He Didn’t Really Cut His Face Shaving

man-shaving-2StyleList – Which NYC fashion editor tried to explain away curious wounds on his face as shaving cuts? In fact they were chemical burns left by amyl nitrate, a sex-enhancing drug, spilled during a drunken tryst.

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8 comments to He Didn’t Really Cut His Face Shaving

  • GuyIncognito

    I only know one guy in the fashion biz – that Andre Leon something-or-other dude, think he works for Vogue?

  • sigh

    Hmmm, I always thought StyleList was like an Insiders type thing, but going there to look around just now, I’m really curious where you got this BI from there – I don’t see it.

  • SM

    It’s the second BI on his blog, not the first. I was confused as well, until I scrolled down. The first person I thought of was Neal Boulton, as news of his exploits are legendary. Could also be Andre Leon Talley, not sure. The only other male “editor” I could think of was Dave Zinczenko, and he’s not really an editor.

  • dumb fag

    amyl nitrate or “poppers” as called in the gay community is used to “relax” muscles so that “penetration” is easier, especially by many men in one night as is done in gay bath houses. It’s also thought to drastically impair the immune system that ends up causing AIDS related diseases.

  • Alex

    eh??? …..are you reading the same blind as me????

  • Jenn

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing.