Greyhound Girl Entertains Herself

greyhound-busBuzzFoto – This hostess extraordinaire hates to fly, but those 40-odd hour bus rides from NYC to LA can get super old. So how does our Miz entertain herself? She watches old movies from the 40’s and calls her exes. Nothing shady or untoward here. She just likes to chat, and she makes them laugh, so they keep accepting the calls.

It’s not Heidi Klum.

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13 comments to Greyhound Girl Entertains Herself

  • biggiebigyadig

    Whoppi Goldberg! No doubt, I saw on The View after the Oscars that Whoppi wasn’t there because she hates to fly and was taking a bus home from LA.

  • jen

    I say Whoppi,she never flyes.

  • kiki

    I third Whoopi because she owns a bus.

  • sigh

    Whoopi is a good guess, but I can’t think of any connection to Heidi Klum.

  • zmnx

    Gotta be Whoopi.

  • Isabela

    It is Whoopi, she went on Leno when she was in LA saying she took a bus there bc she hates flying & that it only took her about 2 days (hence the 40 odd hours) to get there

  • maybe...

    yeah whoopi doesnt fly and has her own bus…there is not really a connection to heidi other than they are tv hosts but there isnt always a connection, sometimes they just eliminate someone.

  • Blind Item Obsessed

    But how is Whoopi related to Heidi Klum?

  • Sundaeg1rl

    Yeah, Whoopee sounds right.

    However, seems like she’s recently got her gumption because she flew over to England this week – she was on Jonathan Ross’ show last night. She said she’d done a fear of flying course with Virgin and it’d fixed her.

    Sorry for going on, I love her!

  • Snarky

    makes them laugh = comedienne = Whoopi. Maybe Heidi was mentioned as a host extraordinaire because she’s been pretty successful and has managed to balance her modeling/TV career with a busy family life?

  • dexter bond

    Aretha Franklin

  • Gitano

    You can get from NYC to LA in 40 some hours by car? Really? I would have thought it was longer.