Reality Dream has Turned Into Nightmare

nightmare-1Downfront 2 – This Songwriter’s dream job has turned into a nightmare. Since joining this top-rated reality show, she has alienated the top stars and fans. No one likes her, and she adds nothing to the show. Will she back for another season?

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25 comments to Reality Dream has Turned Into Nightmare

  • emmy

    Kara from American Idol? DUHHH

  • maggie may

    sooo obvious……Kara from AI

  • Rafael

    I agree, this must be Kara. I don’t NOT like her. But I really couldn’t care either way. Most of the time she is just there taking up space. She might as well be Paula’s second head. I really don’t see that she is needed.

  • kiki

    This wasn’t a blind… but it’s nice when we know the answer lol.

    Obvs Kara… I don’t watch Idol… I haven’t since… um well I watched when Kelly won… was that the same year Nikki with the colourful hair and son was on? Was Clay on the year after? I remember watching Ruben winning… but that’s probably the last time I’ve seen this show… is it even good anymore?

    • sigh

      Lol same exactly for me. I watched Kelly win and the last season of idol I bothered with was the year of Clay and Ruben. Haven’t watched it since and even I knew this was Kara.

  • Quanah

    Am I the only one who likes Kara? She’s a mix of all 3 judges to me. A little sweet like Paula, a little harsh like Simon, and she has the “background” like Randy(writing music, like Randy played music…not in the forefront).

    • Rafael

      That is exactly why I don’t think the show needs her. She brings nothing it doesn’t already have.

  • Quanah

    lol Rafael.

  • Extrahelp

    Off screen Paula and Kara don’t talk at all. It is all for the camera’s. It is no secret that they got in a huge blow up fight. We are talking epic here. As soon as they go to break filming the 2 scoot away from each other and bicker right in front of the audience. It is bad!

  • Dak

    Since we’re discussing Idol, it’s definitely worth a watch this year. I didn’t watch at all last year as it was so boring, but this year they have a guy named Adam Lambert who is absolutely incredible. There are some others who are really good too. It’s just a different year. I would drop $100 bucks on an Adam Lambert concert ticket tomorrow if I could.

  • biggiebigyadig

    This shouldn’t even be blind..

  • mark polo

    okay it is probab ly Kara but could be Kandi Buruss ex-of x-scape and songwriter of TLC and Destiny’s Child who is now on Housewives of Atlanta . The show is shooting but hasn’t aired yet .

    • k

      That’s a good guess. I think The downfront is mostly about Black celebs.

    • ladymarmalade

      But says “top-rated”. Those “Real Housewives” shows get around 2 million viewers.

      Real Housewives of NY, season opener 1.6 million viewers
      American Idol 4/2 results show: 23.7 million viewers

  • christine

    Not blind, because who else could it be?

  • Schmoopie

    Just agreeing with the obvious, Kara. She gets under my skin. It is something about her I don’t like. Maybe it is that extremely poor posture.

  • k

    I can’t stand Kara. I would rather watch Paula’s funny drunk a*!

  • FartyLatte

    Bye Kara. You suck all the fun out of the room.

  • RoSull

    Mark Polo, way to go against the grain! I think Kandi is a good guess, because the Atlanta housewives are Bravo’s top rated show ever for the network.

  • Ian

    Later Kara…I don’t want to see anymore of you! No one likes you, and contestants families have problems too! Broken record 😉

  • :p

    kara tries to be funny, fails miserably, acts like shes superior to everyone else, and also tries to act like “the cool kid”. its ridiculous. watch for it next time and it’ll be obvious. She definetly is a broken record and really just overall boring. It’d be one thing if she was boring but accepted that, but she tries to be funny and entertaining and just gets annoying. Paula’s AI contract thingy is up at the end of this season, and its believed that Kara was added this year to replace Paula, who would be gone next season. I mean, Im not the biggest Paula fan but at least shes entertaining! I hope they get rid of Kara instead.

  • rh


    But the show has been fixed in the past, and is fixed now.
    Three judges are all over Anoop, and Simon wants him out. His usefulness is over, even if he does a decent job.

    They’ll not want a gay guy to be the idol. So despite his showy performances, they’ll probably fix it so Adam will not win.

    They’ve probably decided on the bland guy who milked his widowed status, and the guy who needs his piano in order to have the advantage.Jmo!

  • brit

    how can it be kara from AI, this is a one time competition, how can she compete next season? the blind says she might be back next season, I dont see it being her because of this.