He’s Only Pretending to be a Ladies’ Man

denzel-washingtonEOnline – I know what you’re thinking: Is anybody in Hollywood straight? Skanky David Duchovny is. Brad Pitt maybe. I think that might be it! But seriously, the town’s full of pooftahs. Get friggin’ used to it. Always has been that way—always will be. It’s a community full of creative types, babe, that’s just the way it goes!

Take Saucy Bossy, for ince. He’s made a living by exuding the easy, cool side of powerful in his acting, his looks, his walk, all his endeavors. Ya know, he’s just one of those handsome, effortless figures who command authority, with just a touch of kink on the side.

Well, doll-babes, I’m here to tell you… It’s a helluva lot more than just a damn “touch” for Saucy’s libidinous bent! He sneaks dudes right and left into wherever he’s hanging, whether it’s his house in L.A. or whatever hotel room he happens to be partying in while on location.

Oh, and all those (female) big-butt babes Bossy’s always feeling up in public, at events, in clubs, etc.? “It’s all an act,” said a member of S.B.’s management team, which is terrified somebody’s gonna catch Saucy getting vroom service from the guys.

Jeez, I swear. It’s one thing for a single guy to live a lie like this. But should a dad being doing this? What a horrible message of deceit this sends to Bossy’s kid! (I mean, it’s only a matter of time before the kiddo discovers pops is a down-low kinda man).

And It Ain’t: Colin Farrell, Kiefer Sutherland, Denzel Washington.

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72 comments to He’s Only Pretending to be a Ladies’ Man

  • queenofgossip

    Ice T. CoCo is ridiculous.

  • Rafael

    Will Smith maybe..?

    • bobo

      Will Smith has several kids: “before the kiddo discovers pops”
      Jim Carrey is with Jenny Mccarthy, one kid, but he’s not “one of those handsome, effortless figures who command authority”…

  • ladymarmalade

    Will Smith

  • plum

    vin diesel!!!!!

  • Rafael

    Hit submit before I was done thinking. We need an edit button!

    “vroom service” makes me think of Vin Diesel… And honestly Will Smith doesn’t “feel up big butt babes in public”.. But neither does Vin, really.

  • kathy moriarty


  • kalyn

    ray charles has songs with ‘easy’ and ‘cool’ in the title so it could be Jamie Foxx

  • aj

    jamie fox is a great guess!

  • Beleive it

    Ddddd ddddd the did ster himself– p diddy

  • high

    I was thinking Jamie Fox , too.

  • i hope its ice t lol

    • dreamyvelvet

      Dam. If I could come back in another life as a woman, it would totally be CoCo. I am a hetero woman and she is so f’ing hot. Who cares if it is surgically enhanced ( I really hate that) but she is a cream dream.

  • GBaby

    Jamie foxx!!!!I can’t think of anyone else, he has a daughter right?and he has that cool demeanor.

  • G

    I heard Jamie Fox. He’s a dad it’s been going around for a while now, so my guess is him for sure!!

  • X

    Jamie Fox, vin Diesel, and Diddy everyone knows

  • Jenn

    Jamie Foxx is my guess too.

  • obsesssed

    i love BG! but those eonline blinds are soooo annoying. they’re way too long and all the aka’s are hella obnoxious.

    • obsesssed

      okay, i’m starting to agree with you all on Foxx. I just saw some stuff about a crazed fan pretending to be Beyonce’s manager trying to get into Jamie Foxx’s hotel room.

  • shouldbestudying

    okay, call me naive but ive never thought of vin diesel, jamie foxxxxx, or p diddy as gay. although i think the jamie foxx guess is the best one, you guys mind telling me who all is gay and why you actually think so. i love gay men so the more the merrier, but im always left pretty baffled by all of the people you guys are so adamant on being gay.

  • HBIC

    I agree with Ice T or Terrance Howard

  • mrsjaymack

    I’m going w/ Jamie Foxx too.

  • Love.bug

    This is totally Diddy.

  • MIMI

    My guess is rapper Nas, his wife Kelis has a song out calles “BOSSY” … I think I’m right people ……

  • britney

    “I swear. It’s one thing for a single guy to live a lie like this. But should a dad being doing this?”

    A few of you named men that are married, but this BI clearly states that it is someone who is single.

    that being said I have no idea who it could be, I was gonna say NEYO but he’s engaged and I am not sure if he even has kids…

  • Holly

    I’d say P. Diddy. My first thought was Kanye West, but I looked it up, he doesn’t have any kids.

  • iLoveMichaelK

    Whats wrong with these `celebrities“ being afraid to be who they are, they should be proud and embrace it and be role models

  • Molly.P

    How about Alec Baldwin?

  • Sneaky Pete

    How about Stephen Baldwin… S.B.? Hey, you never know…

  • pumpkin

    I’ve met jamie foxx in the gay part of south beach Miami. He’s a regular there according to the restaurant staff…

  • I KNOW

    Matthew McConaughey? Vin Diesel? Both are majorly on the dl. Both hired women to bear them a child. Matthew’s beard was paid with seed money to start her handbag line, among other perks. It’s amoral and disgusting to bring kids into a big, fat lie.

  • Lila

    jaimie foxx.

  • Britney

    I’ll go out on a limb and say Eddie Murphy.

  • sigh

    It’s totally Jamie Foxx. I’ve thought he was in the closet for a while simply because the man IS hot, was on top of the world when he played Ray Charles, and you NEVER see or hear about him dating anyone.

  • Quanah

    Definately Jamie Foxx.

  • zmnx

    Does Wesley Snipes have kids ?

  • craig

    Jamie Foxx. He has one daughter, “Makes a “living”- ie was on In Living Color

  • mook

    This is Will Smith, too easy (the dad clue gives it away).

    • Karmen

      This doesn’t refer to Will Smith. He’s married, and has multiple kids. Plus, gay rumors about him have been circling for a while now.

      Down low in reference to being gay but not coming out was originally used in the black community, although it is not limited to that group. This makes me think it’s a black actor. It’d be HILARIOUS if it were Ice-T, because his character was talking about it on SVU one time. Don’t think it’s him though.

      Jamie Foxx ftw.

  • brit

    will smith is married and has more then one child. the blind says that this celebrity is single and has one kid.

  • msy

    i’m think jamie. his daughter is old enough to figure things out and she with him a lot so she could actually find out

  • Good read, will smith rules

  • HannahBanana

    Please don’t be Blair Underwood.

  • leonard mckelvey

    Tom cruise

  • h00bydice

    “…He’s made a living by exuding the easy, cool side of powerful in his acting, his looks, his walk, all his endeavors”…

    This makes me think Vin Diesel, because he’s generally type-cast as the “macho” superhero that isn’t overtly, angry but the “easy, cool and powerful” type.

    Jamie Foxx hasn’t been pigeon-holed with his roles like Vin.

  • Nowaynohow

    Blair Underwood. He was a Musical Theater major in college.

  • intriguing...

    timberland? Heard that he was gay… Has a son… Fits the bill…

  • Nick

    But what about “all those (female) big-butt babes Bossy’s always feeling up in public, at events, in clubs, etc.”? Does Jamie Foxx match that description?

  • Anon

    I think it has to be Jamie Foxx.

    Borrowed from The Realestalker:
    In fact, back in 2006 the neighbors famously called the po-leese complaining that a nekkid basketball game was being played on Mister Foxx’s private half-court. Yes children, that’s right, nood basketball. Can you imagine anything less sexy? All that man-junk flying around hither and yon is not attractive and quite frankly it sounds more than a little painful. Mister Foxx claimed he was not home when the po-po showed up to put the kibosh on the game and has said that most of the nekkid dribblers were in fact ladees, a reasonable explanation from a man who has long battled rumors of enjoying the sexual company of another man every now and then.

  • There are too many arranged marriages in Hollywood..let’s see…

    Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Will and Jada Smith
    Denzel Washington and his wife..
    Michelle Obama and ….

    Look at Michelle’s mother…is that really her mother? They look around the same age…

  • Jamie Foxx was a real fruit cup on In Living Color…

  • Jay-Z is always surrounded by hermaphrodites (or androgynous men and women). I bet his bestfriend ty-ty was born with two genitals!

  • Most of these male celebrities marry lesbians…(to carry their children)!

    These men don’t consider themselves as “gay”. They are having sex with people who wore born with a penis and a vagina. Jay-Z considered this the best of both worlds. These people were birthed through incestuous relationships.

    That’s why most loose men in hollywood will never admit that they are gay!

    They prefer to have sex with someone born with a penis and vagina (hermaphrodites or intersexuals)…

  • P. Diddy and Mase had something going on…

    Cassie was born as a hermaphrodite.

    That’s why Piddy can’t get enough of cassie.

    These celebrities are in search of those born with twn genders…

    That’s what all these secret societies are about!

  • Barry

    i am going with foxx or vin. both had rumors. did not know foxx had a kid. used to dress up as a woman on in living color in 90s. seemed pretty at home there.
    bi seems to say he is black by using “DL” which is term for black undercovers; also, pic is of denzel. vin is partially black, but like most mixed celebs, opts for the non white (unless the role calls for it, like boiler room).

  • Barry

    oh, and i just remembered that vin wanted to meet anna nicole before she died bc he said he had a thing for “big” women.

  • Molly.P

    This is Alec Baldwin, totally.

  • ivyleaguer

    boss sounds like P.Diddy to me.