She Made a Sacrifice to Keep Filming

baby-angelCDAN – This B list movie actress in a franchise had to get a procedure done in order to keep filming the franchise. She didn’t tell her boyfriend because it wasn’t his baby. It was the baby of a co-star on a different film who is a married C+/B- movie and television actor who is slowly moving away from television.

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33 comments to She Made a Sacrifice to Keep Filming

  • Anony

    Megan Fox is my guess for the girl, with Brian Austen Green being the BF she didn’t tell. Don’t know who the dad is, though.

  • sigh

    The picture made me think of Charlie’s Angels, and that made me think of Cameron Diaz, but Charlie’s Angels isn’t continuing that I know of, however, Shrek is…. the 4th one comes out soon.

    • sigh

      Yes I realize she wouldn’t need the procedure to continue to film (voice) an animated film. Was just thinking out loud.

    • bobo

      why would a voice actor have to get an abortion?

    • sigh

      Actually it looks like it may be happening.
      Another Charlie’s Angel?
      Article icon 1:24PM, Jan 26, 2009
      It’s time to start practising our high-kicks.

      Drew Barrymore has revealed she is keen to get together with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu for another Charlie’s Angels movie.

      The actress told E! Online: “I’m so into it – Charlie’s Angels III.”
      Nancy Juvonen, Drew’s producing partner at Flower Films confirmed a potential reunion to E!: “It’s percolating up. It’s rising to the surface.”
      Demi Moore unveiled her spanking new hot bod when she played baddie Madison Lee in the second film, and it’s rumoured that this time the producers are looking for a male baddie and possibly a fourth angel.

    • dipso

      “KEEP filming” suggest production has already started. It can take years from rumours of a movie to actually start shooting, plenty of time to pop out a baby. Meanwhile, Megan Fox has just finished the Transformer sequel and has been in two movies with nothing but c/d-list actors

  • candiangirl

    dear god… I really hope this one isn’t true.

  • Blind Item Obsessed

    I think that pic is always the pic BG uses to talk about “that kind” of procedure.

    I think Megan Fox sounds good. . . but is she a “B” actress? Maybe B- or C? I always get lost in the ratings of the people.

  • Brit

    I think someone said Ent usually does the ratings by how much their movies bring in to the box office. So Transfomers brought in about 300 million and almost 700 million worldwide. I can see Fox being about B list.

  • MK

    …Is Josh Duhamel not gonna be in the next Transformer movie coming out? If so, this could fit – he’s now married, and is moving in on the movie world vs. that Las Vegas show. I could totally see him and Megan Fox hooking up.

  • Jane

    Megan Fox & Adam Brody, both in Jennifer’s Body

  • HannahBanana

    Yeah, that sounds right. Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green and Josh Duhamel.

  • Betty Boop

    Other possibilities include the ladies of Fast & the Furious. Everybody’s career was circling the drain. They all (male & female) desperately needed to stay in the movie and for the movie to be a hit.

    Jordana Brewster was in a few episodes of “Chuck” with the married Ryan McPartlin, who has a movie coming out.

    Michelle Rodriguez (despite a liking for the ladies) re-teamed with married Harold Perrineau on a movie last year. Maybe they started reminiscing from their “Lost” days?

  • anon

    megan had another abortion to protect her career? wow, she’s more desperate for fame than i thought.

  • kristin

    That picture breaks my heart. Poor little innocent baby!

  • kittykat

    I think Megan and BAG is a good guess with the married co-star being Josh D possibly or maybe Chris Pratt–he’s practically married to Anna Faris and they did Jennifer’s Body together, he’s done Bride Wars, Wanted, Young Americans and was on the OC and is doing some episodes of Parks and Recreation.

  • me

    OMG, Megan Fox just finished work on a different movie and also has a movie coming out where she work with Josh Duhamel. So this is why she’s no longer engaged to Brian Austin Green, she got rid of Joshes baby and went through a tough time with BAG. I can’t see what other people this BlindGosspi fits SO VERY EXACTLY.

    • Betty Boop

      Although I can easily see this as being Megan Fox, I don’t think she really has broken up with BAG. After the breakup, he announced he was producing her mermaid movie. I think her agent convinced them that her career would go farther if she was seen as “available”.

  • maybe...

    “different movie” = not an actor from the franchise. can’t be josh duhamel

  • SugarLanie

    The girl from Twilight…aren’t they filming the second of the four part series and casting for the third film. A pregnancy would be a problem…She just had another film open in theatres.

  • Haha

    Megan Fox & Brad Rowe – married & had played in a lot of television series.

  • smashley619

    what about someone from sincity?

  • Extrahelp


  • laina

    megan fox did put on some weight a few months ago… she didnt look fat… she just looked a little bigger than her normal self. i remember reading it was because the dir of transformers wanted her to have a little more meat

  • X

    Brad Rowe Megan fox done.

  • elvisdiva

    Being a franchise, not mentioning if filming was very recent or not – Kiera Knightly the Brit with the ugly mouth – too skinny)? I beleive they are prepping for installment #4. And maybe the other actor was her co-star in Atonement?

  • magicponyrainbows

    this sux but if it was megan that would explain their little “break up”. he’d wonder why she couldnt have sex for a while so she “left” him for long enough. you know? I dunno. it sux but its possible.