His Religion Determines When The Scene is Shot

religious-symbolsCDAN – This former A/B list movie and television actor is driving producers crazy with demands on the set of his new movie. It seems that our actor has some very odd spiritual beliefs and he is willing to only shoot during certain hours of the day because to do otherwise will harm his soul. I think he has smoked way too much pot.

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21 comments to His Religion Determines When The Scene is Shot

  • Kelly

    I’m thinking Woody Harrelson because of the pot reference.

  • Jen

    Definitely Woody. Isn’t he Buddhist or something?

  • biggiebigyadig

    Yeah once the pot reference was made I immediately thought of Woody Harrelson.

  • brit

    I dont know why but I thought of Robert Downey Jr. I’m probably wrong but idunno…

  • plum

    seth rogen?

  • Boonie

    umm… What religion claims that the soul could be harmed during certain hours of the day?

  • maybe...


  • sigh

    Woody Harrelson is a Vegan. He is an adherent of the religion known as Ethical Veganism. Veganism is not a religion for all vegans, but in Harrelson has made it clear that for him, Veganism has spiritual and religious components and his not simply a diet.

    Harrelson has reached a crucial point in his spiritual evolution: He’s about to go beyond vegan to an “80 percent-living-diet”- no enzyme inhibitors, nothing dead. And every six weeks he’s committed to taking a week off from food altogether.

  • mm

    Steven Segal

  • MK

    My guess is Ashton Kutcher – he’s filming a movie right now… I don’t know too much about Kabbalah though

  • Mel

    Matthew McConaughey, but only bc of the pot reference and strage spiritual beliefs, I’m not sure if he’s done TV?

  • kittykat

    I think this might be referring to Ashton Kutcher and the movie he’s filming with Katherine Heigl right now. Kabbalah, or at least the version he’s involved with, supposedly has some very mystical aspects to it. He’s a devout follower so I can see him refusing to shoot scenes at certain times of the day. And if he’s a practicing Kabbalahist, which is part of the Jewish faith, he most likely observes the Sabbath and therefore wouldn’t shoot any scenes after sundown on Friday through Saturday if i recall my religion class correctly.

    • Barry

      i totally agree. i was going to say ashton – remember he refused to take off his red kabbalah bracelet during some stupid rom com he did and they had to digitally remove it (movie bombed). if he is trying to be Sabbath observant or does not want to work on Passover holiday, that is very common (i am Orthodox Jew, and my bosses are extremely accomodating). but he is not Jewish and kabbalah is a crock religion. it should not dictate times of day and that business. that is all fabricated by Berg, the cult leader.

  • Christina

    I’m sure if it was Ashton he would have Twittered about it by now!!

  • Schmoopie

    Matthew McConaughey, I am thinking of the pot reference. And he does seem like he would have some weird rituals.