, whoever has this information should call the police. Even if it turns out to be false, they should investigate. There are underage Thai girls in the US too. :S yikes

  • vtown

    the item says “recently become popular for his work and partying.” piven has been popular since 2004 when entouage first aired. i would say if anything piven’s popularity has been dwindling in the past year. That’s why i’m going with Brand, he blew up when Sarah Marshall came out last summer and soon after that press about his “sex addiction” was all over the place.

    • A-nonny-mouse

      Russell Brand’s whole ‘sex addiction’ thing is just his schtick. I worked on a few of his shows at MTV during his ‘blowing-up’ period and trust me he’s duller than a… um something very dull. And VERY insecure…. apart from that, quite a nice chap.

  • GBaby

    Recently became popular could refer to the whole Broadway mercury poisoning thing, no? He was in all the headlines like never before!

  • Lilian


    The source cannot confirm that the girls are underage

    • sigh

      That is what happens when they realize the legal boundaries they may have crossed mixed with the outrage at wanting this “not blind”. I’m sure they consulted their attorney who told them a quick fix would be to update with “cannot confirm” – solves everything. lol.

  • k

    someone doesn’t want to get sued. LOL

    • Lilian

      You’re probably right but it is what the site said. Even though i hope the update is true, what he does is still sick.
      Prostitution is not right especialy when you know that some of the girls are probably forced against their will.

  • biggiebigyadig

    Well, he isn’t called Pivert for nothing.

  • If the girl is 15, which authorities would you go to? It is not a crime to have sex with a 15-year-old girl in Thailand, just as it is not a crime to toke some reefer in the Netherlands.

    In fact, it is not a crime to have sex with a 15-year-old girl in several of the United States as well. The federal statutes do not and cannot cover such matters. Remember that in the US Constitution any powers not specifically granted to the federal government are reserved to the states. Such an act is not a crime, for example, in Idaho, Hawaii, or Virginia.

    However, if one transported a 15-year-old girl from Oregon to Idaho (for example) for the purpose of having sex with her, one could be prosecuted under the Mann Act. Charlie Chaplin was so tried in 1944, and was acquitted, although he probably did what he was accused of. Fearing repercussions, he promptly packed his bags and moved his comedic genius a* to Switzerland.

    In short, if the girl is at least 15, there are no authorities to report this to, because no crime has been committed. It would be precisely tantamount to prosecuting an American in America for having smoked dope in Amsterdam.

    On the other hand,

    (1) if the perpetrator were outed, it would most certainly destroy his career.
    (2) if the girl was less than 15 years old, the act would be illegal under Thai law, and some prosecutions might be possible.

    • k

      that’s probably why he goes to thailand…for the 15 year olds. ICK! Why else would he go all the way to thailand when he can pay for hooker here?

    • sigh

      FYI – People don’t go to Thailand to sleep with 15 year olds. They go to Thailand to sleep with 10, 11, 12 year olds, or younger.

  • tammy

    what are the bi’s you’ve sloved sigh?

    • sigh

      They were 2 in early March, one was about the casting couch and I can’t remember the other, but I went to each and put the information on them and even put the info on the newest BI that day hopping the people here would notice they were solved, but they deleted it all instead.
      I also think it’s strange that none of the Blind Gossip items are ever listed as solved. Come on, some are from last year, why can’t you reveal who they are now?

  • FartyLatte

    No one said Richard Geer?

  • kelno

    Not sure if this showed up on your page, but does anyone find it disturbing that the ad at the bottom of this blind is “Find your Thai Beauty today!” – Quite inappropriate when we’re discussing who could possible be a pedophile.

  • Nick

    The torches and pitchforks tone of the comments in this site really disturbs me sometimes.

  • Sharon

    Scoop-are you an attorney? You sure seem to know an awfully lot about these laws……..and yes, I would say destroy the career.and prosecute–does he deserve a career???

  • mc jones

    Had to laugh when I got to the bottom of the page here, and there was a googlead for “Find your Thai Beauty Today! Browse Photos Now!

  • mab

    Uh….hey why are you guys at blind gossip not turning this pedo in?!

  • Sophia

    I thought Jeremy Piven was a nice guy and best friend of John Cusack?