We’ve Met Before

introduce[Blind Gossip] This television talk show recently had multiple celebrities on set on the same day. One of them walked up to another to introduce herself.

Celeb A: “Hi, I’m [Celeb A].”

Celeb B: “We’ve met before.”

Celeb A suddenly realized who she was talking to, and pretended she was just joking. But she really did NOT recognize Celeb B. New hairstyle? Bad makeup? Nope. Plastic surgery! We hear that Celeb B is not exactly thrilled with the result, either, but is pretending everything is fine in public.

Celeb A:

Celeb B:

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85 comments to We’ve Met Before

  • lisako

    I’m thinking this happened on Chelsea Handler’s last episode, since there were a ton of celebs there. Not sure who, though…

  • pinkhawaii81

    celeb a: jennifer anniston
    celeb b: sandra bullock?

  • chigirl755

    Celeb A: Miley Cyrus
    Celeb B: Gwen Stefani – Did you see her on the Emmy’s. I didn’t recognize her either.

  • sabrina325

    Celeb B: Gwen Stefani

  • TxGal

    Celeb A: ?

    Celeb B: Gwen S.

  • Estrogen

    On Chelsea Lately’s final show, I noticed Sandra Bullock could not move her face when speaking.

  • nellyboo

    Celeb A: Ellen Degeneres
    Celeb B: Courtney Cox

    Show Chelsea Lately.
    Courtney is famous for a lot of plastic surgery and botox.

    • keenobserver

      i think you are right!
      the androgynous vested person in the picture could easily be ellen. and i think courtney cox is a great guess. it would not be gwen and ellen because i believe i read they were friends.

    • Rose Lizenberg

      Courteney Cox wasn’t on the Chelsea finale.

    • Kyiaj

      Courtney Cox and Ellen Degeneres are very, very close friends, they are see each other on weekends kind of close.

  • Emmyb1608

    Someone on Chelsea Chandler’s show, talking to Courteney Cox

  • melly123

    The Chelsea Lately Finale. I’m gonna guess Sandra Bullock for Celebrity A and Fergie for Celebrity B

  • iyamrocky

    No idea. But overusing “she” for Celebrity A and obvious lack of gendered pronoun for Celebrity B makes me think it’s a man who had the work done.

  • Heathen

    This has to be two of the celebs on Chelsea Handler’s last show.

  • nonsequiturchica

    TV talk show that recently had a bunch of celebs on makes me think of Chelsea Lately. Didn’t watch the show but from news reports Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, 50 Cent, and Mary McCormack were all there. Maybe one of them?

  • caela94

    Celeb B -Minnie Driver

  • aephidano69

    Talk show has to be Chelsea Lately’s last show. Dunno Celeb A but I think Celeb B is Dane Cook. His face looked REALLY swollen, and he was almost unrecognizable!

    • CatBallou

      Think this is a good guess – the way it’s written it sounds like Celeb B is a guy

    • PinkSlip

      This. And iyamrocky (above) noted the absence of the use of “she” in the Celeb B identity, with overuse in Celeb A, indicating that it is, indeed, a male…good call.

  • bananas

    Could it be Jwow? She’s looking mighty “different”

  • Tracy Bee

    Celeb A: no idea
    Celeb B: Teri Hatcher or Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives

  • TeacherKat

    Gwen Stefani is celeb b. She was on Chelsea Handlers finale (with less of other celebrities). Not sure who celeb a is, but I was genuinely sad when I saw Gwen at the VMAs. She doesn’t look the same anymore – like a cross between Hillary Duff and someone that I can’t quite put my finger on. I can’t imagine the pressure celebrities are to stay young looking, but I really wish they would just accept themselves!

    • Scorpio13

      I thought it was cause her hair was over bleached. I couldn’t figure out why she looked so different either.

      • jodie99

        Her hair is always over-bleached. How someone can be called a “style icon” when she has the same look for 20 years (that I don’t think even suits her) is incomprehensible. Everyone has to change their look with age. I think she’s a very cool chick, but she needs to face reality. We all age, and surgery can only do so much.

      • Gemma

        It’s the hair. Way lighter than her normal blonde. Other than that, she looks the same.

  • pr91

    Chelsea Handlers last episode…. Not sure who the stars are. Didn’t watch it

  • ravenglass

    I’m thinking this happened at the “Chelsea Lately” finale.

    Celeb A: Sandra Bullock

    Celeb B: Gwen Stefani

  • SouthJerseyGirl

    Celeb A – Could be any of the A list celebs that were on her show.

    Celeb B – Has to be Gwen Stefani. I don’t know what she did to her face but she is almost unrecognizable.

  • minx

    I’m guessing it happened at Chelsea Handler’s last show, but I didn’t see it so I don’t know who might have looked peculiar post-surgery.

  • iluvgossip

    Jimmy Kimmel Live had the Friends cast on last night so I’m going with that.
    Courtney Cox has been criticized by Aniston recently about too much plastic surgery on her face, making her unrecognizable, so here goes

    Celeb A- Lisa Kudrow
    Celeb B- Courteney Cox

    • gossipalooza

      Do you really think Lisa Kudrow wouldn’t recognise someone she worked day in and day out with for 10 years? Besides, the blind implies they have met before, not that they know each other, so not them.

  • rosiedoes

    Not sure on celeb A, but celeb B is probably Renee Zellweger.

  • ditto

    Not sure about Celeb A, but I’m guessing Celeb B could be Sandra Bullock. She looked… odd… in the pics I saw of Chelsea Handler’s last show.

  • hrhfedup

    Well, I’m guessing this is Chelsea’s show, but I can’t figure out which two stars…I need more pictures!

  • janemare

    Celeb A: Jennifer Aniston

    Celeb B: Gwen Stefani

  • CrossingTheLine

    Celeb A: Ellen DeGeneres
    Celeb B: Gwen Stefani (What butcher of a doctor did she go to?? I’d stay miles away from them!! She was always so pretty, she didn’t need anything.)

    TV Talk Show – Chelsea Handler Show

  • stolidog

    Celeb B is probably Gwen Stefani (at Chelsea Handler’s last show)…Maybe Jennie Anniston for Celeb A.

  • ghostrider44

    This has to be from the last Chelsea Lately show, Celeb A Sandra Bullock? Celeb B has got to be Gwen Stefani looking unrecognizable recently.

  • BGTC

    Chelsea Handler show

    Can’t tell if they are both women or just celeb A

    From pic looks like man and femamnine man or woman in suit.

  • cpatterson22

    Sounds like that weird exchange between Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock on air on Chelsea Lately.

  • BGTC

    Oops, meant to say, looks like woman and feminine man or woman in suit.

  • Kerzep

    I’m guessing that this is the Chelsea Handler show finale. Gwen Stefani is Celeb B, so maybe Jennifer Aniston or Sandra Bullock for celeb A.

    At the VMA’s and the Emmy’s, Gwen looked different.

  • AR09

    Celeb b is definitely Gwen Stefani ! As to celeb a it could have been anyone since she went to the vmas, Emmys and chelsea latelys last show.

  • gothrykke

    Celeb A: Lisa Kudro
    Celeb B: Courteney Cox

  • BingoRingo

    I think this was on Chelsea Handler’s talk show
    Celeb A: I’m not sure
    Celeb B: Naya Rivera

  • bigjinla

    Celeb A: Alanis Morissette

    Celeb B: Gwen Stefani

    The show was Chelsea Lately. Stefani looked like a completely different person at the Emmy’s as well.

  • little rock

    Has to be someone on Chelsea Lately

  • aperitto

    Celeb B: Courtney Cox
    Celeb A: The guy who looks like he is Mexican on Jimmy Kimmel

  • queenofheartss

    celeb b is naya rivera

  • MsJennyR

    Celeb A: Jennifer Anniston Celeb B: Sandra Bullock

  • Martini

    Most likely from Chelsea Handler’s recent send-off episode? Every celeb in the world was there…

  • raslebol

    I guess that it was during Chelsea Handler’s final show .
    I have no idea on who

  • pennylovatic

    The unrecognizable celeb B: Gwen Stefani

    Who cares who celeb A is? Thank god Gwen knows she ruined her face. Sadly, one of her eyes is so droopy she looks like a stroke survivor.

  • JoshuaTree

    Obviously someone from the Chelsea Lately finale but I didn’t watch it.

  • MizzAnon

    Chelsea Lately.

    Is this A. Jen Aniston to B. Sandra Bullock?
    Jen made a joke on air that she was meeting Sandra for the first time. O_O

  • FunnyFace

    Celeb A: Sandra Bullock
    Celeb B: Gwen Stefani

    On “Chelsea Lately” farewell show. GS looked unrecognizable at the Emmys.

  • IknowIknow7

    Gotta be Renee Zellwegger but don’t know the other one.

  • otarmy2002

    Celeb A- Sandra Bullock
    Celeb B- Mary McCormack

    Chelsea Lately finale

  • keeley123

    Celeb A -Ellen
    Celeb B -Gwen Stefani

  • ningyo

    Lol how can one not recognize Gwen? I saw her pics at the VMAs and she looked gorgeous and the same as she always did. Plus there’s no denying the platinum blonde locks and red lipstick!!! COME ON GUYS

  • ValleyOfTheGalls

    Celeb A: Jennifer Aniston
    Celeb B: David Hasselhoff

    He’s starting to get the “Mickey Rourke effect”.
    It could have been any of the women there, but in the item Celeb A introduces herself as Celeb “A” for Aniston.

  • lily is my puppy

    A: Sandra Bullock
    B: Kathy Griffin

  • carla_siqueira

    I’m guessing Naya Rivera. Her face looked like was going to melt after so many Works done.
    As for celeb b, I’m thinking someone younger, like Selena Gomes, Vanessa Hudgens or Miley

  • scriptguy

    A. Sandra Bullock
    B. Gwen S (or Dane Cook – pic looks like a guy, let’s not discount this)
    And then Jen Aniston tries to smooth things over for Sandy by making a joke about meeting her for the first time on air.

  • Violets

    I thought Celeb B would be a male and the pic made me think of Tom Cruise. Wasn’t he promoting a new movie this summer?

  • Rose Lizenberg

    Courteney Cox was not on the Chelsea Lately finale.

  • OogaBooga

    Celeb A: Charlize Theron
    Celeb B: Tom Cruise

    Graham Norton Show in May

  • sophiedg

    Plastic surgery or not, Gwen Stefani would be recognizable to anyone bse of her overall look & style – fashion,, hair, bright lips, speaking voice, etc. Hard to believe Celeb A wouldn’t be able to place her, even if Gwen’s face was a little diff.

  • Cult of Personality

    Celeb A: Gwen Stefani
    Celeb B: Adam Levine

  • Gen82

    Gwen Stefani

  • dadou81

    I’M gonna go with Mry McCormack and Sandra Bullock , Mary McCormack has had plastic surgery over the years it amazing she can still smile .I’ts a shame cause she was really beuatifull didnt need any surgery , looks like she got botox which im sorry doesnt make you prettier just weird looking .

    CELEB A : Sandra Bullock

    CELEB B: Mary McCormack

  • lizzielouisa

    Ross Matthews &….

  • kaitlin

    Celeb B: Rose McGowan???

    I feel like she keeps getting work done and now she looks NOTHING like what she did in her Jawbreakers days.

  • SuzNYC

    I feel like Katy Perry looks completely different than she once did, but I have no idea if she was at the Chelsea last show.

  • jesja7

    I dont think Gwen Stefani had any major work done to her face.. she looks the same but at the Emmy ‘ she had a completely different hair style/makeup than she usually wears.. she’s usually not in sleek hair/soft makeup.. she is not rocking her classic red lips and dark liner / updo and it softened up her look.