Dropping Towel

man towel 2[Naughty But Nice Rob] A Vine star invented pranking his friends by dropping a towel, but now the craze has been adopted by one young singing star, who thinks it is hilarious to flash his privates to all his friends.

The troubled young singer, who has not been doing much recently, has surprised at least 4 of his friends with this new stunt. He has been working out at the gym and is clearly proud of his hot body, however, his “people” are worried that someone might get a picture of the small singers talent!


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  1. ShockingDayGlo says

    Justin Bieber. That little jerk has to have a Wee Willy Winkie, it’d explain his overcompensating behavior.

  2. AnguaDelphine says

    Seriously. There’s only one “troubled young singer, who has not been doing much recently” ..except making an ass out of himself. Quite literally now, apparently. I’m not sure his people are right in being worried, he could probably use the exposure. Ahem. As long as his small talent isn’t revealed, that is.

  3. KatarinaJ says

    If he is ‘so small’ then how or why is it fun to show it off to everyone? Don’t get it. Moron!

    • ValleyOfTheGalls says

      I know this can’t be an easy time for you and your family Mrs.Bieber. But, your boy is a silly little twit with a penis the size of a button mushroom (or maybe his balls haven’t dropped yet).
      Either way Mrs. B., you’ll feel better after a visit to Cartier’s.

  4. Camila says

    At first I thought it was Harry Styles because of the troubled part as in “I knew you were trouble when you walked in” but I don’t think he’s been doing little recently and his body is not something to be proud, especially with those bad tattoos.
    I’m gonna go with Bieber who is a narcissist. I really want him to have a small penis.

  5. weeblywoombly says

    Justin Beiber. I don’t even care if it’s not him; in my head, it is. It would fit so perfectly with yesterday’s blind about a male singer’s surprisingly small package.

  6. GrannyGoose says

    Biebs, perhaps? He has not done much lately (other than get into trouble) and is very proud of his physique. ‘roids maybe? You don’t get that big that fast without some pharmaceutical assistance, even when you’re 20

  7. p00dle says

    Justin Bieber, there have been pictures of the outline of his package and it is kinda small, but maybe he’s a grower not a show-er

  8. lovelylovely says

    I was gonna say Austin mahone but he isn’t necessarily troubled, so I’m gonna say justin Bieber

  9. KWDragon says

    Oh, Bieber! You rascally scamp, you!

    (Seriously, dude, stop with the towel. You’re weirding people out.)

  10. LeahLynn28 says

    Justin Bieber,right?Having a small talent must explain why he is always wearing those diapers pants…lol
    And he has not been doing much lately…he only parties all the time,and always traveling without working.He’s going to be broke in few years if he doesn’t start to save money now…

  11. AR09 says

    This is totally bieber. He has been posting videos of just hanging at the gym with his underwear hanging out…I’m sure he flashes everyone. Sad he has a small one though since all these girls have slept with him.

  12. sdenzel says

    So this is probably about Justin Bieber, but I don’t really care, I just wanted to comment because of this AMAZING & HOT picture; this was a very, very nice choice πŸ˜‰

  13. Alexicon says

    I think it’s somebody in One Direction, actually, because of the four friends comment! Not Harry, because Ace has said he’s hung, right? So maybe Zayn or Louis? Who’s been working out a ton?

  14. lily is my puppy says

    I’ll go with Justin, only because his pants were already 9/10th dropped for the past too many years. I cannot WAIT for him to go away.

  15. Bamadex says

    Bieber is an exhibitionist, though God knows why. Remember the pics of him surprising his grandmother stark naked, with a guitar to cover his tiny junk?

    • Swizzle says

      You know how people repress traumatic memories? That sound you’re hearing -right now- is the rest of us ringing up our therapists.

  16. MissCakes says

    Bieber. It’s the part about working out that clinches it, for me. He’s exactly the kind of little d-bag to pull this stunt. I can still imagine him having 4 (non-boy band) friends (he has little d-bag lackies), otherwise I might’ve chosen a boy band member.

  17. Jodone says

    Justin Beiber, wasnt there a video of him exposing himself to his granny?, if he is flashing her why not everyone else!