Teen Actress Loses Her Innocence

teen-girl-2CDAN – This foreign born C list movie actress with B list name recognition is still a teen. It didn’t stop her though from spending the night with a mid 50’s married producer. The rumors are swirling that he also took her virginity.

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39 comments to Teen Actress Loses Her Innocence

  • Say What!?

    Emma Watson? She’s still 18

    • sigh

      Lord if it’s her, what a fool – she is already a multi millionaire and supposedly coming to America to go to an Ivy League school. It’s not like she needed to sleep with him for a movie part.

    • Gitano

      Yeah, I agree. She seems intent on getting a good education and has spoken about possibly leaving the acting business altogether. She doesn’t seem desperate (or stupid) enough to do this.

  • Beans

    Emma is so not C list. She’s a high B. It’s still a better guess than I could come up with though, I can’t think of any foreign born teen stars!

  • sunshine

    Q’orianka Kilcher or Saoirse Ronan

    • MauraV

      Can’t be Saoirse Ronan. She was born in NYC. Clue says foreign born. Q’orianka Kilcher is 18 and was born in Germany. She’s a better guess.

  • mm

    The first name that came to my mind is Emma Watson. I find it disgusting for a teenager girl to sleep with a 50 year old. EWWWWW.

  • zmnx

    Ellen Paige of “Juno” fame was born in Canada. She is young ,but not quite sure of her exact age.

    • sigh

      Pretty sure she is gay. When she was on SNL she did a skit where she said she was gay and there was talk for a while after about whether or not it was her “coming out”.

    • kai

      Im pretty sure ellen page is 21 or 22, not a teen

  • Annie

    Definately Emma Watson

  • iLoveMichaelK

    What a f’in pervert, pedophile

    • Alex

      This is completely gross…but i keep hearing too much of this…anyone remember the blind about a 40+ producer who knocked up a underage teen star.

      …I believe it was around the a certain Jamie Lynn Spears announced she was pregnant *cough*cough*

      • iLoveMichaelK

        YES! You are right…I always wondered about that….and now she is not going to do TV or movies anymore, stay home and be a “mom”…maybe she doesnt have to work because this “producer” is paying her to keep quiet! I love speculating! :)

      • Rae

        I heard that but I really don’t believe it. The magazines just ripped the Spears to shreds in the past few years. Some supposed blinds claimed Brit had HIV and JL had lipo. I don’t believe it.

  • Larry

    “I find it disgusting for a teenager girl to sleep with a 50 year old”
    Unless your the 50 year old. LOL

  • lisa

    ellen page is in her 20’s so it isnt her. emma watson would be at least b list wouldn’t she? hmmm….

  • Helen

    Umm I think Emma Watson is smart then that… doubt it’s her.

  • Todd

    Emma….hard as a diamond, btw

  • emily

    Definitely freida pinto. broke up with her fiance/husband to advance her career, premarital sex is frowned upon in south asian culture. wouldnt be surprised if its her

  • lvgossip

    Gross and Gross!!! He should be punched in his man business. He should know better, she’s too young to truly understand. 20 year olds make mistakes but seriously, took her virginity? What a sleeze ball!!!

  • kalyn

    re: frieda pinto, not only is the blind about a teen it’s about a virgin, is post-marital sex frowned upon there too?

  • NomieMalone

    Camilla Belle?????

  • Alyson

    Hmm…I’m not sure who. I doubt it is Emma Watson, because most of the movies she has done are B to A list, and nothing has really happened in her personal life to make her own score drop below that. People seem to be targeting her because she’s one of the only really famous teen foreigners, and I will admit she was the first name that popped into my head too.

    However, I think a better guess would be Camilla Belle. Still though, she doesn’t really seem like that type either. Hmm…I really don’t know about this one…

  • mm

    Camille Belle is 22 and she seems to get around. It can’t be her.

  • Tanner

    i 100% doubt its Emma Watson .
    she has millions and alot going on for her.
    she seems intelligent enough.
    really doubt its her.

  • immature

    Does Q’orianka Kilcher really have B-list name recognition? And there’s no way in Watson is C-list, though given people’s uncertainty about Ent’s list definitions…

  • sean

    Well, we could just wait a year or so and see what barely teen actress has a big new movie coming out. After all, that is what she was doing. Like every other actress and most actors. Screwing for a movie part. Not right, but the way it is.

    And I was thinking one of the Disney girls.

  • Barry

    this happens every day in showbiz. all you moms who want your daughters to succeed in this biz – get used to the idea that this will be presented as an options sooner rather than later. bank the first few paychecks bc the coke dealers get the rest.
    cynical? no, just playing historian.

    • MauraV

      Oh no. I hope not! I love Dakota!!!! Thankfully, I think she was born here and the clue says foreign born.

  • MollySue

    Barry has got a point. One of the most famous alleged cases of this in Hollywood history was Natalie Wood’s mother allegedly selling off Natalie’s virginity to Frank Sinatra (Grade A scumbag) for his connections.

    And let’s not even start with the old casting couch; even Shirley Temple had a producer “producing himself” to her when she was a teenager. She says she laughed her head off at the sight – good on her. LOL.

    I think it’s probably one of the Disney tribe as well – other than that, I hope to God it’s not Saoirse Ronan (who according to Wiki, was born in New York) or Emma Watson or Evanna Lynch.

    How about Shenae Grimes – she’s currently 19. And the virginity thing is probably just an extra spin on the rumour.

  • SM

    I’m going with the Emma Watson guess for one reason — that she IS so level-headed and has a lot going for her. I can empathize.

    When I was 18 I embarked on an affair with a married man 35 years my senior. While I am certainly not famous, I was generally regarded as someone who had her head on straight, had a promising future and was somewhat well-to-do. I have always been very mature for my age, and I thought I knew exactly what I was getting in to. I did it because all I had ever heard were that boys my own age were clumsy in bed, and that an older man definitely knew what was what. Add to that an amazing chemistry and a two-year plus simmering flirtation and you’ve got trouble. Nearly 10 years later, I’m in therapy in part because of the excruciating guilt.

    The point here is that Emma is generally reported to be very stable, mature, a true young adult. It is easy for girls like that to be swept away by much older men because you can converse on the same level and, let’s face it, it is extremely flattering to be complimented. You feel like a man is finally seeing you for you, and isn’t just interested in one thing. I hope this is not her, though I feel bad for whomever it is.

  • Tiana

    Wow, SM. Thandie Newton tells almost the exact same story, so perhaps this is a fairly common phenomena.

  • Whoever she is: She’s nasty.

  • Leah

    Not Emma Watson. No virginity to take.

  • Bruins

    It’s Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter. She was sleeping with a producer named Robert Morgan.