This Reality Couple Isn’t Real

couple fake happySOLVED!

[All About The Tea] This reality TV celebrity is faking it for the cameras. Shocker!

He hooked up with his current girlfriend for the sole purpose of getting cast on a hit reality show.

He pretends to like her but in reality he can’t stand her. The couple gives the impression they’ve been together for some time but they only started dating one month prior to filming.

He’s a male sl*t who sleeps with a string of model type women on the side. He owns a condo in another state and has another girlfriend living there that he visits frequently.

He’s the richest person in the entire “Housewives” franchise. ENTIRE franchise. He’s heir to a billion-dollar empire.

He really doesn’t have to work but he puts on an act of being an unsuspecting blue-collar worker. He started his blue-collar job only because of the show.

His family disapproves of him being on the show but he doesn’t care.

Acting is his dream and he’s desperate for fame.

Real Housewife:

Her Boyfriend:

bobby ciasulliSOLVED!

Real Housewife: Nicole Napolitano of The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Her Boyfriend: Bobby Ciasulli

Our friends at All About The Tea tipped you off that Bobby Ciasulli was one big phony. Well, they are now ready to spill the tea! From All About The Tea:

Exposed: Meet Bobby Ciasulli The Millionaire

When Nicole Napolitano nailed a cast spot on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” there was someone who was far more excited than she was…and that is the self portrayed humble car salesman, and volunteer firefighter, Bobby Ciasulli. While the Bravo storyline tells the tale of a middle class guy next door, part-time heroic civil servant, and cuddly bear TV boyfriend, a peek inside his real world reveals a dramatically different person.

Bobby Ciasulli’s family are third generation car dealership owners, and Bobby has been part of the family business since he was a teenager. Ciasulli Auto Group is made up of ten different stores, all located in New Jersey. The family dealership boasted sales in excess of $360 million and probably closer to $500 million in previous years. Bobby manages part of this lucrative business, and is wealthy, not a lowly salesman struggling for commissions. Check out one of many commercials Bobby is featured in for the Ciasulli Auto Group.

In 2003, Bobby bought a 9000 sq ft country estate on two acres, in a prestigious neighborhood close to the Trump National Golf Club. He then embarked on a ten month luxury renovation of the estate, which included a custom designed and detailed garage, perfect for housing his white Maserati GranTurismo Coupe. He also considers himself an avid art collector.

maserati granturismo white

So what in the world is he doing on the arguably most destitute, and criminal ridden Housewives franchise? The answer lies in living color on his Facebook page. Allegedly, Bobby Ciasulli is a devoted “Housewives” groupie, whose motive appears to be achieving television FAME and fan attention. That would explain the “HEY LOOK AT ME, I’M A HERO,” firefighter selfie that he posted recently while on the site of a burning car accident.

bobby ciasulli 2

There are also several photos of Bobby giddily posing with various “Housewives” at different promotional events and celebrity events.

So Bobby is a big phony when it comes to his love life, and he’s a wannabe celebrity who pushed his way onto RHONJ. Since he craves fame so much, perhaps he could get a job as Kevin James’ body double.

Kevin James

And while he may not be a billionaire, Bobby is certainly a multi-millionaire posing as a blue-collar guy. How many firefighters do you know who drive around in a $135,000 Maserati?

Congratulations to Joannc for being first with the correct answer!

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    • PsychGirl says

      Yes. Clue being “he hooked up with her for the sole purpose…” SOLE= Maloof hoof (i.e. her shoe line). First time poster celebrating two years of fidelity to the ubiquitous Ace 😉

    • MomaJackie says

      I have to agree. I read an article about his huge home, cars, art collection, etc. It is Bobby Ciasulli, Nicole’s boyfriend.

      • Mystical says

        And the show doesn’t even try hide the fact that he cannot stand her. I knew there was something odd going on with them but my husband and I were both thinking that he is gay…still not sure that he’s not!!

  1. Violets says

    Vicki OGOC
    Brooks Ayers

    If the pic is supposed to be a clue I thought of Vicki getting plastic surgery and the plastic doll being a reference. Also Brooks travels back to wherever his kids live in the South.

    Celebrity networth puts him at 150k though…. so maybe it’s

    Nicole Napolitano
    Bobby Ciasulli

  2. Luzhin says

    Real Housewife: Nicole (the twin) from RHoNJ.
    Boyfriend: Bobby Ciasulli. His family owns several car dealerships.

  3. bjd44 says

    Adrienne Maloof and her 25-year-old “boy toy” Jacob Busch? He’s heir to the Budweiser fortune or something….. I personally think he’s gay…..

  4. Vampira says

    I don’t watch the Real Housewives, but I could only think of the Anheiser Busch heir, Jacob, who’s “dating” Adrienne Maloof.

  5. wonderpanther says

    Real Housewife:Nicole Napolitano
    Boyfriend: Bobby Ciasulli

    There is someone with Bobby’s name who built an expansive mansion. It seems like a pretty distinctive last name.

  6. Bromance1979 says

    This is definitely the trashy new twin on Real Housewives of New Jersey, Nicole (?), and her boyfriend, Bobby.

    I heard he’s loaded because of his family’s business.

  7. kellypittman says

    Real Housewife: Vicki

    Her Boyfriend: Brooks

    Everyone can smell the from him and their relationship happened so fast. No wonder there is always drama with them, their situation is staged.

  8. lilspinchick says

    100% Nicole Napolitano is the Housewife and Bobby Ciasulli is the ‘boyfriend’.

    His family is a “famed” NJ family that owned Ciasulli’s Auto Mall. His father got divorced from his mother and she received the largest settlement in NJ history of $35.8 million plus alimony ($26,000/month), plus attorney fees.

    Bobby is listed as a firefighter in Colts Neck but he has been in the car dealership industry (even being a General Manager). He owns a condo in Florida and there is a female living there currently that he claims is his “tenant”.

  9. AGJ says

    Bobby the first responder and the twin. I wonder how the real firefighters feel about him faking it? He should know by now that he’s more likely to end up in jail, than becoming a famous actor by appearing on Real Housewives.

  10. Lil Debbull says

    Real Housewife: Nicole
    Boyfriend: Bobby Ciasulli
    seems he’s pretty well known for his family’s car dealerships and doing the commercials! I thought his house looked pretty nice for a firefighter’s salary.

  11. Jen84 says

    Kenya & her African oil heir? His family is supposedly worth 6 billion.
    I really have no idea as I don’t watch the shows, but with a little google search that’s what I came up with

  12. niri2014 says

    Real Housewife: Adrienne Maloof (RHOBH). She is featuring as a “guest” in Season 5, which is filming currently.

    Her Boyfriend: Jacob Busch, heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune.

  13. laadeedaa says

    Housewife: Nicole (Real Housewives of New Jersey)
    Boyfriend: Bobby
    His family has tons of used car lots that apparently do pretty well and (on the show, at least) he is a firefighter.

  14. pennypennypenny says

    Housewife: Adrienne maloof
    Boyfriend: 24 yr old Jacob Busch heir to anheiser-Busch

  15. meghanwithanh says

    first time poster

    Real Housewife: Nicole

    Her Boyfriend: Bobby Ciasulli – heir to the Bob Ciasulli Auto Group

  16. caela94 says

    My question?
    Is he also a volunteer Firefighter? has an article about him.

  17. Violets says

    I’m changing my guess after re thinking that Boobby Ciausuli’s family owning about 6 car dealrships probably doesn’t equate to being billionaires.

    Adrienne Maloof
    Jacob Busch

  18. BROOKICO says

    Ok idk any of them, but I’d think the Anheiser Busch heir would be the richest of them all. Far richer than Bobby Ciasulli. Think about that for a second everyone has heard about Anheiser Busch, how many know about Ciasulli auto group? I could be wrong but I doubt it unless there’s someone on these shows that’s heir to a bigger brand.

  19. JerseyJenn says

    Real Housewife (of Beverly Hills)~~Adrienne Maloof
    Her Boyfriend~~Anheuser-Busch heir Jacob Busch

    Clues IMO:
    “He’s the richest person in the entire “Housewives” franchise. ENTIRE FRANCHISE.” Jacob is heir to a billion-dollar empire.” Anheuser Busch is basically BUDWEISER BEER=$$Billion and ENTIRE Franchise is stressed twice which I believe means entire covering even “Ex” Housewife’s which Adrienne is.
    He could have a condo and secret girlfriend with all of the money he has.
    ~~AND Lastly he’s half her age…I know she looks good for her age and is a multi-millionaire successful business woman herself…BUT he could have any girl much closer to his age able to have a family/children with due to his looks and financial status. I believe he is with her for her red carpet connections to get his foot in the door and Adrienne is the perfect hook up for now since she has connections and he doesn’t have to worry about her using him for his money.
    Only thing I’m not sure is that this blind sounds like it’s hinting towards currently filming…and Adrienne is no longer on RHOBH.

    Regarding: Bobby Ciasulli from RHONJ) Co-owner of Ciasulli Auto Group…It is a big Auto group near where I live where I would say they have $$million’s…they are low millions…and no where’s near a $$Billion empire

    It could really be anyone though…Lol…because of this clue “He really doesn’t have to work but he puts on an act of being an unsuspecting blue-collar worker…he started his blue-collar job only because of the show.”
    Who has a boyfriend who has a blue collar job that is a “billionaire”, but not a common unsuspecting household name? BUT…. I keep going back to Jacob because I watch all the Housewife cities and no one male sticks out as a billionaire.

    Love this site!!

    • KatarinaJ says

      This is what I was thinking too, that Busch HAS to be worth way more.

      Also the funniest thing here is if the guy (whoever he has) has acting aspirations and is worth all this moola WHY NOT get an acting coach and then fund your own indie film? EVERYONE knows going to the reality route to ‘establish an acting career’ is the kiss of death for any legit career trajectory. Do some method work, PAY for a good script, surround yourself with good actors, PRODUCE it yourself, learn the trade. MONEY equals ability to make a vehicle for yourself? Why sleep with a RH? DUMB DUMB DUMB!

    • Belle557 says

      I also think “Entire” is a hint.. but maybe in the sense of enTIRE, as in autogroup.

      I only think it may not Adrienne and Jacob because I don’t think she has filmed anything since they started dating..

  20. Winky Vitalic says

    Real Housewife: Nicole Napolitano, RHONJ

    Her Boyfriend: Bobby Ciasulli

    Easy Peasy.

  21. SuzNYC says

    This has to be Adrienne Maloof-Hoof & Jacob Busch.
    Clue: “He’s the richest person in the entire “Housewives” franchise. ENTIRE franchise. He’s heir to a billion-dollar empire.”
    Honestly, if someone is richer than David & Yolanda Foster, The Maloofs or The Vanderpumps, it’s got to be the heir to Budweiser.

  22. mamacita3 says

    Just saw pictures of Bobby’s ‘basement playground.” That was NOT where his first responder party was held! Bobby, what ARE you doing??

  23. klevin247 says

    It is Gretchen and Slade- hands down. Slade fancies himself a real cool guy and he is such a DOUCHE!

  24. Dutchie says

    Bobby/Nicole on RHONJ!

    Jim Marchese explains on the latest RHONJ podcast on Afterbuzz TV that Bobby is the son of the biggest auto dealer in NJ, worth “a half billion dollars”, and only joined the fire station as a volunteer the month before production started to convey a blue collar background! He only met and started a relationship with Nicole when she was being considered as a cast member.

  25. Skehmet says

    Bobby and Nicole( i found this article online). Speaking of Bobby, Jimdissed his ex-friend left and right. “What most people don’t know is, Bobby‘s really not a fireman. He’s not a blue collar guy. Bobby’s worth half a billion dollars. Bobby’s family owns the largest auto group in the state of New Jersey. He’s a volunteer fireman. He joined the department a month or two before we started filming because he wanted to have an on-camera persona. He’s a good guy in a lot of respects but he wanted to be famous and he was willing to sacrifice myself and my wife to do it. There are hard feelings and I won’t forgive him for what he did.”

  26. Misty Labelle says

    It has always been the thing with reality shows. What they portray does not reveal who they really are. I am certain that most shows if not all are scripted. I wonder what Bobby and Nicole really feels when they look at each other. Well, we can do certainly anything for ratings.

  27. rgmom says

    Phony baloneys!! LOL! Even without the blind item being solved, it is obvious Bobby/Nicole are not really a couple. Body language speaks volumes! You can tell he can’t stand her! LOL
    So done with this show. I have watched it from the beginning, but the new cast this season are all horrible and so annoying, its unwatchable. Just saying…..

  28. KatarinaJ says

    If he isn’t then why guess him? I am really confused. Everyone keeps guessing this Bobby guy from NJ because of family car dealerships. This clearly states the person is heir to BILLIONS. Wouldn’t this exclude anyone but the Busch kid guess.