Asking for The Garden at the Hair Salon

hair-gardenUs Weekly – Which two actresses, who recently co-starred in a film, dislike each other so much that when they were at the salon the same day, one asked to have her color applied in the garden?

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23 comments to Asking for The Garden at the Hair Salon

  • Penny

    I say Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore.

  • Shannon

    Anne & Kate?

  • Lilia

    Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson?
    Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connolly? – I heard a rumor that J.Aniston for some reason couldn’t stand J. Connolly.

  • hjk

    kate & anne make sense and so do jen a. & jen c., but do any of them ever change their hair color or have changed it recently? we have to think of two that recently changed their hair color, right? i might be reading it wrong so correct me if i am.

    • bobo

      Do you seriously think any of the actresses mentioned have their own hair colour? Or anyone in hollywood for that matter?

  • kiki

    Most people get highlights and lowlights and everything in between and have to get them applied regularly so, you didn’t read it wrong, you just didn’t read it with knowledge you didn’t have :)

    I instantly thought of Khud and Anne. Mostly because I hate Kate Hudson.

  • Kelly

    Having you hair colored doesn’t necessarily mean you are changing it. I’ll go with the two Jennifers – They seem like they would be polar opposites.

  • biggiebigyadig

    Im going with Kate and Anne.

  • jennifah

    isn’t jen aniston’s hairdresser her best friend? If so, wouldn’t he know to not schedule an enemy at the same time and/or do her hair at her house?

    • Nowaynohow

      Didn’t Aniston just pay her hairdresser like, $150K to come on a press tour with her in the UK?

      So…he travels with her, so he can probably do most of his work at her house. She might even have a makeup room with a hairwashing sink and all that jazz in her home – a lot of them do. Maintains their privacy a lot of celebs have that.

      Even Kathy Griffin.

  • Allison

    Ginnifer Goodwin and Scarlett Johansson? He’s Just Not Into You? and Scarlett recently changed hair colors, might be a clue

  • Etcetera

    Googling Jennifer Connolly’s name, this article came up:

    Jen A constantly has highlights applied to her and Jen C…well, she has the most beautiful hair. She must be doing something to keep them so glossy. :) i’ll go with these two actresses.

  • Jacks

    Jen Aniston’s hairdresser even travels with her, so I doubt she’s going to a salon to get her hair done… and as someone above said, if she really disliked J.C. so much, I doubt they would be booked at the same salon at the same time. Anne & Kate are better guesses, in my opinion.

  • kittykat

    Jen A and Drew B make sense. They’re both sort of competing for the same roles these days in romcoms. I can see their personalities not always meshing well. And Drew must live at the salon because sometimes it seems like every time she’s out in public she has a new hair style or hair color.

    Jennifer C is NYC based and Jen A is Cali based, plus Jen’s hairdresser travels with her and if he doesn’t travel with her one of his assistants does so she doesn’t even really have to go to the salon, it’s all done on set. Jennifer and Jen have laughed about the rumors of them not getting along and both said they were talking about looking for another project to do together.

    I thought of Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens as a possibility. Their friendship seems to have cooled considerably. They were all giggly up onstage for the KCA but backstage they weren’t interviewed together. Zac/Vanessa/Corbin did interviews together and Tisdale was nowhere to be found. That night Zac/Vanessa went out with Brittany Snow and her bf and then Jessica Stroup while Tisdale was out partying at the Viper Room with one of her non-Disney friends. Then a couple days later Tisdale was out partying in WeHo again with some friends and shopping another day as well.

  • pusssykatt

    Actually Drew and Cameron Diaz are on the outs because Drew is such good friends with Jennifer now (I guess because of the guy Cameron is now dating.

    I just read recently that Jennifer’s hair dresser does not do her hair on movies set.

  • Snarky

    Anne and Kate sound about right. The “he’s just not that into you” sounds more like an ensemble cast, rather than a co-star situation, so I don’t know if any of the possible conflicts between the female cast would apply. Also, if Jenny A issues a 150K paycheck to her HAIR GUY I’d assume he makes house calls (thus no need to go to the salon)? Anne and Kate make sense– while Anne may not dye her hair (only one of the 2 actresses had to have had a dye job), Kate definitely does. That blonde mess/hippy chic business needs its upkeep. Anne also seems too composed/mature/normal to bug out about things like this.

  • hey hey

    yea Jen A.’s hair sytlist makes house calls, I don’t think I have ever seen her at a salon. I like Kate and Anne or Cameron and Drew, they are on the outs big time now that Cameron is with that guy, Jen A.’s ex..??

  • Hautie

    This is a real random guess… but I am thinking Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

    They are doing the press tour for the movie “Grey Gardens” were they play Mother and daughter.

    Both were colored blonde for the movie. And I have notice that Drew has not went back to her natural color…

    • joooe

      so late, but i think you are right!

      as soon as i read that last line, i could hear Drew Barrymore in character as Edie saying it! The picture is very similar to Drew- in that she’s a natural brunette- the photo’s hair at the roots- and has gone blonde. And
      she’s laying in grass- grass= garden, of course.