Hollywood Heartthrob has Younger Eyes

man-eyePopBitch – Who’s the Daddy? Which Hollywood heart-throb with young kids spent most of January and February photographed only wearing sunglasses? The glasses are off and the eyelift is looking good.

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  1. Alex says

    I doubt its Jude, he was shooting scenes for the sherlock shoot jan/feb.

    I think this is between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. It is well known Tom has recently had a face lift….I’m inclined to go with Brad (who back in jan/feb went through a phase of wearing shades non stop for week/s). Also Tom only has one young kid, his older adopted kids are teenagers.

    • Antagonized says

      It says young kids (plural), so can’t be Cruise. Brad has been wearing shades a lot recently, maybe he is feeling his age.

  2. kat1 says

    I say Brad Pitt all the way. I don’t think I can recall a picture of his recently not wearing shades.

  3. Barry says

    diddy always had on glasses. i am guessing his boys like his younger eyes (and all those stupid teen girls who watch his reality shows).

    • sigh says

      What is wrong with you people? Diddy is not a Hollywood heart-throb.
      Who’s the daddy probably refers to the fact that out of 6 kids, Brad Pitt is only the dad of 3.

      • Borg Queen says

        excuse me Brad Pitt is the father of 6 kids (3 adopted and have his last name and 3 biological)

  4. sigh says

  5. Molly.P says

    Wouldn’t Brad have done that before the awards season? He went to all these award ceremonies. We would have known. Oscars were on 22 February. Maybe someone who wasn’t nominated for the last year?

    • Alex says

      the recovery time for an eyelift is anything up to a few weeks, which fits the timeline of the pics above up until the oscars

  6. Rachel says

    What about Will Smith? I think the “…with young kids” could be a hint, and he just won a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor this year. Plus he does wear sunglasses often.. just a thought.

  7. LOL says

    NO, It is definitely Brad Pitt. He had something done right before the Oscars because his eyes were looking extra tight. He looked younger than ever when he did that publicity meet and greet with Nancy Pelosi. He has always had horrible eye bags and they have suddenly disappeared.

  8. LOL says

    I don’t know if it’s due to an eyelift though. I think he does something else that’s not as permanent as an eye lift. Sometimes he looks plastic and other times he looks super old so my guess is restalyn or some other Filler that doesn’t last forever. Buzzfoto also revealed that he has also used Butt fat to fill in his pock marks. LOL

  9. sean says

    Pitt, Cruise and Bruce Willis have all had noticable work done lately. Pitt looks younger, and blander. Willis looks weird. Cruise, on the other hand,looks good. Scientology must have good surgeons.

  10. Give me a break! says

    Those of you guessing Brad Pitt are wrong.The BI said this person was seen MOST of Jan-Feb only wearing sun glasses.Jan thur Feb was award season and Brad Pitt was everywhere and without sun sunglasses.Also he was still filming that Tarintino movie in Jan.How in the h* are you going to get a eyelift while attending awards shows and filming a movie?Think people think.Some of you just want it to be Brad Pitt and are not using logic.

    • to gmab says

      explain why he looks so much younger. Sorry, but brad pitt is as vain as any other chick in HW.

      • Meah says

        Nobody said he doesnt look younger, although I dont see it, he is just not the subject of this blind.

      • to gmab says

        meah, I think he is the subject of this blind. i was just on another site that had a really bad pic of brad and the caption said “before eye lift.” because his undereye area was sagging.

  11. Lee says

    Brad Pitt?I don’t think so.After a eyelift the paient has serious under eye bruising.Mr Pitt was seen thoughout Jan and Feb without sunglasses and unbrusied.It was award season,hello.This is someone else with young childern.

  12. Shelly says

    I agree Tom Cruise has an annoying habit of always wearing his “movie star” shades and had obvious surgery done which puts him in the running–but have to STRONGLY disagree that it looks good. He now has a creepy looking face to match his creepy psycho eyes and personality. Last photos I saw of him a few weeks ago he was bright orange from fake tanner too. He’s gross!

  13. Shelly says

    I also wanted to add that “Who’s your Daddy” seems an obvious reference to Brad Pitt as it was his line used to Angelina in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. They even use it in the movie’s trailer.

  14. sigh says

    Wow, just wow. You guys are DETERMINED to MAKE this Brad Pitt. IT’S NOT HIM! Look at the pics!

  15. hey hey says

    What about matt damon? He has 2 young kids and has been tryin to loose that weight he put on for that movie? Maybe he is just getting the full package done?

  16. Jane says

    The recovery time from an eyelift isn’t very long and there is not that much bruising. I had one last year and looked perfectly fine within 10 days. It’s only really noticeable for the first week.

  17. stinkweed says

    How about all the rumors that Suri is from frozen alien sperm or from that Klein kid? Who’s your daddy certainly fits Cruise as well.

    • brit says

      Totally off subject but I wanted to add my two cents and say that there is no way Tom Cruise is the father, that child looks nothing like him. That baby is Chris Kleins child no doubt!

  18. Shelly says

    That’s true stinkweed. And I think Cruise is an obvious choice other than the fact he ALWAYS wears his sunglasses (even on the red carpet etc) so we don’t forget how famous he is. And the “young kids” clue is plural. I only count Suri as young.
    And really…heart-throb? I’m having a hard time believing that anyone can still see Tom Cruise as a heart-throb.
    But he DEFINITELY had plastic surgery and work around the eyes.