Dad Sabotages One Child’s Career

siblings-1BlindGossip – Remember the post a while back about the celebrity who would not publicly acknowledge that another famous celebrity was his son, but who helped with his career? Well, here’s an example of another Dad with paternity issues, but in this case, the father does not treat the illegitimate child well.

Dad has several kids, but we’ll focus on two, who are both adults. Offspring A is the A list celebrity everyone knows, who Dad acknowledges as his blood, and who has his name. Offspring B is his illegitimate child, and has a different last name. Offspring B is in the same business as Offspring A, and they have even worked together, but B has always been treated as a second-class citizen.  Sadly, Dad has even made several moves to sabotage B’s career. For example, every time B has a project that’s about to be released, Dad pushes Offspring A into the headlines. Now B is struggling a bit,  but are Dad and A stepping up to help? No. As usual, B will have to rely on him/herself to find work and pay the bills.

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