Actress Will See You on EBay This Weekend

ebay-logo2StyleList – Which under-employed actress is supporting herself by pretending to be her own stylist to call in samples and then selling them on eBay?

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12 comments to Actress Will See You on EBay This Weekend

  • dexterfan

    Lindsay Lohan.

  • MIMI

    Why, who else but Lindsay Lohan?

  • dreamyvelvet

    Tori Spelling aka our newest Blind Gossip girl. She is so skeletal that she makes a tweaker look fat. She is “allegedly” stressed Mama has a book out she has *worried* herself into another dimension. Yeah, she had the garage sale.
    BG, give us some more dirt because we love it like we love you ^_~

  • smashley619


  • Shannon

    Tara Reid

  • high

    lindsay sounds about right.

    Tara reid is about to start filming a movie << i read that on perez a few weeks ago. ha!

  • Meah

    I dunno but thats a good idea

  • biggiebigyadig

    Lindsay Lohan.

  • Missy

    It’s not Tori; she sells on eBay, admittedly. In fact, she promotes it, and the items are not new releases. I think the under employed reference is for Blohan, who just said how scary it is to realize you are not employed. And, she clearly is dressing herself lately; she looks like utter crap; who’d send her samples?! Mischa and Tara are good guesses, too, but Tara is trying to wear her own duds to sell as a label. Mischa was the subject of a blind about personally begging designers to send her clothes … so, that may fit a bit better? My guess: Blohan. She’s desparate, desparate, desparate and just delusional enough to think people still fall for her lies.

  • sigh

    Gotta go with Mischa on this one. I just read an article where the owner or a rep of Kitson’s said “surprisingly Lindsay’s leggings are flying off the shelves. We can never keep them in stock.” And that it had been going on since she launched them. So she is getting some money from that. Mischa on the other hand, had her stupid headbands that no one wants, and no other work. She supposedly begging designers for clothes at fashion week and for a place to stay, and seems to be dating a homeless dude that lives in his truck.

  • Snarky

    this definitely sounds like the manipulative and ridiculously cheap work of Blohan. Shame on her!

  • Antagonized

    No surprise that loads of people have gone for the obvious name! Not every BI is Blohan, when would she have the time? She spends every waking hour trying to get photographed just to keep herself in the spotlight, so unless she can afford an assistant (which is very doubtful, is it not), then it isn’t her. I would go for Mischa, given that she is trying to flog those awful headbands she ‘designed’ and so would sound plausible when contacting companies to request samples to compliment them.