1. iluvgossip says

    David Beckham for the win, can’t think of any other Brit athlete out there in LA, plus that’s where he lives. Doesn’t he know ‘fa***t is not a nice word?! How dare he? He is very lucky none of the paps heard him…and he is NOT all that. His wife is obviously miserable in the marriage because she NEVER smiles. Kick him back to merry old England I say.

    • ppfxxx says

      I don’t think it’s Beckham he would have been described as a footballer not an athlete

    • Bromance1979 says

      Footballers would have been on holiday over the summer, so being in LA is possible for many of them.

  2. mrsbeckham says

    Well, the obvious answer here is Becks. But since he is my husband and I adore him I will go with Jamie O’Hara as I can imagine that behaviour from him and he was in LA over the Summer.

    • mrsbeckham says

      Forget that, I forgot Man Utd were on tour in LA over the Summer. So I’d say Wayne Rooney. He is not friendly with the paparazzi and after his “peeing in the street” incident in 2010, I’d say he has proven himself to be devoid of class.

  3. cyberdalek says

    I think it’s Andy Murray firstly because of the white shirt in the image reminds me of tennis whites and secondly because I could honestly see him doing this.

  4. Vampira says

    I had a hard time believing the Beckham guess, because I’ve heard from people who’ve met him that he’s absolutely charming and nice, and very charismatic. I don’t know alot of Brit athletes, but my first guess was Rooney, he looks like a thug and probably acts like one too.

  5. yo1774 says

    Oh come on, i have no idea, but let’s be serious, David Beckham? this guy loves being a gay icon, love with capital L.
    Tom Daley? he is gay, i highly doubt he shouts gay slurs.
    Andy Murray? he hired Mauresmo (who is lesbian) as coach and he is very pro gay.

    Probably a footballer, but i don’t know that many british footballers right now

  6. norbert says

    I’m pretty sure it’s not Beckham ….nobody could rant seriously with a voice that squeaky.

  7. Jemima says

    Whoever this idiot is, they’re very likely not a football player as it says “sportsman”. I’m going with Bradley Wiggins.

  8. DeeCharlotte says

    Lewis Hamilton?

    Nut sure, if he was in LA this summer. But I have seen photos of him with Scherzinger there some time earlier this year.