Dad Sabotages One Child’s Career

siblings-1BlindGossip – Remember the post a while back about the celebrity who would not publicly acknowledge that another famous celebrity was his son, but who helped with his career? Well, here’s an example of another Dad with paternity issues, but in this case, the father does not treat the illegitimate child well.

Dad has several kids, but we’ll focus on two, who are both adults. Offspring A is the A list celebrity everyone knows, who Dad acknowledges as his blood, and who has his name. Offspring B is his illegitimate child, and has a different last name. Offspring B is in the same business as Offspring A, and they have even worked together, but B has always been treated as a second-class citizen.  Sadly, Dad has even made several moves to sabotage B’s career. For example, every time B has a project that’s about to be released, Dad pushes Offspring A into the headlines. Now B is struggling a bit,  but are Dad and A stepping up to help? No. As usual, B will have to rely on him/herself to find work and pay the bills.

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69 comments to Dad Sabotages One Child’s Career

  • Nicole

    Matthew Knowles, Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland.

  • Sundaeg1rl

    Oh wait, isn’t this Miley Cyrus’ brother? I was reading about him in Kerrang – he’s some kind of rocker type.

  • Boo

    Offspring A–Beyonce/Sasha Fierce definately A list
    Offspring B–Kelly Rowland, who is Matthew Knowles illegitame child, with a different last name. Kelly lived and was practically raised by Knowles family and even calls Bey and Solange sisters. Kelly and Bey are in the same business and have worked together in Destiney’s child. Plus Kelly was just dropped from her label, so she is definately having some tough times.

    • sigh

      You realize that Beyonce’s dad managed the career of Destiny’s Child for nearly 20 years, thus helping Kelly, right?

      • MP

        Umm you do know Beyonce was in Destiny’s Child, right? I’m guessing he was doing it for Bey and not for Kelly…

    • Sundaeg1rl

      Boo, you are good! I never knew that about Kelly Rowland. Matthew Knowles = dirty dawg!

    • Rafael

      Also, Kelly has been attempting to release her CD for YEARS now. I even remember her performing her “new single” someplace. I think it was MTV EU Awards. This was in 2003, I think?? Since then she has fallen off the planet. I even heard that “they”, who I assume is her manager or record label. Or both! Delayed Kellies CD when Beyonce released “B-Day”. But it hasn’t been released yet. Honestly, Boo, I think you’re right!! And frankly, I like Kelly more then Beyonce, anyway. :)

    • Barry

      great guess, but this makes it seem as though they collaborated once or twice, not in the same band for years.
      probably papa joe s- jessica talked about the pregnant teens who would come to his office when he was a preacher man. i can see him being elmer gantry to them.

      • ladymarmalade

        I agree! The BI make it sound like they have worked together in passing, not the long years that Destiny’s Child were together.

        But I do have to say that the Knowles family are definitely on the shady side.

      • mook

        yep, this is Mathew Knowles, Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland.

    • Rafael

      I think by “have worked together” they meant in the past. Not once or twice..

    • sigh

      You guys are totally ignoring most of the blind item. Since when has anyone had to “push” Beyonce in the spotlight, especially to block someone else? She’s won nearly every award in world and was in an Oscar nominated movie. Everything she touches is a winner. No one keeps their private life private as much as Beyonce, remember the wedding? They wouldn’t even discuss or confirm it for months.
      Also – Kelly said this herself:
      Kelly Rowland has lashed out at reports she shares a biological father with her former Destiny’s Child group member Beyonce. The Simply Deep singer lived with the Knowles family from the age of eleven after her home life fell apart. But she insists claims naming Matthew Knowles as her father are “lies from the pit of hell.” She says, “My parents’ situation was so terrible. I don’t know where I would be if my real father was still in my life. “He hasn’t tried to find me and I have not tried to find him.”

    • h00bydice

      Wow…I feel sucker-punched with that one! I wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years!! Has this been a rumor flying about for some time, or are you just that good?!?!?

      Kelly also just dropped ?DAD? as her manager – obviously feeling treated like a stepchild. I sure hope she finds her footing somewhere. I’ve always thought she was the hot one who wasn’t allowed to thrive in the shadow of Bouncy’s thighs.

  • Christina

    nice one Boo!!

  • Repo Man

    Estevez-Sheen thing?

  • Eric Turnquist

    What about Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez….

    • BlindSkeptik

      Martin Sheen has acknowledged both of his sons on numerous occasions. They make public appearances together.

      • Nowaynohow

        Martin Sheen has never denied either of his sons, Emilio when he was starting out, chose to take his Mother’s name Estevez, to distance himself from his Dad’s career and to pay homage to his Latin heritage. He and Charlie have the same Mother and were raised in the same house. And Martin Sheen was married to their Mother when they were born.

  • Eric Turnquist

    Kelly Rowland has denied the rumor that Matthew Knowles is her father.

    • Karmen

      Just because someone denies a rumor doesn’t mean that their denial is the truth. She could be lying.

  • annie

    I think Boo is actually Solange…

  • Jamie

    Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

  • Molly.P

    Nope, not Solange. Sol Angel’s last name is Knowles. Kelly is Matthew’s illegitimate child (see her Wiki page), as Boo says. And Kelly lost her record deal together with her manager, Mr Knowles (so it’s not all bad!).

  • chris

    Also, “pay the bills” points to Destiny’s Child. Boo FTW.

  • Jane Doe

    Hum, was I the only ones who thought of Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen/Emilio Estavez?

    • ladymarmalade

      Neither Charlie Sheen or Emilio Estevez are illegitimate. Martin Sheen’s real last name is Estevez. Sheen is his stage name that Charlie adopted as well.

    • Dak

      Jane Doe, Emilio Estavez is not an illegitimate child of Martin Sheen, he merely changed his name professionally. He is the child of Martin Sheen and his wife, as is Charlie Sheen.

  • mama

    From the pictures it looks like they are singers

  • GuyIncognito

    Grandpa Simpson – sure he loves Homer but what about his illegitimate daughter in England?!

  • tropical

    It’s Kelly Rowland, Matthew Knowles and Beyoncé. I think this one is only obvious for people who are/were Destiny’s Child and/or Beyoncé fans. Because a lot of those stories are not known in the mainstream media.

  • snuffy

    Kathy Griffin and Carrot Top

  • Missy

    Re the Estavezes, they are not illegitimate, as others have pointed out. They are three of them (including Ramon), they are full brothers, and they are the full sons of Martin and his wife. Emilio changed his name back to the real family name, and he explained at the time that he wanted to honor his Latino heritage and also not be pigeon-holed as Martin Sheen’s son. Also, Martin quickly (and rightfully) sold Charlie out when he was abusing drugs – told the court to punish him, send him to jail, whatever they believed would straighten his ass out; he is not one to favor one child over another – he tries to do his best as a parent and grandparent to all of them. Don’t love the family, but honor his efforts to be a good father, doing the right, often hard, thing.

    As if this needed more confirmation, but Matthew Knowles is the BIGGEST jerk, and it is not surprising he is doing this to Kelley, whom he treats as a second-class daughter and hides the fact that she is really his …

    • Rae

      There is also a sister that is less well known actress – Renee Estevez too, she is the youngest I think, starred in Heathers and ER.

    • Nowaynohow

      Martin Sheen also used to show up at various universities protesting WMD’s and their development. I used to see him on campus a lot. He’s a nice man.

  • plum

    crazy story! but does beyoncé know kelly rowland is her sister?

  • sunny grace

    Who are we talking about as the subject of the first part of the BI? I keeping forgetting his name.

    Is Kelly technically a better singer than Bey?

  • jennifer

    I thought I heard this one before…but they’re athletes, right? Does this ring a bell with anyone?

  • Victoria

    I feel sorry for Kelly Rowland. Her dad is a JERK!

  • sunny grace

    Okay, thanks, Lilia.

  • obsesssed

    the knowles are the phoniest family ever! i can’t stand them!

  • Love.bug

    Kelly, “B”eyonce & Matthew Knowles. Btw, everybody’s in Beyonce’s inner circle call her “B”.

  • britney

    poor Kelly! Now that she has dropped Mathew as her manager she might actually get somewhere in her career. Her voice is beautiful and her material was never that bad, its just she couldn’t get out of Bey’s light and thats because of Mathew.

  • Shannon

    The Child in the title makes me think Destiny’s Child.

    • Lenora

      Ooh that’s a good catch. Child=Destiny’s Child. It’s definitely Beyonce, Kelly and Daddy Knowles. Sad.

  • Springtim

    Wow, this is shocking, but not surprising. I’ve always felt that something is “off” about The Knowles family. I pray that Kelly overcomes. But look at how her career has been sabotaged.

  • jen


  • oh.delilah

    hahaha ppl saying kelli and beyonce, umm they are not! sisters, seriously ppl need to do there research, and even ifff it was desinys child is set for a come back so it seems kelly is doing alright for herself

  • Anna P

    Doesn’t Billy Ray Cyrus have another son about the same age as Miley? He does a lot for his wife’s kids from her previous relationship; but hasn’t mentioned this kid (Cody?) in a couple of years.

    • Brit

      Is Cody in the business too? I know one of his sons is in the band Metro Station but I don’t they are being sabotaged by Miley.

    • Blind Item Obsessed

      It states that both of the offspring are “adults.” Miley and her bro as adults because they’re both under 18. That’s right underwear-model-boyfriend, it’s still a felony!! 😉

  • Mel

    What about Liv Tyler, Steven Tyler and Tara Reid?

  • bloodzilla

    I may be way off, but what about Rocky,Steve, and Devon Aoki?

  • kelno

    Was this the original plot of “One Tree Hill”……

  • Ally

    This could fit so many celeb familys.

    H* even Cold Chisels Jimmy Barnes (aussie rock god).

    Mo-town rip of merchant David Campbell is his illigit child to a one night stand. Interesting enough, the only one with any musical talent or who has gone anywhere.

  • whatevah

    Rod Stewart and his numerous children… Maybe Ruby with Kelly Embert… and the way he let “KIMBO” and the others behave badly.. yet prohibited Ruby from lingerie mags…. but yet does not offfer a helping hand for a better lifestyle for Ruby… all speculation…

  • whatevah

    By the way i have no knowledge of Ruby’s lifestyle nor status… I am sure that I am way off base… and none of Rod’s children have the same career as he, as the item states is the situation, but if one of his favored children ever tried a recording career or remains in the spotlight I think I have a hunch …. but these items are blind with loop holes. If one stewart child ever tried an album it could fit… thats all.

  • Jeanette Jenkins (Queen Latifah’s girlfriend)

    I wonder if she’s related (or secretly married to Marc Jenkins)…

  • oops

    It sez they would only focus on the adults…all of mathew knowles children (including SOLANGE) are adults. Further, it sez the father has “several” children. Knowles only has beyonce and solange. I want it to be b, kelly and mathew, but unless BlindGossip has posted incorrect info, it can’t be that threesome.

  • hmmm

    What about the cyrisus? I know miley isnt an adult and the eldest isnt his son, but its \ possible billy-ray has an illegetamite child. I mean, he was big in the late 80’s/early 90’s so Im sure he had his fair share of groupies. I don’t know who the other child would be, but the minuet I read this I thought of Billy-Ray.

  • lolzer

    It’s definitely Matthew Knowles! The picture is of a quartet- which is what Destiny’s Child started out as. Kelly is 10 months older than Beyonce- so more than likely, if Matthew Has always been married to Tina, he cheated at some point in their relationship, Tina found out, and in an odd way, they conceived Beyonce to mask it/make up for it.As a result, Matthew’s been making up for it for years- by putting Beyonce in the spotlight to make Tina and in turn himself happy. Kelly has always been identified as Beyonce’s “cousin” since the beginning. She only came to live with them after Kelly’s mom had enough. Time and time again, Kelly’s been second best to Beyonce. Whenever Kelly’s got something going on, Beyonce outshines her because Matthew pulls strings. Idk if Beyonce and Kelly know that they’re sisters- no doubt Matthews been hiding it, brainwashing them both since they were young. It’s clear that Beyonce’s been conditioned to do whatever Matthew tells her too- she’s always wanted to sing, so she made that sacrifice. She’s said in many interviews that she had to record BDay in secret b/c her father controls all her music schedules(but in the end, he got on board so that he could continue to). Kelly’s made sacrifices too, but perhaps not the right ones. She needs to step out of their shadow b/c clearly they don’t love her like she would like to believe.